ENOUGH About the Footballs Already!

By Adele

Here we go again with another big “scandal” in football. The New England Patriots won a game playing with soft balls. Oh, the horror, the stain on humanity!

It was the top story last night on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams. It was the top story this morning on the Today Show and CBS This Morning.

If the United States’ shameful absence from the recent mass demonstration in Paris wasn’t a clear enough signal to the world how far up our own asses our heads are these days, then anyone tuning in to what’s passing for “news” here right now would see it.

While Americans agonize over whether beloved Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knew his balls were soft, here’s what else we’re largely ignoring…

  • Netanhayu’s in cahoots with Boehner to make Obama seem out of the loop on foreign relations (as if Obama needs any help)
  • Islamic terrorists are about to behead 2 Japanese hostages
  • Measles are making a comeback because we allow idiot parents to not get their kids vaccinated

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Deflategate,” “Air of Deception,” or whatever cutesy name you want to call it, has big implications for the upcoming — oh, gasp, swoon! — SUPERBOWL!!!

And once again I’m going to remind you that football is a GAME, people. It’s not real. Never has been. Anyone who makes a living off football is one lucky SOB and a leech whose “job” is sucking bucks out of fools willing to pour money into it (i.e., fans).

There’s NOTHING about football that has any business dominating the news — ever.

Fine, anyone who must waste time on sports nonsense, go ahead and hash out with your ilk your burning “issues” on the sports pages of newspapers or in online forums. Discuss it all you want on ESPN. But the mainstream media needs to STOP rubbing the rest of our noses in this crap.

Any country that inflates men in tight little pants who prance around a field carrying soft balls into a national crisis is a country that’s going downhill fast.

7 Responses to ENOUGH About the Footballs Already!

  1. FAW says:


  2. catsworking says:

    Why, thank you for agreeing with me, FAW. I see that we have lost 2 subscribers since my post this morning. Must have been big football fans — or players. C’est la vie.

  3. The Captain says:

    I no longer watch or listen to US generated news – with the occasional slip over to the NPR geeks. Every news source exists for the same reason: to generate income. Mass murders? Only if there’s good visuals. Measles comeback? No decent tape here. Beheadings? So last year. Now pro sports morons?? Now we’re talking saps in front of sets!

  4. koda says:

    I never understood the allure of football – I just don’t get it. I think it dates back to my childhood days when we only had 3 TV stations and the only thing on Saturday afternoons was football. *sigh* I just don’t care. Adele, you are spot on here. I’ve heard about this ad naseum. No wonder America is in the shape it’s in…

  5. catsworking says:

    Welcome, koda and The Captain. Looks like there are at least 4 of us in agreement here. Read somewhere that the Patriots did their own investigation and found that nobody did anything suspicious to any of those balls. No fault to be found there. Well, DUH.

    The NFL is the last to recognize that it’s become a joke, the last refuge for men who refuse to grow up, living on the fantasy that what they do has any validity in the real world.

    On Super Bowl Sunday, the crew at Cats Working will be watching REAL athletes — in the Kitten Bowl on Animal Planet.

  6. annie pelfrey says:

    could not agree more -THIS is news! (my question mark key isn’t working)

  7. catsworking says:

    Hi, Annie! Good to see you back. We were so sick of hearing about deflated balls that we didn’t watch a lick of TV news over the weekend. If there were 11 of them, it’s more than coincidence and obviously somebody screwed up, accidentally (just dumb) or deliberately. Seems like these teams must have someone responsible for maintaining the balls who should know the rules for them, and that’s the top suspect. It’s not rocket science.

    But last week I heard some guy, the coach maybe, say that in all his years in football, it was the first time he’d ever heard anything about air in the balls.

    It was like a writer being accused of too many run-on sentences saying it was the first time anybody had ever mentioned periods.


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