Kitten’s Double Life Revealed

By Roc

Ever since I came to live here in November 2015, I’ve been stepping out with Karen nearly every Saturday to visit my “home away from home.” Adele and Max think I’m bonkers when I climb into the carrier without a fuss. For them, that crate means only one thing — the VET.

My secret escape is a sweet little set-up at a big house belonging to my Granny and Grumpy. There, I’m a superstar. Those two are absolutely CRAZY about me.

They have a great fireplace, which they turn on just for me so I can catnap in front of it. At first, all I had was a blankie on the floor…


But it wasn’t long before a bed showed up. Now my Teddy and Squeaky Hamburger guard it full-time…


Speaking of Teddy, I got him for Christmas when I was real little… (on blue carpet), but you can see how I’m growing into him. Karen took the next picture of us in February…



I have other toys, too. We have so many at home, Max and Adele haven’t even missed these…


And they don’t know about my latest acquisition, a new scratchy pad with feathers…


I like hanging out on the big couch while everybody drinks wine and watches some tube, with no fears that Adele will come along and sit on me…


I also like playing on the kitchen table, now that it’s an easy leap. Here I am on Granny’s chair…


And here’s Granny giving me a workout with my Martha Stewart stick toy…


She also encourages me to explore my artistic side. Here I am playing “Kitten on the Keys” on her piano…


Grumpy plays with me, too, but mostly by letting me chew his feet. I know it looks like he’s trying to strangle me here, but that’s how he does “friendly”…


I returned the favor by visiting his office for a desk inspection (BTW, he failed, it was a mess)…


Then I scared the pants shorts off him by trying a new trick. That black thing on the bannister at the top of the stairs is me…


Bannister-walking has become my new hobby, but that’s for another post.

When I need a little alone time, I hang out in the guestroom and watch for geese on the little lake behind the house…


I also have my own stash of food, bowls, and a litterbox. But don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not a mooch. I earn my keep. One Saturday I helped Granny with housework by fishing some popcorn, a Goldfish, and a couple of peanuts from under the coffee table for her (OK, I ate a peanut). She was so horrified by all the stale snacks I was finding, they moved the coffee table and vacuumed the whole rug…


I’m not sure what Adele and Max do while I’m gone, but I enjoy my weekly breaks from them. And they don’t seem to mind because I don’t come home reeking of the vet.


11 Responses to Kitten’s Double Life Revealed

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    Quit a nice pictorial! It will B forwarded..😁

  2. catsworking says:

    I thought you might like this one… Grumpy. Who knew Karen’s been tailing with a camera? She can be so sneaky. Now go clean up your desk because I’m doing a gloved-paw follow-up inspection this Saturday. It’s a good thing you don’t let my litterbox get that cluttered!

  3. Mary Austin Hunter says:

    Looks like Roc has a great weekend gig! He seems to be making himself right at home. Thanks for the pics! (My Cleo loves the fireplace too!)

  4. catsworking says:

    Karen here: When Roc sees me get the carrier out and I ask him if he wants to go visit Granny and Grumpy, he’s ready to go. He used to yell in the car, but now he just sits quietly, although last week as we got closer, he started meowing like, “Are we there yet?”

    I have a fireplace that I can’t use since I found out the chimney wasn’t built right and I could have burned the house down all the years I did use it. Adele’s the only one who remembers lying by that fire.

  5. Bacardi says:

    What a lovely pictorial!!

  6. Bacardi1 says:

    It looks like he’s having a wonderful time; how nice that he enjoys traveling.

  7. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, next up for Roc, leash-training. He’s done a bit of it, but he’s still too little to wear the nice harnesses that Yul and Max have used, and I don’t want to buy one he’ll outgrow in a month.

    This week he’s been stomping all over my last nerve playing with/biting the gazillion wires behind the TV. Last night the sound was really muffled and I just knew he’d pulled a plug somewhere (but he hadn’t; it was a sound setting gone wonky).

  8. Cynthia Del Buono says:

    Living the life Roc!

  9. Because I enjoy and value your blog I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Further details can be found at Buddy and I hope you can accept the award.

  10. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Brenda, and thank you for the nomination! We are all very excited and hope we can meet all the conditions to be worthy. Working on it now.

  11. catsworking says:

    On second thought, we’ll have to take a pass on this Liebster Award. We’ve hit a wall because blogs we read aren’t obscure enough to qualify, and there’s something icky about bloggers creating a lot of extra work for each other and calling it an “award.” It seems more like a cyber chain letter.

    But we do appreciate the effort to include us.

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