Maureen McDonnell Sinks Men Like a Female “Titanic”

By Adele

After it made national news last night, this morning’s Richmond Times-Dispatch print edition ran a 3-page story with this one-word headline in 2-inch type…


Virginia’s newly-defunct Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, and his wife, Maureen, are facing 14 felony counts of corruption, possibly 7-figure fines, and perhaps the rest of their lives in jail. They solicited a jaw-dropping array of cash and goods from a businessman named Jonnie Williams, whom they used to call a “family friend,” and whom they helped to make the former CEO of Star Scientific, thanks to their “friendship.”

But NOBODY in the media, nor anyone else in high places who’s expressed an opinion on this case has addressed the elephant in the room. So let this cat be the first to say it…

Maureen McDonnell’s personal relationship with Jonnie Williams doesn’t pass the smell test.

Their acquaintance seemed to begin well before McDonnell became governor back in 2009, because when she needed an inaugural gown, Maureen asked Jonnie to buy it. Only after a state staffer insisted it wasn’t a good idea did Maureen back down and not accept the dress.

But that didn’t stop Maureen from asking Jonnie to fund a $15,000 NYC shopping spree he accompanied her on, where she bought Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton, Armani, and other designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Or to ask Jonnie to buy husband Bob a $6,500 Rolex.

Or to ask Jonnie to let Bob borrow Jonnie’s Ferrari while the McDonnell family was staying at Jonnie’s getaway at Smith Mountain Lake resort.

Or to ask Jonnie for $50,000 to help with expenses.

Or to ask Jonnie to pay sums totaling $25,000 to help pay for her 2 daughters’ weddings.

Or to go on numerous out-of-state trips alone with Jonnie, ostensibly to raise the profile of his company’s diet supplement, Anatabloc.

In fact, it seems every time Maureen needed anything substantial, she didn’t ask her husband, but called Jonnie Williams.

You must see where I’m going with this. Does it sound like the behavior of a faithful wife, or something else?

While Maureen lied to investigators about all this and earned herself an obstruction charge, Bob McDonnell has consistently professed innocence, and insisted he didn’t break any laws (like Mitt Romney paid “every penny” of taxes he owed, after loopholes).

It’s true Bob wasn’t the one always asking for stuff. But he does appear to be a totally willing dupe, accepting whatever perks Maureen got Jonnie to send his way, possibly in exchange for granting her quality time with Jonnie.

Those perks included $7,500 in golf outings at various country clubs (without Jonnie), where Bob and his 2 sons put 3 golf bags, 2 sets of clubs, 2 pairs of shoes, and 6 golf shirts on Jonnie’s tab in the pro shop.

Bob accepted the Rolex. He drove Jonnie’s Ferrari. He took a $70,000 “loan” from Jonnie to bail out a failing real estate venture he had with his sister, and didn’t pay back a penny until it came out in the press.

While governor, Bob McDonnell let another man pay a huge chunk of 2 family weddings.

Does that sound like the behavior of a responsible husband and father? Bob McDonnell let Jonnie Williams be his sugar daddy.

Virginia law is extremely lax on what gifts politicians have to report, and it’s easily circumvented. For that gaping loophole, Virginia taxpayers are footing about $750,000 in legal fees McDonnell ran up for defense in this while he was governor. He had to get pricey outside counsel because his own attorney general, Ken “Cuckoo” Cuccinelli, had to recuse himself because he’d also been on the take from Jonnie Williams, but to a much lesser degree.

The only person we haven’t heard the first peep from is Jonnie Williams’ wife. How were she and Jonnie’s kids doing while he was lavishing gifts on Maureen McDonnell? Or when he had to step down as Star Scientific CEO in September 2013 because he was in so deep with the whole McDonnell family? What about his own family?

Not a peep.

The McDonnells are supposed to be arraigned Jan. 31. Remember that you read it first at Cats Working when Maureen’s skeletons start falling out of the closet and her true her relationship with Jonnie comes out.

