Is Brian Williams Finished?

By Cole

So Brian Williams suffers from fantasy flashbacks of getting shot down in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003, and talks as if it really happened. And soldiers who were flying with Williams in safety, and those in the helicopter actually shot down, had no luck ever setting the record straight.

I have nothing against Brian Williams. He can be a funny guy, personally. But as a trusted purveyor of “news,” he’s become hopeless. This “bombshell” revelation that he makes stuff up to stay in the game is unsurprising.

It’s sad if NBC considers Brian Williams “the face” of NBC news. Obviously, NBC, in trying to attract a younger audience that won’t sit still to watch TV news anyway, doesn’t realize it has reduced the Nightly News to a useless pile of lint.

These days, if Williams is having a good night, he’ll report current events for about 12 minutes, until the first commercials, then spout entertainment or human-interest garbage the rest of his time. We defected permanently after his leading the broadcast with football “news” seemed to become habitual. Regular Cats Working readers know why.

When it comes learning what’s happening out there, you can’t beat BBC World (with Katty Kay, naturally). For the American perspective, we now watch Scott Pelley on CBS. His delivery style can dry paint, but at least his priorities seem straighter.

Pelley talks about what’s worth knowing usually for about 18 minutes, through the second commercial break, and sometimes even for the whole half-hour.

In contrast, BBC World on PBS always fills 30 commercial-free minutes with solid world events, giving maybe 3 minutes at the end to a feel-good story.

So, to answer my original question, I’d say yes, Brian Williams is finished. But not for lying about his exploits in Iraq. He’s been irrelevant for quite some time.

5 Responses to Is Brian Williams Finished?

  1. Bob Leadbitter says:

    Poor Brian………..joining the long list of liars in the world of “journalism.” I hold those who are actually ‘journalists’ in fairly high regard. They report the truth, like it or not, and refrain from self-aggrandizement. These TV personalities who are ‘Broadcast News’ knock-offs and portray themselves as hard-knuckled journalists in the grand Fourth Estate – or is now Fifth? – crack me up. They’re classic showbiz buffoons with nary a claim to providing me with factual records of recent events in an unbiased fashion. I simply do not watch them.

    I, too, recommend BBC World news for a reasonable facsimile of “news.” Interesting that the BBC calls these on-air folks “presenters,” and leaves the news collecting to the grunts in the field!

  2. annie pelfrey says:

    exactly! sadly, everyone wants to be a “celebrity”.

  3. catsworking says:

    So Brian Williams gets suspended for 6 months without pay. He’ll have to live off his savings for a while, which is likely at least an eight-digit figure. And NBC considers this a “severe punishment.”

    Somehow, I’m not feeling his pain.

  4. FAW says:

    For years Brian has been no Lester Holt! I wish him well on FOX! But only after REHAB….

  5. catsworking says:

    I agree. Brian Williams is no Lester Holt. We’ve always liked old Lester, and maybe this is his big chance.

    Can’t see Brian getting back into the news games as a serious contenders, but Jon Stewart’s keeping a seat warm for him over at the Daily Show if Brian wants to spend the next 6 months developing his comedic chops. I’d watch him.

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