Happy Freaking New Year, Obama

By Karen

I may have voted for him twice, and his family recently sent me a lovely Christmas card, but I have come to loathe President Obama. Since I got onto Healthcare.gov to check out the possibilities for insurance, I’ve been unable to bring myself to look at or listen to that man.

And just when I thought he couldn’t get any worse, he jabbed a thumb in our eye by “buying” some token bronze policy for himself.

Let’s be clear: Obama didn’t personally deal with Healthcare.gov. He had people for that. And they claim he personally picked the plan, and intends to pay for it himself.

How ducky. His lousy little policy will never be tested because he’s got government medical care.

Meanwhile, I await word on how high my current Anthem policy (which is grandfathered, so “I can keep it” even though I’ve never liked it) will go when it renews March 1.

Everything I see on Healthcare.gov is even worse — higher premiums, higher deductibles, no dental — as incredible as that may seem, if you’ve soaked in any of Obama’s lies about how great the plans are.

To compare apples to apples: My current policy is $392 a month, with a $2,250 deductible and dental.

On the site, Anthem offers a silver HMO with a $2,250 deductible and NO dental for $534.

That’s why I’m sweating.

And now the Obama folks are crowing because more than a million people think they managed to overcome all website-inflicted obstacles and buy insurance.

Many of them are THRILLED they got premium subsidies. These trusting souls haven’t had insurance in YEARS, and have no idea what’s coming when the other shoe drops.

And it will.

Just wait until they finally see a doctor and the bills start rolling in because they’re on the hook to cover a $6,300 annual deductible before insurance pays a penny. That’s the cheapest ($342/month) bronze Virginia plan.

Obama graciously gave insurers nearly 4 years to plot how to thwart the ACA’s intent, and they’ll use sky-high deductibles to deny claims willy-nilly on all those “affordable” plans.

We’ll soon see people with shiny new Obamacare crying the blues because Obama & Sebelius utterly FAILED to inform them that Job One is for us to keep insurers profitable, while insurers take as much of our money as they can and provide NOTHING in return.

An excellent (albeit annoying) video called cureALL recently came out to explain the reality of health insurance to young people — as Obama should have done, if he were honest. It concludes by advocating single payer as the ultimate solution, through the bill HR 676, which I was pushing back in 2008.

I hope young people get the message and let insurers and Obama swing in the breeze by refusing to play the game. I hope they can finally make Congress get serious about HR 676.

At this point, it’s our only hope.

5 Responses to Happy Freaking New Year, Obama

  1. Tuxicat says:

    Hi Karen! A while ago Mom had posted that she had entered her info. in a site to see what her premium and deductible would be and she saw a reduced amount. Well, that wasn’t what it would be in PA. She looked at the PA page awhile ago and said she damned near had a heart attack! The only possible policy would be $371 a month with no deductible, a Blue Cross Silver. Now she didn’t look at any subsidized, but, like you, we agree, the Public Option should have been allowed, and Mom was pissed that the Dems didn’t fight for it! The people should have fought for it! People are so damn worried about “socialism”, well, crap, I’m in the wlf, the Whiskas Liberation Front, and am a happy Socialist Cat! How are your 3 Amigos? I’ll post to them later!

  2. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, we feel your mom’s pain. Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, refused to lift a finger to help with setting up the exchanges, and Virginia has always let Anthem (aka Blue Cross or Wellpoint in some places) do whatever it wants on pricing. To keep my premium in the ballpark of what I’m paying now (which is already too high), I’m going to have to take a policy on the exchange with a much higher deductible, and possibly a narrow network so I’ll have to change some doctors.

    From where I sit, this whole thing is a freaking nightmare. And I’m specifically in the group (age- and employment-wise) that Obama was supposed to be HELPING.

    The kitties are all doing fine. They haven’t been posting lately because we’ve all been too disheartened by the state of the world to even comment on it.

  3. Zappa's Mom says:

    I was signing on to say Happy New Year,but now I’m not so sure…..it occurred to me that inauguration was only ONE year ago.Is it just me or does feel as though Obama is our President For Life?

  4. Mally says:

    It’s my opinion that the ACA was set up to fail spectacularly so that people would finally demand a single payer system. Sounds like its on the right track! Hope it doesn’t take too many people down with it in the meanwhile.

  5. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Mally! I think you’re right. Years ago, Obama was all for single payer. This nightmare he’s concocted with the insurance companies couldn’t be further from it. And all the emphasis on everyone having insurance is totally misplaced, since a huge chunk of the money spent still goes to profit, not to healthcare.

    ZM, I feel the same way. I thought Bush II was bad, but I’m actually remembering him with some fondness now. I still can’t look or listen to Obama. And Kathleen Sebelius had the NERVE the other day to publish an Op/Ed praising the ACA to the heavens. Clueless incompetent bitch should be out on the street, trying to get her insurance through her vaunted Exchange like the rest of us.

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