Congratulations to Bourdain, Parts Unknown

By Karen

Last weekend, something I was watching on TV had an ad for the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony, and for a split second, I saw Anthony Bourdain on stage accepting an award. It was supposed to air August 24 on FXM, but I scoured Comcast and couldn’t find that channel ANYWHERE.

I HATE Comcast so much…

Anyway, it looks like out of their 7 nominations, Parts Unknown won only for Outstanding Informational Series or Special. Admittedly, that was the biggest honor, but they tied with HBO’s Vice for it.

Once again, Bourdain’s writing was passed over, with COSMOS getting that Emmy.

For Outstanding Host (for The Taste), he lost to Jane Lynch of Hollywood Game Night.

Anyway, Cats Working gives Bourdain and the ZPZ team 12 paws up on their well-deserved win!

BONUS: Yesterday I came across a meaty interview Bourdain gave SBNation about his newfound MMA obsession and other wide-ranging topics. It’s classic.

That one led me to a joint interview with Ottavia that’s an oldie, from around Christmas 2013, but a goodie. Ottavia never fails to liven things up.

6 Responses to Congratulations to Bourdain, Parts Unknown

  1. MorganLF says:

    I think these two are really a most interesting love story. Bourdain taking up “rolling” is a pisser, the complete opposite of his former life. As someone said in one of the interviews he has become iconic and we knew them first!

  2. FAW says:

    Some of us think EMMY bestows a tad too many awards. But winners can always refer to their victory.

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I think it’s great that Tony has taken up something that motivates him to want a bit healthier lifestyle. I just wish it weren’t so dangerous. Yes, it’s true that we were here rooting for him when he was under everybody else’s radar. I still think of both of them as distant family from “back in the day” and love to see them make good. From recent pics of him in his kitchen, it looks like they’ve moved into their more spacious new digs in NYC, too.

  4. catsworking says:

    Yes, FAW, giving an award for the “best informational series” is certainly indicative of Emmy jumping the shark with gratuitous recognition. But since we’re well aware that you believe nobody in history has ever accomplished anything worthy of any admiration whatsoever, we’re siding with Emmy on expanding beyond dramas and sitcoms. Bourdain and his crew can be justifiably proud of winning this honor.

  5. MorganLF says:

    This was interesting, cute pics of Arianne too.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, WOW!!! Thanks for that link. I’m just getting around to watching it. Obviously filmed before Tony got bit by the MMA bug.

    Ottavia is AMAZING. When we met her way back when, who knew that petite little woman in those sky-high heels had an inner killer? 😉

    She really has developed lots of muscle in her neck. But she still looks fabulous, like she hasn’t aged a day. Beating up guys may be the fountain of youth. Who knew?

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