Cats Working Gains a Roc

By Karen

On Saturday, Nov. 21, Adele and Max welcomed their new brother Roc (the kitten formerly known as Ham) into the family, courtesy of the same joint that once saved them, the Richmond Animal League.


Adoption was a 2-day ordeal involving some highly frustrating bureaucracy and a bizarre case of mistaken identity that almost sent me over the edge. Stay tuned. Details to follow…


6 Responses to Cats Working Gains a Roc

  1. adelep says:

    Welcome, Rock! How did you pick his name?

  2. GOING TO BE SOME CONFUSION ABOUT KITTY’S NAME. FOLKS SEE A CONNECTION TO ROCKY BALBOA [STALLONE] & not to actual source. Time to clarify….Good Luck with latest adoptee !

  3. catsworking says:

    How Ham got his new name is tied into the case of mistaken identity, which I’ll explain as soon as I can. Today I was uploading some photos to illustrate.

    But rest assured, “Roc” is a name with a reason and it has nothing to do with boxing. I dropped the K because I don’t believe in naming cats after inanimate objects. If anything, he may be confused with that French skincare line.

    I will say that Roc spent a great day today in my office with me and Max, who played with him, napped near him, almost licked his head, and hasn’t hissed once. This is the calmest Roc has been since he arrived.

  4. Bacardi1 says:

    Too adorable

    “Roc” is also the name of a huge mythological bird of prey (ever see any of the Ray Harryhausen movies?).

    And I completely understand your bureaucracy frustration. Have been down that road several times myself in the critter adoption game.

  5. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, I didn’t know the bird angle, but he could grow into it. I also wanted his name to have a sound different from “Adele” and “Max” so he’d learn it. Now, getting him to come when I call him is on the to-do list for his training.

  6. Kathy says:

    He is beautiful!

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