Putin, Nobody Likes a Bully

By Cole

Acting on his long-held belief that Obama is a pussy, and before we get a next president who may not be, Vladimir Putin is indulging in this gluttonous land grab in Ukraine that brings to mind the run-up to World War II.

In fact, Ukraine’s prime minister has already said Russia wants to start WWIII.

On the other hand, it’s not hard to see where Putin is coming from. Why not do some conquering while you know the world will do nothing but whine about it?

So Putin seizes Crimea, and the U.S. imposes economic sanctions that amount to sending Putin and his best friends to bed without supper.

Putin masses tens of thousands of troops on the eastern Ukraine border, and the U.S. says it’s grounding Putin for the weekend.

Putin’s troops enter Ukraine and start occupying government buildings (while he lies and denies it), and the U.S. threatens to take away his car keys for a week.

Now Ukraine has responded to the imminent threat by sending its own troops into the fray and people are getting killed, and what does Obama say?

That the U.S. has “teed up” even more sanctions.

Now what? Taking away Putin’s video games?

Putin is steadily devouring a country that THOUGHT it had friends in the west, and Obama’s response is a golf reference.

It’s like when George Bush initially called the fanatics who carried out 9/11 “folks.”

One can only laugh at Putin’s excuse that he’s protecting Russians within Ukraine’s borders because that government is picking on them. The fact is, he’s just butt-hurt that Kiev likes the EU and U.S. more than it does him.

Bottom line is that Putin is behaving like a bully, thumbing his nose at the world and daring the U.S. or EU to stop him. He’s obviously forgotten Hitler and Saddam Hussein, who both made the fatal mistake of underestimating how much the world hates a bully.

Putin may think he’s being slick now, “reclaiming” the Russian empire and restoring it to its “former glory,” but he’s just teeing himself up to become someone who needs killing.

Since Obama apparently thinks a putter to the shin will do the job, Europe will probably have to step up this time. In the ultimate face-off with Putin, this kitty’s money is on Angela Merkel.

6 Responses to Putin, Nobody Likes a Bully

  1. Bob Leadbitter says:

    General George Patton said something akin to “I’d rather have a German Division in front of me than a French Division behind me.” Were he with us today he might have a similar comment about having the ‘Mericans as allies. Pity the Ukranians, and other our other friends.

  2. And just how am I supposed to respond to your opus while I’m still laughing so hard that I’m peeing my pants?

  3. catsworking says:

    Bob, we are great admirers of Patton. If only today we had a warrior general like him who could go in, kick Putin’s thugs to the curb, and have the Crimean Russians thanking him for the favor.

    Suzanne, you and Putin must be sharing a laugh. Putin must ROFL every time John Kerry says, “In this day and age, nobody, NOBODY has the moral authority to invade another country without direct provocation.”

    And of all the sports Obama had to muster, he picks the sissiest — golf? He couldn’t evoke any metaphor from our most brutal, savage (albeit totally gay) American football? Like maybe we would “sack all Putin’s green quarterbacks” or “drop-kick Russia off the field through the goal post of Ukraine’s border”?

    Putin’s response to Obama’s new sanctions was most likely, “I pee on his tees!” as he was ripping off his shirt and bounding onto his horse for a quick canter around the Kremlin to cheering crowds.

  4. MorganLF says:

    Oh please! Obama and Putin are standing on the Golden Gate Bridge taking a pee. Putin pulls out his dick am exclaims “ooohh ze water is cold”. Obama responds, “deep too.”

    Our dick is bigger end of story.

  5. adele says:

    Cole, I enjoyed the humor in your post, but the US has had no problem invading other countries, So who has moral authority here? Putin is a bad guy, and the Russians have virtually no history of government resembling democracy, but the innocent victims of US drone attacks, huge hunks of the Iraqi population, and Filipinos, Cubans and many others I’ve forgotten would question what moral authority the US has had for the last 100+ years of imperialism.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the Ukranians, who live in zones the Russians want, and lord knows Yanokovich was as corrupt as they come, but isn’t it just possible that the CIA had more than a little to do with the Ukranian coup, and isn’t it possible that Putin, like all bullies, becomes more of a bully when threatened.

    I find it interesting that the US was not nearly so agitated at Putin &Co’s treatment of the Chechins, (sp?) but for me, the bottom line is, we don’t need another war

    If you have Showtime On Demand, you might want to check out Oliver Stones take on the last 75 or so years of American history. Yeah, I know Stone can be a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, but these shows seem well reasoned and at the very least provocative. One of the recurring themes is that the whole arms race/red scare stuff was not based on fact — even though the Soviets may have gotten a man into space quicker, there was never any contest as far as defense went — we were always way ahead of the Soviet Union. Or to put it in Morgan’s terms, regarding armaments, out dick was always bigger.

  6. catsworking says:

    Adele, sorry it’s taking me so long to get back to you on this, but we aren’t getting notified there are comments for some reason.

    Our dick may have been bigger then, but it seems to be waving tiny and limp right now. Putin’s got us by the short hairs, no doubt about that. And innocent Ukrainians are stuck in the middle.

    I agree the U.S. has no high horse to be sitting on when it comes to unprovoked invasions. John Kerry was chomping on his own foot when he got all righteous about Russia not having the “right” to invade Ukraine in this day and age.

    And I’m not advocating that we send in troops. As you said, the last thing we need is another war. Especially one with Putin, because he’s even more bat-shit crazy than Saddam Hussein was when it comes to seeing himself as a conqueror.

    But I don’t think economic sanctions will do it either. I think it’s going to take someone like Angela Merkel to walk Putin back in from the ledge. It certainly won’t be Obama. Putin hates him.

    Haven’t seen that Oliver Stone series, but we do get Showtime so I’ll have to get Karen to tear herself away from the DVR to watch it. She’s in mourning because just about every stupid sitcom she loves got canceled.

    PS: I heard that the Russians have withdrawn their offer to give our astronauts a ride into space, even at the $75 million a seat they were charging.

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