Do I Smell Bait, or is that Chris Christie?

By Cole

We cats have a saying… The fish rots from the head.

Every time the news replays New Jersey governor Chris Christie professing how “blindsided” and “humiliated” he is now that the 4-day closing of the George Washington Bridge in September was revealed to be senseless and politically motivated, what I see is a big stinking halibut on a man’s shoulders, making fish noises.

I’m not really hearing any human making this point, so let a cat state the obvious…

There’s NO WAY Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s deputy chief of staff, woke up one morning and decided on a whim that it’s “Time for traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Her marching orders came from someone higher up the food chain, someone who wanted, perhaps, to make an example of Fort Lee’s mayor to demonstrate what happens to those who fail to show proper respect.

And when David Wildstein at the Port Authority answered Kelly’s email with a simple, “Got it,” any idiot can see that the plan of attack was already determined and just needed word from Christie’s office to be set in motion.

Does anyone really believe Christie’s so oblivious in his own office that his closest, hand-picked aides could scurry around right under his nose, committing acts of vindictive retaliation left and right without his knowledge?

I’m sorry, but all paws point to Christie being the instigator. Why he didn’t get subpoenaed is beyond me.

I suspect Christie has two ironclad rules for his staff:

1. My revenge directives are always verbal, NEVER in writing, and
2. When you carry them out, NEVER mention my name.

And there’s probably a PS about violators sleeping with the fishes.

But when fired and thrown under the media bus, what do vindictive little shits well-trained in passive-aggressive behavior do? Well, Wildstein has already offered to sing like a nightingale in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Let’s pretend for a moment we’re from another planet and believe Christie’s protestations of innocence. Is any politician who even unwittingly inspires his immediate circle to be so spiteful and underhanded, someone we really want in the White House, with the IRS, NSA, and TSA on tap to carry out future retaliations?

Christie’s clueless act may help him survive BridgeGate, but Republicans will have hit a new low if Christie turns out to be the best candidate they can nominate for president in 2016.


10 Responses to Do I Smell Bait, or is that Chris Christie?

  1. When it comes to Bridge-Ghazi there is no smoking gun that will link Christie to the scandal, just as there is no smoking gun that will link President Obama to the use of the IRS to suppress political opposition, or to Fast and Furious, the NSA Scandal, or the worst of them all Benghazi. These fat cat (pardon the expression) politicians do not have iron clad rules, or secret directives, they do not need them. Chris Christie, just as President Obama, surrounded himself with like minded people, so that when the time came, they would not have to be told. They would not have to ask the governor for his opinion, they could just do it. That creates what politicians like to call, plausible deniability.
    Even if Christie survives Bridge-Ghazi, even if he manages to cling to his political ambitions, he will never be the best candidate that the GOP has to offer; although that is not to say he won’t be the nominee. If he plays this dangerous game of chess well, sacrificing his pawns at the right time, he himself will never be anything greater than a pawn in a far larger arena. The progressives constantly manipulate the establishment of the GOP. The constantly offer up words of “wisdom” so that the GOP can occasionally win some elections, to make it more sporting. They feel so bad for the dimwitted Republicans that they want to share some of their electoral success. They advise the GOP to separate itself from its beliefs in individual liberty, limited government, and governance by law, because those concepts are just too radical to win elections. In 2008 the GOP was told it could not possibly win an election, unless they ran a moderate, someone who could reach a crossed the aisle. So the establishment pushed aside viable candidates in favor of the progressive weasel from Arizona, John McCain. McCain handedly lost, and the nation had to endure two years of near tyrannical rule. Because of the progressive’s advice we saw our deficit jump up above a trillion dollars, the unemployment rate sky rocket, the workplace participation rate plummet, and let us not forget the gift that keeps on giving Obamacare. In 2010 the GOP establishment was told to sit down and shut up, the TEA Party movement, founded on the rights of the individual, and limited government, led the party to the largest transfer of power in our nation’s history. In 2012 though, the establishment once again reared its ugly head, and decided listened to the advice of the progressives within the Democrat party, who again just wanted to help the GOP win the White House, they just wanted to share. The establishment forced the moderate Mitt Romney down the party’s throat, saying he was the one who could win the moderates and the independents. What they failed to understand was that he would fail to win the conservative base, so despite a 5 point victory amongst independents Mitt Romney lost the election.
    The progressives have already selected the field, and they will use the media to get it. They want Hilary Clinton to be president; it is her turn, so they have to make sure that there is no opposition to her victory. They will do everything they can to ensure that a true conservative, someone who believes in the sovereignty of the individual does not get a chance to take the podium against her. Liberty will always ring out over the voice of tyranny, and this is something that the progressives fear. So if Christie is the GOP nominee, it will not be because he is the best, it is because the GOP Establishment has sunk to new lows. Not morally, but intellectually.