6 Responses to Maureen McDonnell Sinks Men Like a Female “Titanic”

  1. annie pelfrey says:

    oh yes indeedy! ironic- “work” with a VA company, but have to go to NY for overpriced designer apparel that she looks hideous in! should have had design students at VCU to come up with a gown to promote local talent. oh, to be a fly on the wall!

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Annie! Yes, you’re local so you’re seeing what we’re seeing. Last night the local stories focused on Maureen and her champagne tastes on a beer income.

    I’d have liked to be the kitty under the kitchen table when Jonnie got home from his NYC trip and his wife asked him how his day went. How could ANY husband tell his wife he just jetted to NYC and bought $15,000 worth of designer duds for another woman (on his company’s tab or not) and not get a frying pan upside his head?

    They’re saying the government is really stretching it to charge the McDonnells with anything, and maybe that’s true. Then, shame on the law, because if it’s OK for elected officials to solicit and accept such a breathtaking array of cash and goods from a private citizen, for ANY reason, this country has sunk to a new low.

    At the least, the McDonnells come off pretty white-trashy. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Bob gets off with a wrist-slap and Maureen ends up doing some time on obstruction, because she’s the one who did most of the lying to the investigators’ faces.

    In fact, it would probably HELP Bob if it came out that Maureen was having an affair with Jonnie. It would explain most of their behavior and paint Bob as a witless stooge one could pity.

  3. annie pelfrey says:

    agree again. if Jonnie had been an old friend, gifts to this couple may be private issue. but as gifts happened AFTER Bob’s election- i question that the gifts benefited the “public servant” wholly on a personal level. so he has a stupid rolex instead of a chance at being prez. karma…

  4. catsworking says:

    Annie, good point. I’d take it one step further to say that you can’t call something a “gift” when the recipient calls you and demands it, as Maureen did so many times. It’s her brass-balled audacity there that makes me think she had reason to feel entitled. She believed she was giving him something in return — and we know it wasn’t a media blitz for Anatabloc. Otherwise, she’s nothing but an extortionist, demanding loot and cash in exchange for — what? A chance to sit next to Bob at a dinner? Puleez.

    If you get the paper, I’m sure you’ve been seeing all the photos of the McDonnells before and after their court appearances, with him smiling and her looking on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And the many quotes from people who know them, pouring sympathy on Bob, saying pretty much zilch for Maureen. Methinks her relationship with Jonnie is widely known in their circle, and she’s scared shitless it’s all coming out in court.

  5. annie pelfrey says:

    agree! this is like a real life soap opera. methinks more will come out from those who don’t need to worry anymore about job security. reminds me of embezzlers (mostly wives), and their husbands who have no clue to source of “extras”.

  6. catsworking says:

    Annie, and to think the whole sorry mess came out only after the McDonnells tried to throw their own chef under the bus by accusing him of stealing stuff from the kitchen. Like he wasn’t going to rebut by saying he did so much personal cooking for them that they couldn’t pay for, they told him to take food in the governor’s mansion paid for by Virginia taxpayers instead.

    There was a letter to the editor in today’s paper saying we shouldn’t let the current scandal tarnish all the “good” McDonnell did as governor. I’m left scratching my butt on that one. Karen’s tail is in a fluff over his refusal to cooperate with health insurance reform. She dreads finding out how bad Anthem’s going to screw her on her March 1 renewal.

    I don’t think Bob was an active participant in most of the shenanigans, except when he treated himself and his boys to their golf sprees on Jonnie’s dime, or drove the Ferrari, or accepted the Rolex. According to the paperwork, Maureen and Jonnie instigated all that.

    But if he truly had NO IDEA that Maureen was bilking Jonnie for all he was worth, prancing around inexplicably in Oscar de la Renta Bob knew they couldn’t afford, and he didn’t question it, then perhaps their marriage has been a sham of a while and Bob didn’t care that another man was satisfying Maureen’s greed.

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