Let Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy Spell Bankruptcy

By Karen

The Supreme Court’s reliable misogynists stomped way over the line this time by giving national crafts chain Hobby Lobby the OK to impose its religious beliefs on its employees. No wait, not ALL its employees. Just the ones who don’t want to be pregnant every time they have sex.

It seems Hobby Lobby’s owners are good Christians and don’t believe in certain forms of contraception (morning-after pills and IUDs). However, they DO believe in profiting from these products by investing their employees’ retirement funds in the Big Pharma companies that make them.

Personally, I don’t think the Supreme Court went far enough. Once the 4 dissenting justices (Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsberg, and Breyer) saw they couldn’t preserve women’s reproductive insurance coverage at Hobby Lobby, they should have argued for a fair ruling that extends to reproductive options for Hobby Lobby’s males — no more Viagra, Cialis, or vasectomy coverage.

The Supreme Court seems to take the founding principle that “all men are created equal” literally and not apply it to women. If we could somehow make that statement gender-neutral and these men knew their own rights would vanish every time they disenfranchised women, I bet men would suddenly have a lot fewer “deeply held religious beliefs.”

Companies are NOT churches, and when they’re allowed to act on Christian beliefs — or Jewish, Muslim, or other faiths — everybody but the males at the top ends up being inferior and undeserving of equal rights.

And that’s exactly the slippery slope the Supreme Court has left us on.

Hobby Lobby thinks it won this battle. But Cats Working stands squarely with actor George Takei and many others in calling for a boycott. Hobby Lobby must lose its war on women as a warning to corporate America, and our best ammunition is Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

6 Responses to Let Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy Spell Bankruptcy

  1. MorganLF says:

    Takei is correct. What’s next? Banning smokers and alcohol imbibers? I believe a test is being developed to detect onanism as I write, but wait THAT would place virtually ever male employee at risk, scratch that won’t happen.

    I wonder if these Hobby people in their deep seated Christian beliefs will deny coverage to assault weapon hoarders?

    Wait what am I saying???? Their Christian THEY ARE GUNS NUTS!

    I never heard of them but I am boycotting them nevertheless.

  2. weefish says:

    A few years ago, the Green family bought out tele-crook’s university, ORU, in order to keep them from going under. I stopped shopping there then. Funny how nobody even mentions that, but the minute reproduction comes into the picture it’s a whole other ball game.

  3. annie pelfrey says:

    birth control should be over the counter. i don’t think it’s a “medical” issue. if i didn’t want to get preggers, it should be my duty not to.

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, weefish. The Green family didn’t even make a blip on the radar when they bought Oral Roberts (?) University.

    I don’t think this is simply a matter of reproduction, but of discrimination against women. Reproductive rights are the lowest-hanging fruit in that battle. Keep women helpless to stop a pregnancy, yet keep shoveling Viagra into men.

    Annie, I agree with you that birth control should be OTC, but I’ll take it one step further. NO employer should have the right to dictate what healthcare employees are allowed to have. That’s why there’s a screaming need for this country to do away with employer-provided health insurance in favor of a single-payer system where everyone is treated equally.

    Morgan, you cut to the heart of the hypocrisy at play here. So many of these pro-lifers are also big on the 2nd Amendment. “Yeah, let those unwanted babies be born so they can grow big enough for us to use them as target practice.”

    We have 2 Hobby Lobbys in Richmond that I know of. We also have Michael’s, Joann’s, and A.C. Moore for craft supplies.

  5. MorganLF says:

    Jesus just drove down a major highway and what do I see? I big giant Hobby Lobby!

    Those bill of rights stomping law evading hypocrites are here!!!

    You see other than tax obligations this precedent allows a FOR PROFIT organization the ability to choose what laws it will abide.

    Remember they do not draw upon a religious community as employees. They are re writing laws to suit a private belief and this decision shows favoritism to their religious views to the exclusion of others. Are Jews allowed to exclude pork eaters, or Muslims tobacco users? Have we gone fucking nuts?? Can no one read the the constitution?

    Where did I leave my soapbox??

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, sorry for being so late to see this. I’m not getting my notifications again. You are so right. The Supreme Court justifies this BS by claiming it’s a “narrow” ruling. But it sets precedent that every other religious fanatic CEO will cite when he tries to inflict his beliefs on his employees. The ones you mentioned are the lowest-hanging fruit to go after next.

    Let’s share a soapbox!

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