Is Bergdahl Worth It?

By Cole

Most people love movies where the hero looks doomed until the U.S. cavalry charges over the hill and saves him. Such relief was the first reaction to hearing Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was being rescued from 5 years as a Taliban POW in Afghanistan…

…Until we learned we were swapping 5 terrorists at Guantánamo for him and Congress wasn’t told. Of course, we all know how that would have played out. Congress would rather let a million Bergdahls rot in Afghanistan than cooperate with Obama.

But then circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture began trickling out from soldiers who were there, like former Army captain Nathan Bethea, who believes Bergdahl deserted, and claims the rest of the troops were ordered not to talk about it.

And we heard that Bergdahl first shipped his personal belongings home, then wrote a note before he disappeared stating he was off “to start a new life” and left behind all his Army-issued protective gear. And he wasn’t lost on a night patrol, but deliberately left the base and made himself easy pickings for the Taliban.

And it’s possible that a bunch of soldiers doing their jobs were killed directly or indirectly as a result of Bergdahl’s actions and the subsequent search, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

And, bizarrely, Bergdahl got promoted to sergeant while he was missing, even though his superiors knew the fishiness of his disappearance. That was government bureaucracy at its finest.

On one paw, I’m proud of our commitment to bring home all American troops, even the crazies and the cowards. If they were bad soldiers, we can take comfort in the fact that the VA will treat them like dirt for the rest of their lives, or even let them die for want of medical care. What goes around…

On the other paw, I fear Bergdahl will become Obama’s good deed that doesn’t go unpunished when the freed terrorists shortly resume their quest to wipe out Americans — now with a REAL axe to grind against us.

Bergdahl remains in Germany being treated like a delicate flower, too physically and emotionally fragile to answer any questions about how or why the hell he got himself captured. It’s the American way to give him plenty of time to concoct a great story for the talk show rounds — you know they’re coming.

The cynical part of me wonders about the White House’s timing. Was Bergdahl meant to “Wag the Dog” and deflect attention from the VA mess?

Or was Obama’s intent to create another “We Got bin Laden!” moment by rescuing a hero? But like most everything Obama touches these days, it backfired because his minions didn’t do their homework and left Obama wiping egg off his face — yet again.

And this cat questions the wisdom of humans who, in the face of someone’s feckless disregard for their own safety — be it a troop or a tourist — decide to unmake the bed these fools have chosen to lie in and go to extraordinary means and expense to rescue them.

Is it worth it? I have no answer.

5 Responses to Is Bergdahl Worth It?

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    I think Gitmo should be emptied out entirely.Send all of those cockroaches back to that shithole and drop just one well-placed bomb and wipe them all out…….They get far better treatment at Guantanamo than they deserve.

  2. MorganLF says:

    Zappa agreed.these terrorists are treated like Ming vases. Fuck em send them back to where they came from. That dark no fresh water or electricity having, or toilet flushing, garden of Eden. Let them smell each other’s shit while forgoing health care, education, housing and any semblance of civilization.

    This Bergdahi cat has me puzzled, it seems he’s lost his command of English…am I watching Homeland? If I am, he’s a danger.

    These Muslims have inferior technology, (for chissakes they all smell of turd and barely have the wheel )but they are masters of indoctrination and torture and are apparently able to turn retarded disenfranchised Americans against the free land they came from.

    This disgraziad should sit in jail while his case is vetted. This cunt does not bear discussion on the day we honor the GREATEST GENERATION of simple young men who died this day so we may have this life. They were slaughtered , babies 20 years old were it not for them we’d not be here. Shy, young brave red blooded AMERICANS …who suffered more than we will ever imagine and never spoke of it again .

    My father was at Normandy..spoke to me of it only once and that’s because I asked. My brothers took him to see ” Saving Sgt. Ryan ”
    And this brave quiet man who NEVER spoke of his service had to be led out of the theater in tears by his adult sons. That’s how I found out my dad was at Normandy. My heart wells for these unsung ordinary american Joes who came home got jobs started families and NEVER spoke of their heroism.

    These PTSD crybabies should trade stories with a young GI at Normandy who cried because he kept stepping on these shattered bodies of his dead comrades because there just was NO where else to walk..while the Atlantic ran red with their blood.

    It took bulldozers to clear their remains. I know this because my dad told me.

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Bergdahl seems to be Brodie from Homeland in the flesh. I think it’s only a matter of time before we learn he’s become a Muslim. Apparently, he’s remembered some English because he’s telling his doctors he was beaten and tortured in captivity. It didn’t take long for the yarn to start spinning. I read somewhere that while he was a solider, he was writing adventure novels starring himself as the hero, like the “Red Rascal” from Doonesbury.

    Personally, I think Obama was able to work a deal because the Taliban were sick to death of Bergdahl themselves. Their last words to him, “If you ever come back to Afghanistan, we will kill you,” was evidence of that.

    He hasn’t called his parents yet, which seems to speak volumes about where his loyalties lie today. How to explain to Mom and Dad that he defected? Well, maybe not so hard with Dad, since he’s been sporting the look and studying the language. As Jon Stewart so brilliantly put it, for all the neocons who are frothing at the mouth over that, they’d be just fine with the beard if Mr. Bergdahl wore a bandanna and held a duck decoy, like those red-blooded patriots on Duck Dynasty.

    Karen had the TV on for some of the D-Day commemorations, and she cried through most of it. Morgan, you are so right about how self-centered, shallow, and chicken we’ve become as a nation (with exceptions, of course. I generalize). Those guys who landed at Normandy were role models whose likes we’ll never see again. It’s a shame their stories had to share ink and space with Bergdahl.

    ZM, Jon Kerry is saying it’s just “a lot of baloney” to think those 5 freed Taliban guys will go back to the fight because we and Qatar have such good tabs on them. OK, then there’s no excuse not to close Gitmo and free them ALL. And watch them scatter like cockroaches and hit us again. And nobody will be more surprised than our own inept leaders.

  4. MorganLF says:

    Sorry or pull this thread even more off topic, but has anyone seen the Diane Sawyer interview of Hillary?

    Karen I don’t mean to usurp a future topic … But by god it’s time for a woman President!

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, no problem. We have been having almost daily outages with Comcast and have only caught snippets of Hillary. Adele has her feelers into this one and I’m sure will have something to say soon. And I’m sure she agrees with you that it’s high time for a female president. At the moment, she’s still brooding over the Triple Crown.

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