Boy’s Best Friend is His Cat

By Max

Cats Working salutes Tara Triantafilo, a gray 6-year-old tabby and former stray in Bakersfield, CA. Tara went all “Big Cat” on a vicious dog larger than her to single-pawedly save her 4-year-old human, Jeremy.

Jeremy was minding his own biz playing in his front yard when a neighbor’s 8-month-old Lab-chow mix decided to drag Jeremy away by the leg. It was all caught on security cameras.

Jeremy was toast until Tara sprang seemingly out of nowhere and launched herself at the dog, chasing him off her property. Watch it…

Jeremy’s wounds needed 10 stitches. Tara only got her tail in a fluff. News reports say Jeremy’s mother Erica also got bitten on the leg, but it’s impossible to see how, since she didn’t show up until Tara had the dog on the run.

The dog is now sitting in quarantine at animal control, serving out a 10-day sentence until his execution. His owners gave him up willingly, which makes me wonder if this wasn’t his first offense.

When the Triantafilos took Tara in as a young stray, they probably never dreamed she’d repay the favor. In addition to Jeremy, she also lives with 2-year-old twin boys and a 4-year-old Husky mix named Maya.

So far, Maya has had no comment on the incident, nor do we know her whereabouts while the attack was going down.

Erica says the kids treat Tara pretty rough, but she puts up with it. Sure, after living on the street, she figures a little tail- and ear-pulling and occasionally getting sat on are small prices to pay in exchange for a forever home.

Tara’s video went viral; I saw it on CBS. It was pretty insulting to see how the talking heads found it so TOTALLY INCREDIBLE that a cat could do anything selfless.

The Bakersfield Californian had the most complete story (with pictures), but you have to answer a few questions to read the whole thing.

5 Responses to Boy’s Best Friend is His Cat

  1. annie pelfrey says:

    i too was annoyed that this was considered unusual behavior for a cat. as we know- cats RULE!

  2. Zappa's Mom says:

    High paw on your investigative skill,Max! Zappa bravely protected me from spiders all the time. He knew how afraid I was of them,and selflessly ate them before they ate me.

  3. catsworking says:

    Annie and ZM, we’ve got our own hero cat right here, but he didn’t want me to make a fuss about it. Cole is our Tara. He’s my bodyguard. When Adele comes after me, he goes after her immediately.

    Every night, he does watch on Karen’s bed to make sure none of us attack her. OK, that’s a bit OCD, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    We cats perform selfless acts every day. I let Adele sit on my favorite perch even though I hate her and she stinks it up with her girly smell. But that’s what you do for your peeps.

  4. FAW says:

    Kudos to Tara T. All my dog lover pals were in awe!!!!

    On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 3:00 PM, FAW wrote:

    > Is TARA T of italian descent? If so it cood splain her reckless disregard > 4 her own safety!!!!caio,caio, la gato………. > >

  5. catsworking says:

    FAW, since Tara was a stray, nobody really knows if she’s Italian. Nor did the news stories mention the origins of her last name.

    And if you watch the video again, I think you’ll see that she showed no “reckless disregard” for safety. She landed on the dog’s shoulder, where he couldn’t bite or grab for her. In fact, his reaction was to flee.

    Cats will be watching replays of that video for years to come to study and emulate her flawless technique. If dog-jumping were an Olympic sport, Tara would win the GOLD!!

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