  2. If Chris Christie is the nominee, Hilary Clinton will be President. Once that word goes out, the progressive media will return to their masters and wait to destroy Chrsite until after he has the GOP nomination

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, progressivewatch. There is some validity in what you say, and I agree with you on the heinous practice of creating “plausible deniability,” but you lost me when you stated that true conservatives “believes [sic] in the sovereignty of the individual.” Since when? Or maybe that statement could be qualified to say, “as long as the individual is a white male who thinks women, minorities, GLBTs, the elderly, and children are inferior and should be kept in their place.”

    We actually liked Christie here at Cats Working until this Tony Soprano side came to light. And we have many issues with Obama, particularly the ACA, although we supported the black cat TWICE because of the healthcare issue.

    And compared to some of the obstructionist nut jobs in Congress right now (Eric Cantor chief among them), McCain does come off as almost liberal at times. What helped sink him was empty-headed Sarah Palin as a running mate.

    Romney’s mouth was his own worst enemy, along with his inability to simulate being human. But why dredge up all this history?

    Now that the chum has been cast into the water around Christie, I have no doubt the media will be circling like sharks from now on, looking for their chance to strike and bleed him out. That’s what politics has come to. That’s why there are so few decent, honest people in positions of power anymore. You have to be a sociopath to even want the job.

  4. dellachiara says:

    Amen, Cats! And meow…

  5. adele says:

    Well done, Cole. Morgan, are you out there? I’m sure you have some bon mots with a local perspective.

  6. a true conservative is someone who believes in limited government, and rule of law. What you have just described sounds like a character from a child’s novel.

    I am a conservative. I do not like big government, I do not want a nanny state looking over my shoulder.

    I could go on for hours, well I guess in the case of the web pages, about how the progressives have abused minorities in this nation all for their political agenda. I could rant about the snake in the grass that John McCain really is, but that would stray from the point, and probably not accomplish anything.
    There are conservatives, and there are progressives. One side believes in limited government, one side believes that government should be used to manipulate the ignorant masses. On the progressive side, you have a left and a right. What you described as conservatives, more accurately describes right wing progressives like John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney. They like to call themselves conservatives, hitch their wagon to the label in hopes that it convinces “joe six pack” that they have values similar to theirs. The problem though is that despite their “conservative values” they are still progressives at heart, seeking to use the government to manipulate the country to their will. Forcing their views upon people, much like the progressive left. That is why we get these “conservative” republicans in office who get elected on the promise of “shrinking government”, and all we see is a slower growth in government. The end result being the same, just the pace at which it travels is different.

    A true conservative, such as myself, lives their life how they see fit, and allows those around them to live their as they see fit. If they do not approve of it, they do not associate with them. One of the motto’s of a true conservative is “if it neither breaks my leg, nor picks my pocket, then what difference is it to me?” Now that does not mean that we just accept what we see, and deal with it, it just means that we do not attempt to force others to comply. Your rights are not worth any more, or any less than mine.

    I do believe that the world is a darker place, fear has crept into the psyche of man. Rock solid cornerstones of life have begun to erode away, leaving people desperate. The ancient wisdom that built this great nation has been forsaken. Proud men are forced to abandon their dignity, and hide from their success in shame. But I do not believe that these days will endure.

