Kitten’s First Christmas a Bit Roc-ky

By Roc

Max and Adele are on my tail for being late with this post, but I’ve been recovering from an upper respiratory epidemic that swept through our house right before Christmas, right after I finished helping Karen put up the tree…



And got good at climbing it (that black hole, lower left, is yours truly)…


But who could stay mad at this face?


Adele, then Max, had been sneezing a lot, and then it hit me and laid me low for about 5 days. I felt so lousy, I couldn’t even get into the Christmas spirit when Karen stuck a Santa hat on my head…


Or even Max’s “Old Blue Eyes” Sinatra chapeau…


Under the tree was plenty of wrapping paper to be chewed off presents, and colorful bows begging to be removed, but all I wanted to do was to lie under the covers on a hot water bottle…


Then Karen remembered the humidifier, and the extra moisture it put in the air helped me breathe and bounce back just in time for Santa Kitty. Adele showed me the best spots under the tree to lurk so I could jump out and nip his ankles…


By Christmas Eve, everyone was feeling better, so we were ready. Karen hung our stockings on the fireplace. (She said Cole loved Christmas, and almost made it, so she hung his stocking one more time)…


But I must have taken a catnap, because I never caught the first glimpse of Santa Kitty. Oh, he was here, all right. He left us a lot of neat stuff! I got my very own Teddy to cuddle…


But I have to admit, without a lot of training, Teddy wouldn’t last even one round wrestling with Max…

Teddy also was no match for my new Martha Stewart stick thingy, with interchangeable danglers. Karen couldn’t get it off the cardboard fast enough for me to start playing with it…


But our all-time favorite toy of the day was the Cat’s Meow. It even got Max’s attention…

(The bird noises in the background are from Video Catnip playing on the TV.)

I played with everything and ate treats until I was plumb tuckered out. My new scratching post was the perfect place to stretch out for a rest…


BONUS: This video was taken one night, and Karen left the TV playing too loud, but it captures a moment of my daredevil tree acrobatics…

This was my first Christmas ever, so I have nothing to compare it to. All I can say is that it was more fun than sitting in a cage in some shelter joint, and I’m grateful to be here — even if Adele did give me her cold.

The gang at Cats Working wishes all our readers a Happy New Year!

PS: To create this post, we now have a new channel on YouTube called Cats Working. Do with that information what you will. More to come because I’m highly photogenic and Karen’s finally beginning to get a grip on this social media stuff…

6 Responses to Kitten’s First Christmas a Bit Roc-ky

  1. Cynthia Del Buono says:

    Roc you are one handsome cat. Glad you had a good first Christmas. Sure the gang is happy to have you aboard.
    Happy New Year!

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Cynthia, and thank you! So far, it’s so good!

  3. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    I’m late….BUT…. great set of fotos!! Keepers all..esp one at top of bare tree😁

  4. Marc-André says:

    Our wave almost looks the same

  5. adelep says:

    Late to the party again, but Happy New Year to everyone at Cats Working. Adele & Max, you’re looking good, and Roc, you appear to be growing into quite a fine fellow. Did you guys get his with a lot of snow?

  6. catsworking says:

    Hi, Adele. We got about 14″ of snow here. Karen did all the shoveling while we supervised from the window. What Karen could never understand was why everybody shoveled their driveways BEFORE they cleared all the snow off their cars (nobody around here has a garage). She did her car first, and it about doubled what she had to shovel. The snow was to the top of her tires.

    The newspaper didn’t come for 4 days. The mail didn’t come for 3 days. And the plow came through yesterday (4 days later), when much of the street was already bare pavement from melting.

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