Why We Can’t Fix Iraq

By Cole

ISIS is having a blast rampaging through Iraq, seizing buildings and oil fields, and showing everybody what badass al-Qaeda rejects they are.

But what will they do with Iraq once they’ve got it? When they realize how tedious running a country is, will they decide to stick with their strength and go off to conquer the next weakest link?

The Iraqi government would love for the U.S. to swoop in and kick ISIS’ butt so Iraq’s so-called leaders can keep their own skirts clean and their money in the bank. And why not? We’ve been willing before to pour limitless blood and money down that rat hole.

But this is the same government that wanted us completely OUT in 2011 and forced Bush to agree, leaving that clean-up job for Obama so Dick Cheney can now blame Obama for doing it.

Sadly, it’s the innocent Iraqi people who pay for our stupidity. Saddam Hussein understood Iraq better than that useless turd we left in the punchbowl, Nouri al-Maliki. We have only ourselves to blame for giving ISIS a reason to exist.

We abhor Koran-misquoting nuts who grasp at any flimsy reason to start “holy” wars, yet we tolerate our own Bible-misquoting nuts who can walk down almost any American street armed to the teeth, blow away innocent people on deluded pretenses, and then walk free to do it again.

“Gun rights” is our euphemism for terrorism in the U.S., and it’s legal. We’ll even defend people’s right to commit it on a mass scale. So what right have we to claim moral superiority over ISIS or any other terrorists?

Hell, we give national face time to blood-thirsty lunatics like Cheney, who scream the loudest for war every time people in the Middle East start killing each other over silly stuff, just like we do here, as if THEY’RE the only ones with a problem.

So, as a token, 300 of our soldiers are being sent back into harm’s way to play Dear Abby in combat boots, dispensing priceless “advice” to the American-trained Iraqi army, like…

“Keep your clothes on. No war was ever won by soldiers running away in their skivvies.”

“When ISIS attacks, instead of giving them your gun, aim it at them and pull the trigger.”

I say, Iran is much better situated and equipped to sort out the Iraq mess. We should leave it alone. America needs to gets its own house in order before it can preach peace to the Middle East. Our hypocrisy just makes things worse.

2 Responses to Why We Can’t Fix Iraq

  1. MorganLF says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Cheney should be tried as a war criminal. He like W never served his country, in fact he had a monumental array of deferrals 6? 7? He like Bush was a drunk with drunk driving convictions as a matter of record. Unable to cope with their manly shortcomings they act out. Cheney is still acting out. He’s a weak sister and a coward, I shun him.

    We KNEW pulling out a secular leader like Saddam would further destabilize a region that has been an historical cesspool of blood feuds. As evil as Saddam was to his people, he knew how to govern them. They are unruly, crazed, illiterate mud hut dwellers using their Quran to justify slaughter of each other. Just as the destabilization of Afghanistan that happened after Russian occupation ended fermented and accelerated the the growth of the Taliban. Our war against Iraq served to strengthen and accelerate the resurgence and mass growth of al queda.

    Say what you want Obama voted against this illegal war we should have never begun and stuck to his guns to get us out. He did not create the situation.

    The Iraqis and Iranians and Syrians have an extensive history of mistrust, struggle, and blood letting it ain’t our business and there is no fixing it. If they won’t defend themselves why should we?


  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, spot on. When are we going to realize that these terrorists are like cockroaches? We stomp on one bunch, then turn around and find a new one. With its tribal mentality and reluctance to let go of the 7th century, I don’t think the Middle East would know what to do with peace, let alone democracy. Hell, WE don’t even have democracy.

    If anything seems clear, it’s that Nouri al-Maliki has to go. But whoever replaces him will undoubtedly open a new can of worms. It’s just like here. We trade one bad leader for another and nothing ever really changes.

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