Bob McDonnell, Just Go to Jail

By Adele

Virginia’s former Republican governor Bob McDonnell reminds me of a cat who hates going to the vet (that is, all cats), flailing his arms and legs to keep the justice system from cramming him into his carrier.

In January, McDonnell was sentenced to serve two years in prison on 11 felony corruption convictions for accepting six-figure largesse from a sleazy businessman who fostered a questionable relationship with McDonnell’s wife. Bob has remained free on bond pending appeal.

So far, Bob’s attempts to overturn the convictions, get a new trial, yada, yada, yada, have been rejected.

If Bob had simply accepted his punishment, he’d be about one-third through his sentence by now — and richer by months of wasted attorneys’ fees.

Bob’s latest pitch for a rehearing was unanimously rejected by Virginia’s 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week. Now he vows to take it to the Supreme Court.

What sticks in my craw is McDonnell’s inability to complete a thought, a habit he shares with many Republicans on many issues, but that’s for another post.

To give just one example, he responded to his latest appeal rejection by saying…

“In my 38 years of public service to my country and the commonwealth, I have never misused my office nor ever promised anyone anything in exchange for money.”

Failing to finish with…

“No, instead I took cash, trips, and merchandise valued at $167,000 from a virtual stranger and gave him nothing in return. This behavior has been well-documented; it’s usually called stealing and punished with jail time. I’m pursuing these appeals to avoid paying for my crimes.”

McDonnell’s lawyers summed up the bigger issue with this gem…

“The facts of this case and the court ruling have serious negative consequences for nearly every public official in America. We will not cease our legal fight until Gov. McDonnell is fully vindicated.”

The “serious negative consequences” are that politicians will have to stop being crooks, seeking office only for personal enrichment.

Instead of fighting to keep corruption in government, if Bob McDonnell really had a shred of integrity, he’d stop kvetching and do his jail time — and thank God every day he only got two years.

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