Football Players Behave Badly and that’s NEWS?

By Cole

Earlier this year, the media couldn’t report enough about racism in basketball, as if nothing else in the world mattered. Now it’s off-the-field brutality in football.

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice clocked his fiancée in an elevator, knocked her out, and dragged her off like some caveman, and it was all caught on tape.

It wasn’t until video of the actual punch leaked out that the NFL’s male brass were shamed into meting out some actual discipline against Rice.

Rice is now unemployed, the woman he socked is now his wife, and she blames everybody for embarrassing and humiliating them. But if Mrs. Rice thinks her husband’s aggression was a one-off and she’s willing to risk getting decked again the next time she pisses him off, who are we to judge?

Rice being exposed as a batterer has sent football’s skeleton’s flying out of the closet. I’ve seen so many reports of NFL players raping and beating women and children, I can’t begin to count or keep them all straight.

These are brawny guys who train every day to be vicious brutes on the field. It’s disingenuous to be shocked when they practice their lethal skills off the field.

It’s like being surprised when a pit bull who’s been raised to win dog-fights chews up a baby.

If anybody should be shocked, it’s the players themselves. The public LOVES watching them be savage. That’s football. Men crashing in to each other to inflict as much pain as possible, while leaving everyone intact enough to stand up and do it again.

For a handsome living, these guys willingly get their brains scrambled and their bodies broken. Why is everyone stunned when they become unable to discern their “enemies” in the game — the pretend war — from their “enemies” in reality? Why do we expect them to be able to switch their inner bully on and off?

All you football fans who claim to be appalled by these abusive players’ behavior have only yourselves to blame. Your ticket purchases finance their lessons in assault, and your cheers and adulation egg them on to commit it.

If you don’t like the result, then find a less bloodthirsty sport to squander your weekends on.

9 Responses to Football Players Behave Badly and that’s NEWS?

  1. imabear says:

    Totally agree with you, Cole. Never was a football fan, but I’m sure there are fans out there who will just ignore the whole thing.

  2. catsworking says:

    Thank you, imabear. One thing I did find shocking about the Ray Rice situation was female fans showing up for a game wearing his jersey to support him. They should have tattooed “Punch Me” across their noses.

    If they had a lick of sense, they’ve have been lined up to give him a swift kick in the nuts.

    As far as I’m concerned, football is just one step above throwing Christians to the lions, if you’re talking about pointlessly brutal entertainment. As country, we should be ashamed it’s our No. 1 sport.

  3. imabear says:

    They were talking about this on the radio this morning and it’s clear that the NFL is only interested in winning which equals money (no surprise there). Sponsors started screaming, which got the NFL’s attention). Many fans feel this way too – makes me sick. What happened to integrity?

  4. catsworking says:

    I think more stories of football batterers are coming out this week, but it’s all like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. Wah, Wah, Wah.

    This is the sport of thugs. A few have gifts for running or kicking balls. The rest are big slabs of meat who use their brawn to “tenderize” anyone weaker.

    We worship shooters, so no surprise we worship these monsters.

    Yes, imabear, it’s all about the money. Heaven help us.

  5. MorganLF says:

    Look at Johnny Unitas what an arm changed the game. Did he choke out ho’s? Not at $7,000 A YEAR!!!!

    Call it what it is. These animals pure limbic systems, no learning, no English …millions are thrown at these creatures..of course they beat bitches, choke em out, buy guns, shoot and kill, sanction animal abuse… every evidence of primitive behavior short of feces throwing…

  6. MorganLF says:

    In anticipation of outraged response, I come from a football home. Two brothers went to college on scholarships. Both married decades neither choked out or beat their wives.

    Men who do that are NOT men and are acting out and would cry like bitches in jail….where they belong. Was it sooo important to beat your wife? Bye bye millions…hello selling Sneakers at the mall…

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, so sorry. I haven’t meant to ignore you. Lately, life has trumped blogs.

    Of course not ALL football players are thugs. But the sport attracts the thuggy types and enhances their thuggy skills. ALL athletes are overpaid, which is just testament to how totally fucked up this country’s priorities are.

    These days, when I turn on the Nightly News with Brian Williams and he opens with any story related to any sport, I flip over to the DVR and watch Jon Stewart. No game-playing bigot or wife-beater should ever take precedence over the grand-scale atrocities happening in the world.

    I get most of my TV news now from BBC World. They still seem to have their eye on what matters.

  8. Zappa's Mom says:

    The NFLdoesn’t care about wives and children being beaten,animals being abused,drunk driving arrests,etc-they only care if players get caught. The focus has shifted entirely to who saw what tape when,the words “domestic violence” aren’t even heard in the continuing coverage.

    May I say that I think Mrs.Rice is an effin idiot?

  9. MorganLF says:

    May I agree? Married a paycheck😩 guess that didn’t work out…

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