GOP Says: If You Hate the Job You Have, You Should Keep It

By Karen

If you wake up every morning wishing you’d died in your sleep because you dread facing another day at your job — but you drag yourself to it anyway because you need the health insurance — Republicans think that’s exactly how you should live.

That’s the message the GOP is crowing loud and clear in their deliberate misreading from the CBO report that the Affordable Care Act will cut 2.5 million jobs over 10 years. They’re slavering at the prospect of employers tossing several million more workers into the gutter.

They’re thrilled to claim that Obamacare will trample the little guy, yet hypocritical enough to label it a bad thing, as if their own raison d’être isn’t to destroy the 99% in the name of further enriching the 1%.

Unfortunately, what’s they’re saying is all lies.

The CBO report actually says…

CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024, almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor.

People will cut back on hours, retire early, or start their own businesses because THEY DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE.

Lack of portability is one of the most corrosive aspects of our healthcare system. Just for insurance benefits, companies have people on the payroll just going through the motions of jobs they hate. Have you ever gotten no help whatsoever from a so-called “customer service” rep? Yeah, that’s who I’m talking about.

Those miserable souls who are nothing more than deadwood on the payroll, contributors to workplace dysfunction, can now move on and be happy.

This one bona fide silver lining in the Obamacare mess has the GOP wallowing in a La-La Land fantasy of the death of the American workplace as we know it.

Just read John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Orrin Hatch all being quoted by Fox News. You can almost feel them drooling.

The bottom line is that employers never should have put themselves in control of anybody’s health insurance in the first place. Being employed and getting medical care should be mutually exclusive.

But hindsight is 20/20.

For all its many flaws, the ACA is taking the country in the right direction in breaking the link between healthcare and employment — for those who can get decent policies for a reasonable price on the exchanges.

4 Responses to GOP Says: If You Hate the Job You Have, You Should Keep It

  1. annie pelfrey says:

    i’m sick of everything being about health INSURANCE! why can’t we just ask how much will you charge for this and that- like at the pet vets .

  2. catsworking says:

    Annie, you’re so right. Forcing health insurance on us all is bullshit. With the high-deductibles on the exchanges, once people realize how much they’re still on the hook for, even WITH insurance, the screaming will begin.

    And government subsidies to make the lousy policies “affordable” are nothing but kickbacks to insurers to keep their profits up. Pure WASTE that doesn’t go to actual healthcare.

    It’s infuriating that the American sheeple are so stupid, they haven’t connected the dots and begun demanding universal healthcare, where everybody pays in and everybody gets healthcare with minimal administrative overhead and NO cherry-picking underwriting or claims denial.

    Then, instead of appeasing insurance companies, Congress could concentrate on finding out why Big Pharma and healthcare providers pull sky-high prices out of their butts regardless of actual costs, and regulate the living shit out of them.

    I got my premium increase from Anthem the other day. About $22 a month, amazingly modest for those bloodsuckers. I’m sure they’re trying to keep me OUT of the exchange. I haven’t done my taxes yet to see if I qualify for any subsidy, but even if I do, I’m hesitant to give up my current policy (now $413.75 a month) because I believe the exchanges will implode after Year One from deductible shock. By then, Obama’s on his way out and it’s open season for insurers to resume f**king everybody.

  3. The whole American way of medical care is an abomination. As for the Republicans feeling it’s better for miserable workers to stay in their hated jobs for the insurance, it is so stupid of them. They are the ones who supposedly support profits and business – surely they understand, as you point out, that productivity is better if you like your job, and these unhappy workers are so much dead wood, holding the profits down!

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Mimi! The Republican attitude on this just reinforces their image of utter disdain for the little guy. It’s the least educated, least skilled workers who typically end up in dead-end jobs they grow to hate because they have no other options, and losing their health insurance would be a catastrophe.

    This is why it baffles me when blue-collar types go Republican, blindly supporting a party that doesn’t deem them fit to wipe its shoes, let alone help them have a decent-paying job and access to affordable education, vocational training, and healthcare. Why? So they can carry GUNS, force women to have babies, and enjoy a delusion that they’re somehow superior to women, minorities, and gays?

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