Kitten’s First Photo Shoot

By Roc

Adele and Max are rudely saying I need to “get my feet wet” with this blogging stuff, since they’ve figured out that my greatest dread in life is getting wet. So here goes…

Last week I came upon a snuggly unoccupied cat bed on top of Karen’s bed and decided to stretch out for a nice, quiet catnap. In no time, who should creep in but Karen and her camera. Her pitiful begging for me to do something cute wore me down because, well, I’m just a little kitty with a big heart…


But do you have any idea how exhausting it has been to be “on” 24/7 since I got here? After she was unsatisfied with just one shot of my adorableness, I gave her a little cattitude and a tail flick to reveal some shaved baby-butt…


I’m still counting the days until I can lick “down there” and have my tongue feel fur again. Can’t wait to yak up my first hairball!

But when that pose didn’t do the trick, I tried again…


I call this intense look “Black Steel.”

But she was still clicking away, so it was time to show her my “Wild and Crazy Guy”…


Then for shock value, I threw in some full frontal nudity…


Now I had nothing left, so I pulled the tatters of my dignity together and told her she’d have to take pics of the paw, because the bod was officially bored.


That finally worked. I’ve gotta have my quality catnaps if I’m ever going to take Max down. He claims he has a “black belt” in Brazilian jiu jitsu, whatever that is. (Nice try to impress me, Max, but I know you’ve been black from neck to ankles since birth. I’m still laughing — and yawning.)


PS: Karen spent most of yesterday putting up a BIG Christmas tree. Max says she hasn’t done that since 2011 when it was HIS first kitten Christmas here. I had a blast. Stay tuned…



2 Responses to Kitten’s First Photo Shoot

  1. adelep says:

    Roc, I see you have a spiffy collar. Dorothy & Whiskey approve heartily. It looks like you’re settling in nicely. How are you getting along with your roommates?

    Dorothy, whose full name is Dorothy Rose Katz, wishes you a Happy Hanukkah. We tried to light the menorah last night, but Whiskey almost singed his tail.

  2. catsworking says:

    adelep, Ooh, you’ve hit a sore spot. The collar. It was a baby gift from my human “aunt,” who bought it years ago for a girl kitty she gave away. It’s covered with BUTTERFLIES and FLOWERS, but Karen’s making me wearing it until Christmas, when she says things will “look up.” Max won’t let me hear the end of it.

    Max and I are BFFs already, spending most days romping or just hanging out by a big window in our cat beds. Sometimes he lets me share.

    Adele hasn’t been feeling well the past few days so she’s been more hissy than usual. But we sleep on the big bed together and eat meals inches apart, and I’ve learned it’s never wise to dive into her bowl when I finish first, which has helped our relationship a lot.

    Happy Hanukkah to Dorothy and Whiskey and you! We haven’t had any candles burning since I got here because Karen would like to get through the holidays without burning the house down. A menorah would just be asking for trouble x 8.

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