The Votes Are In: Racist and Stupid Win

By Cole

With approval for the Republican-smothered Congress standing at 14% in September, what did voters do this week? They gave Republicans an even bigger majority in the House AND handed them the Senate.

After 6 years of thwarting and obstructing Obama at every turn, on every issue, this Congress is poised to be remembered as the most useless one in American history.

Yet Rush LimpPaw is declaring the election a mandate for Republicans to do nothing more for the next 2 years than to STOP OBAMA.

There are only 2 logical reasons voters would want to perpetuate this insanity:

1) They approve of Republicans’ gratuitous, often irrational, opposition to Obama, which makes them suspects as an accessory to racial bigotry.

2) They are too self-absorbed or stupid to comprehend that Republicans, Wall Street, and Big Business are, and always will be, BFFs. If there’s one certainty in politics, it’s that the GOP will screw the little guy financially, occupationally, medically, educationally, and environmentally to further its own self-interests.

Earlier this year in Virginia, many Democrats temporarily crossed over to the dark side to help rid Washington of that odious Republican fixture, Congressman Eric Cantor. But then they couldn’t get one of their own elected in his place. So now our congressman is a political neophyte and extreme right-winger named Dave Brat. The best Virginia can hope for is that he gets squashed at the bottom of the pecking order.

Cantor wasted no time cashing in on his defeat. The Wall Street crooks he courted throughout his political career graced him with a prestigious job in investment banking carrying a 7-figure annual compensation package that he has scant qualifications for.

It’s called showing gratitude, Republican-style.

All of us at Cats Working are disgusted with the mid-term election outcome, but there may be a silver lining.

Republicans are now perfectly positioned to self-destruct. They think they’ve got a mandate to keep on keeping on — scheming ways to disenfranchise women, gays, minorities, immigrants, and anyone who isn’t an old white fat cat — or to continue doing absolutely nothing, which has become their second nature.

With control of the House and Senate, they can keep that black cat in the White House under their thumb, where they think an inferior being like him belongs.

They can marshal all the proponents of racism and gun violence who call themselves “conservatives” to help them drag this country back to the Dark Ages on social issues.

They can keep taxing and whittling away at the middle class to help the rich get richer (and skim a generous percentage off the top for themselves) until there’s no one left for them to rob.

They think this is all a “recipe for success.”

Go ahead, Republicans, keep it up. In 2016, the looks on your faces when the next president is a Democrat are going to be priceless.


7 Responses to The Votes Are In: Racist and Stupid Win

  1. kristy says:

    your words read more racist than those you are accusing of actually being racist. I sincerely do not feel that my vote for the GOP is enough to include me in your above description as “suspects as an accessory to racial bigotry”. Kinda ridiculous and silly in many ways.

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, kristy. It’s true, I speak in broad generalities, and not all Republicans are racists. You may be one of the good ones.

    But if there’s anything “kinda ridiculous and silly in many ways” going on here, it’s to look at the behavior of the GOP and to condone and encourage it by giving them even more power. Republicans have done nothing since 2008 but throw obstacles at Obama in any way they can, whether it made sense or not. And they are almost devoid of ideas on how to solve this country’s problems except to revert everything to the “good old days” when the problems were CREATED.

    To cite just one example, they have put forth no better solution for unaffordable healthcare than to repeal the ACA and let private insurers continue to raise rates until they bankrupt anybody who dares to get sick.

    Since Republicans can rarely claim to have facts or logic on their side, there must be another reason. I simply make the observation that it may be racism. Or stupidity. Your pick.

  3. imabear says:

    Agreed, Cole. All I can say is: stupidity marches on.

  4. FAW says:

    Cole may be a tad over top…. but… he may be right…Harry will not be missed,but Mitch the Twitch is clueless W/O his Asian wife…I leave to go PRAY!!!!

  5. catsworking says:

    As time goes on, we’re going to find out just how NOT over the top I am about this. Did you see the news conference the day after the election where Republicans were gloating over the results? Standing in front of a big red sign that said: Stop Obama, Fire Reid.

    And Boehner gave a press conference where he talked about Obama “poisoning the well” and “playing with matches.”

    As noted, not once did he use the word “compromise.” He obviously see Obama as a naughty child who needs to be punished, and the Repubs can’t wait to begin.

    Harry Reid was no great shakes in the Senate, but Goober’s certainly no improvement.

    The rest of the world must be in despair to see this living proof that the U.S. has become so stupid and unable to discern fact from propaganda, it can be scared and bullied into deliberately voting for its own self-destruction.

  6. MorganLF says:

    I can’t agree more. The nose cutting and face spiting will continue. Republicans can’t allow Cruz and Jindall that puffed up be the voice of the party. They are led by an undereducated unelected deviant of a drug addict, Rush Limbaugh. They should reel in the gass bags who make millions whipping up tea party frenzy with quotable lies..and concentrate on a more moderate posture. Jen Bush is looking good to me.

    But the day Hillary sashays into the White House on the arm of my Billy…and Limbaugh and that fathead Hannity die of apoplexy will be a joyous occasion!

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Karen’s father posed an interesting Democratic ticket if Hillary decides not to run: Jim Webb and Elizabeth Warren.

    We agree with both, but would switch the order because Warren has more star power. Jim Webb was a Virginia Senator for one term. He’s awesome. Reminds us of a Spencer Tracy type of politician — solid, straight-talking, and incorruptible. He’s make a nice backbone for Warren.

    As for the Republicans, we’re heading in to fireworks season again, where each of the wannabes has his week in the spotlight, rising through the stratosphere, only to explode and fall in a shower of tiny sparks.

    Haven’t been paying attention to Jeb Bush much, but he seems to have more brain power than either dad or bro. If he’s middle of the road, that would be a plus.

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