Bourdain Chooses the Right Side of History

By Karen

Here I go again with a Bourdain post, but he just gave a great interview to Blogs of War and I have to say it: If there’s one thing about Anthony Bourdain I admire, it’s his willingness to stick his neck out for the underdog.

It’s never PC to even hint that anything Israel says or does is ever wrong, but Bourdain continues to make a strong case for changing the tragic reality of everyday Palestinians trapped in Gaza and the West Bank.

As I write this, Israel continues its bombing of Palestinian civilians in their homes, with virtually no hope of escape. Israel’s rationale is that every Palestinian boy playing on the beach, every patient lying helpless on a hospital operating table or in the ICU, could be a Hamas enabler and is, therefore, fair game.

Meanwhile, the world stands by, impotent in the face of such crazed blood-thirst.

By yesterday’s numbers, 695 Palestianians are dead (166 of them children, and probably more than 70% of them civilians, according to the UN).

Israel has 32 casualties. Of those, 3 were civilians, and 3 of the 29 soldiers killed were by friendly fire.

Sorry, Israel, but by NO definition on earth does such wholesale, one-sided slaughter qualify as self-defense.

We get it. Both sides’ leaders would love to wipe out each other’s people. Hamas can clearly never achieve it. But, Israel is proving that it can — and it will if someone doesn’t make it stop.

More of us need to follow Bourdain’s lead and speak up for the Palestinians who are allowed no voice. They’re dying for no good reason.

Israel, enough is enough.

7 Responses to Bourdain Chooses the Right Side of History

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Karen, I agree with you and with Tony and, even though I might incur the wrath of other commenters, I’m not afraid to stick my neck out either. I have no issue with the Israeli people per se but, as I’ve been saying for many years now, the state of Israel and its leaders are bullies, plain and simple. They are as terroristic as many of those they claim to fear. There is no excuse for this one-sided bloodshed and I hope more people will speak out.

  2. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Tracy! I wholeheartedly agree. No beef here with the Israeli people. So many of them are hapless pawns just like the Palestinians, and they have to do mandatory military service. On the other hand, they have only themselves to blame for bringing Netanyahu back as prime minister in 2009. He’s Israel’s Dick Cheney, and he’s running the whole show, with predictable results.

  3. imabear says:

    Well said, Karen. I agree completely and it’s refreshing to see someone like Tony who is willing to take a stand and not back down.

  4. catsworking says:

    imabear, this post was hardly cold when I turned on the Nightly News to see that “someone” had bombed a UN school in Gaza, and they said it was the 4th school hit in 4 days. Of course, Israel said they don’t “target” schools, but if they “think” Hamas is stashing weapons in them, all bets are off.

    And the Palestinian death toll is now 800+.

    I really don’t understand how Israel thinks this is EVER going make the situation any better.

  5. dellachiara says:

    I’m happy to see Bourdain speak out about this issue. I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve been saying so wherever and whenever I can. Thanks for sharing this, Karen!

  6. MorganLF says:

    The Iraelis are thugs . When Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin are flogging the Isreli cause I have to wonder. When Palestine was Partioned in in1947 there was great sympathy due to the genocide. But it hardly seems fair that people who had lived there for two thousand years had to just leave. Id be upset if a Leni Lenape Indian knocked on my door and said he wanted his land back.

    This latest incident in bloodthirst and inhumane.

  7. catsworking says:

    The last numbers I saw were 1,800+ Palestinians dead, mostly civilian, including 342 children, and about 60 Israelis, fewer than 10 civilian, I think.

    That Israel expects the world to stand by and bulldoze and bomb all of Gaza into oblivion is a Frankenstein monster America built. It’s no wonder the Arabs hate us for the way we blindly rubber-stamp Israel’s slaughter, for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic.

    As far as destroying all of Hamas’ tunnels, why not back big cement trucks up to the opening of each one and start pouring? Do they REALLY have to level whole neighborhoods to get rid of the tunnels, or is it just more fun?

    On the other hand, the Arabs have to tell Hamas, “Enough already! This will never work!” If those fools haven’t figured out they’re not going to destroy Israel after chucking thousands of useless missiles at it, they’re too stupid to run even an area as small as Gaza and need to be taken out.

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