    The filth that infests the sacred halls of our Republic feasts on ignorance, by denying us knowledge it gains power. There was once a time when the slithering deceivers could control what we knew, what information was released. They controlled the gates. They could decide the course of man kind because they controlled the knowledge. But now, in this great technological age, the barriers of the old world are crumbling. The people of this nation, of the world, are able to reach a crossed vast oceans, and communicate as though they were in the same room. News now travels faster than then political slim can create cover stories. They no longer have the power to suppress the stories that expose them for the monsters they truly are. No longer can these vengeful phantoms lurk in the shadows, clawing away at us from the cover of night. The technological age will pierce a hole through the fog of politics, and allow the good men to stand tall. Men who say what they mean and mean what they say.

    You may not agree with him, but when I see men like Rand Paul willing to stand up to the most powerful man in the world, willing to say no to tyranny, it brings hope to my heart. Here is a man who could easily hide and take the easy road in the political spectrum, but he is choosing to stand up for what he believes in. I do not think you have to be a sociopath, but I do think you have to be a little crazy, and always be willing to jump.

    Sorry for the rant

  7. catsworking says:

    Progressive, I agree with much of what you say. There is evil on all sides, and politicians saying one thing while doing another. Yet we keep voting them in. It’s also true that this country has fallen so far from greatness that it will probably never regain it. There are too many other countries waiting in the wings for their chance, and hungry enough to seize it, while we have become a nation of ill-informed, complacent, couch potatoes.

    Instant communication is a good thing in exposing corruption, and it levels the playing field so ordinary people can have a say and possibly influence the course of things (thinking of Edward Snowden).

    Where I draw the line is at “just let me do my own thing and everybody else be damned.” People need to be willing to help each other and to maintain the safety net for all. To accomplish this well requires some central point of control. But I see what you’re saying about government overreach, totally.

    When conservatives shoot themselves in the foot is in distorting what’s going on to make their points. For example, the ACA is NOT a “government takeover of healthcare.” In truth, Obama threw us all under the bus of capitalism, forcing us to contribute to private insurance company profit, AT THE EXPENSE OF ACTUALLY RECEIVING MEDICAL CARE. For that alone, I would like to see him out of office.

    But I tell myself he’s playing the long game. Once the ignorant public wakes up and sees that they’re paying for insurance that, in many cases, might as well not even exist because of sky-high deductibles, they will start screaming for something else. And the only thing we haven’t tried yet is WHAT EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATION WITH BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMES AND LOWER COSTS THAN WE HAVE HAS DONE. Centralize. Medicare for all.

    Conservatives totally lose me when they throw the facts out the window just to stick to principles that don’t make sense, or which benefit only them, and let everybody else pound sand.

    Universal healthcare is a government program that will serve ALL the people. Not just the richest ones or the slimiest ones.

    End of rant.

  8. MorganLF says:

    Progressivewatch is a tool. True conservative my ass. I suppose one of those liberties he holds so dear is the right to own military kill machines with 200 round per minute clips. And talk about purple prose….he really thinks he is f’in Shakespeare!!

    The conservative party of Goldwater and Reagan no longer exist. It has been taken over by religious fundamentalists who want to surgically remove the liberties of women, gays and anyone who wants to stop mas shootings in public places.

    Christie is a bully. He was a fat cat lobbyist for the wealthy and he made his bones bullying the teachers union, the water commission …I could go on.

    However, I softened to him because he displays a moderation that will allow him to work across party lines.

    The sneaky “true conservative” agenda is to push Jesus down our throats under the guise of states rights. Ummm we fought a war to preserve the union. You see we are a democratic Republic a nation.

    The Republicans on the far right hate Christie because he is a moderate.

    Illiterate aholes like Cruz and Jihndal are grandstanding ego maniacs.

    One thing Progressive got right…..Hillary will be our next President. Because 8 more years of Bill will be a very good thing. He’s smart moderate, a great political strategist and a fiscal hawk.

    I dig him.

  9. catsworking says:

    Welcome back, Morgan! We’ve been wondering what you’re thinking about Christie. It would seem that his presidential aspirations are toast, regardless of the outcome of BridgeGate. That leaves a nice big hole for whack-jobs like Rand Paul to fill, which Hillary can then fill with asphalt and steamroll right over on the road to the White House.

  10. MorganLF says:


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