Bourdain Takes the Gold in Jiu-Jitsu

By Karen

I seldom write about Anthony Bourdain anymore, but I still keep up, and just saw something amazing I have to share in case any of my former fellow Bourdainiacs are still reading.

If you haven’t noticed, Tony has become a household word. Last week on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah and a guest threw the name “Bourdain” around as if the entire planet knows who that is. I also just saw him referenced in an article in Conde Nast Traveler as some standard for travel.

Tony took up jiu-jitsu a year or two ago, inspired by his wife Ottavia and daughter Ariane, who both practice the art. BTW, Happy Birthdays, ladies! (They both celebrate one in April.)

Upon earning his blue belt, Tony just competed in his first competition, in the Blue Belt Masters 5 Middleweight Division at the IBJJF New York Spring International Open Championship.

He won and took home the gold.

Here’s a video on Fight Sports of the whole match-up. It’s not exactly action-packed, but more a test of brute strength, with Bourdain mostly keeping his opponent pinned to the mat for about 5 minutes… filmed from another vantage point and included much more of Ottavia and Tony’s trainer cheering him on. At the end of the match, it also clearly shows the phenomenal shape Tony’s trained himself into. He’s approaching 60 on June 25 with six-pack abs and not an ounce of fat.

For old times’ sake, Cats Working extends 12 paws up and a hearty “Congratulations!” to Anthony Bourdain on his milestone victory, and wishes him many, many more.


5 Responses to Bourdain Takes the Gold in Jiu-Jitsu

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    A clearly overweight “TONY” almost suffocated a clearly older opponent by laying on top of him for what seemed an eternity..This is athleticism??? Bring back cooking!😁

  2. MorganLf says:

    Yes Tony looks great! Nice abs for a 60 YEAR OLD MAN. The silliness of this obsession got me into a Twitter back and forth with Renzo Gracie. I merely posted that the Bourdains used to be such fun and more interesting. For the record my brother same age and body type as Tony except my brother is a bit taller was a champion wrestler in high school his daughter married a state champion wrestler last year. He wrestled for Penn State and continues as a coach here in Jersey at a prestigious high school.
    That’s not his full time gig he has a job andis head coach in season. He’s about 6’2 pure hunk just turned 30. His wife my neice, is also the head coach of a soccer team in a good school district and a teacher. So we are a sports and wrestling and football family.
    The thing is my brother does not compete at age 60 and what mental case would at that age? Tony will die on the mat or be crippled or live a life with herniated discs and god knows what. Same for Ottavia. This form of sport takes its toll. At a certain age it’s time to move on coach or whatever. They are both gambling their orthopedic health for what?
    There are other ways to stay relevant and active at their ages. Ottavia and Tony risk full body paralysis… But roll on dudes roll on.

  3. MorganLf says:

    Remember about four years back I attended her first competition? I wish them well and as a fan girl they are honestly good peeps and very kind to their Cats friends.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, sorry to be so tardy in responding. You are totally correct. The Bourdains are good peeps. I recently read an article about them that was so outrageous and out of line, and clearly written by someone who doesn’t know anything about them as people, I am planning to post a response ASAP.

    Like you, I do worry about them both with the MMA stuff, and it’s pure luck that neither has suffered any lasting damage.

  5. MorganLF says:

    I’d like to see that article and your response.

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