Jiu-Jitsu, Kamakazi Kitten-Style

By Roc

OK, now you’ve seen my cute little splashy side. Let’s take a look at my inner beast.

Anyone would expect a kitten named Roc (as opposed to Dust Bunny or Fluffer Nutter) to be scrappy. I wasn’t here at Cats Working more than a few days before I decided to find out how far I could push Max, even though he was about 4 times my weight. What’s one life to a kitten with 8 more in his future?

Our first good bout when I was 3 months old ended in a draw…

But Max-wrestling instantly became my addiction (even more than jumping into the refrigerator every time Karen opens it). To practice my moves, I jump Max every chance I get. He doesn’t always appreciate it.

Our latest match-up was just a few weeks ago when I was 5 months old. We amped up the thrill factor by adding the possibility of the loser taking a 9-foot plunge off the balcony into the living room…

PS: Rest assured that nobody went over the edge. There may have been some slight ego-bruising, but no kitties were hurt during either filming.

6 Responses to Jiu-Jitsu, Kamakazi Kitten-Style

  1. Mary Austin Hunter says:

    Roc is scrappy, and holding his own against Max. My kitty doesn’t have any kitties to play/fight with. Maybe that’s a good thing!

  2. catsworking says:

    Mary, they are wrestling on the balcony as I type this. Max always wanted someone to tussle with, but Cole wasn’t into rough-housing, and Adele would take it as an attempt on her life and respond with death blows. So, Roc’s willingness to wrestle is a good thing for Max. Roc’s latest trick is to climb up into the top of the kitty perch when Max is there and ride Max like a bronco.

    But no matter what Roc does, I’ve never seen Max really try to hurt him. They’ll wrestle for what seems like hours, and I let them as long as nobody screams in pain. Then they may curl up side-by-side in the big dog bed to watch squirrels on the deck. I just hope the friendship continues after Roc is full-grown.

  3. Mary Austin Hunter says:

    I think they will be life long friends. Some cats just really like to play/fight. Good to see! Thanks for all the great posts.

  4. catsworking says:

    Mary, I hope you’re right. Roc is going through a rambunctious phase right now that is annoying Max no end, and not even Max’s growls persuade Roc to back off. I don’t think Roc respects Max’s authority because Max doesn’t assert any.

    Adele seems to handle it better. If Roc gets in her face, she hisses and smacks him, but then goes about her business like nothing happened. She’ll even sit on him if he’s in her spot on the couch. He’s learning to show her proper respect.

    Max doesn’t seem to have figured out how to set boundaries. On the other hand, they do hang out together. The other day, all 3 of them spent the whole afternoon sacked out around my office, which NEVER happens.

  5. MorganLf says:

    Hey how about some relevant political material

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, we have been watching debates and picking sides. The boys are for Bernie and Adele is leaning toward Hillary as a frenemy. They’d all like to bury Trump and Cruz in the litterbox. More to come.

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