No Justice for Harambe the Gorilla

By Adele

The sad end of Harambe the silverback gorilla is like Tatiana the tiger all over again. Humans behave with incredible stupidity and an innocent animal dies for it.

A 3-year-old boy visiting the Cincinnati Zoo wormed his way into the gorilla enclosure, where Harambe, a 17-year-old male found him, became excited, and was shot as he was dragging the child by his foot.

The boy suffered superficial injuries. Harambe is dead. And on the news this morning, we heard that the parents have decided not to sue the zoo. Indeed?

The zoo should not only sue the child’s mother, but she should also face criminal prosecution for reckless endangerment, or whatever they call not having the physical or mental equipment to keep your kids out of potentially deadly situations.

Witnesses reported the mother was debating the 3-year-old about climbing into the gorilla moat while being distracted by her other children.

The zoo says it did the right thing to shoot Harambe, and would do it again. But the zoo never should have been put in the position of having to sacrifice an animal they intended to breed to save his species from extinction. The mother should have rounded up her misbehaving litter and left the zoo immediately.

This isn’t just about Harambe. His death has implications for all his fellow gorillas and the breeding program. This Cosmopolitan article explains that.

When will people stop letting every ignorant, reckless parent who endangers or even kills a child get off with, “Oh, never mind. Nobody’s really to blame. She’s already suffered enough”?

I have no sympathy for that woman or her disobedient brat. He’s lucky to be alive. They both pushed safety precautions past their limits and absolutely NOTHING is being done to see that they don’t do it again somewhere else. Instead, the zoo is being investigated to see if can do better.

We’ll have to pad and wall off the whole planet so morons like this won’t hurt themselves.

When will parents ever face serious consequences for their inability to control or raise children with respect for animals, and it causes the animals’ destruction?

8 Responses to No Justice for Harambe the Gorilla

  1. st says:

    I think the zoo was more worried about a lawsuit from the family if something happened to the child. After all, the gorilla’s family cannot sue.

  2. Fister says:

    I feel sad that the Gorilla had to die because of a mother who couldn’t look after her son properly. 😦

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Fister! As a cat, I don’t claim to be a big gorilla fan, but it fluffs my tail whenever I hear about any innocent animal dying for no good reason.

    st, exactly. The animals never have the last word. If Harambe had shredded that kid, the zoo might as well have shut its doors because it would have been sued into bankruptcy — even though it was totally the mother’s fault. That’s how our society works. Do something stupid, make the other guy pay for it. (Wait a minute, I just described Donald Trump’s wall against Mexico!)

    And who’s to say the kid won’t grow up to be a daredevil fence-jumper, like those two jerk brothers who taunted Tatiana the tiger into charging them, with her ending up shot dead? (Actually, karma did kick in there later. Last time we checked, one brother had died under mysterious circumstances.)

    I haven’t been able to find how many kids the mother had with her at the zoo, but it was obviously too many. Instead of expecting the world to bend over backwards making itself foolproof for the likes of her family, she should have kept them at home and streamed “Gorillas in the Mist” for them if she couldn’t control them in public.

  4. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    Has Adele ever sided with a human in such a tragic “situation”? Her outrage is genuine & can be appreciated. Yet.. at the point of the seemed the only alternative for the zookeepers. Is this another “teachable moment”?😢

  5. Bacardi says:

    I too found the parental negligence & their reaction to the entire debacle unbelievable. Some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  6. catsworking says:

    Since stories of people killing animals are much more plentiful than the opposite (and in that case, the animals are just doing what comes naturally, whereas people’s motives are usually cruel or pervy), it’s true that I do side with the animals — because I AM one. DUH!

    The zookeepers could have shot Harambe with a tranquilizer dart, but they say it wouldn’t have put him to sleep fast enough. On the other hand, no one knows what Harambe was thinking. The kid was in the enclosure for 10 minutes and sustained only superficial injuries. I think if Harambe had murderous intent, he’d have maimed or killed the kid on sight. The humans probably over-reacted, but we’ll never know for sure.

  7. Dee Lm Mank says:

    I have seen this so many times. People in public places with way too many children. People afflicting society with the choices they made.Maybe high risk places should only allow two children per adult.

  8. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Dee! You are so right, and your suggestion is excellent. Allowing no more than two children per adult sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It would make things more manageable for the parents and give the rest of the world a break.

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