ACA Probably Not Affordable – But Who Knows?

By Karen

I’ve been writing about the ongoing agony of being individually insured by Anthem for years now, so I should follow up with my 2 cents on the debacle called the Affordable Care Act.

I’m not surprised that we couldn’t get a working website after 4 years. Government bureaucrats are good at discussing problems, never solving them.

Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, is among those who turned his back on any responsibility to help citizens get health insurance in favor of the federal exchange.

I first tried to log on to Oct. 4 and couldn’t get in. I tried again Oct. 23 and it seemed to work better. I didn’t have to create an account to browse the plans — for all the good that did.

Apparently, the quoted premiums are garbage unless you’re exactly 20 or 50, so I accomplished nothing but to upset myself.

Currently, my Anthem policy has an 80/20 split, a $2,500 annual deductible, and includes dental. I pay $392 a month.

Anthem has been cheerily reminding me that I’m “grandfathered” in and can keep this plan. Since it’s outside the exchange, I suspect that means Anthem can continue to stick it to me good with rate hikes, so they don’t want me defecting to the exchange.

I learned that my 80/20 plan is considered “gold” on the exchange. A silver 70/30 plan without dental runs a 50-year-old roughly what I pay now. So, at 59, I assume my coverage will be considerably higher.

I suspect I’m royally screwed no matter what, but I’ll get my insurance agent to confirm that later in November. Hopefully, by then there will be accurate pricing available SOMEWHERE.

It’s exactly as I’ve predicted. With insurance company profits still a factor, and Republicans offering NO alternative but to go backward, it’s going to take more employers dropping health insurance as a benefit, and more Americans going broke trying to pay for insurance before we get serious about single-payer.

Amazing, I find myself agreeing with Ken “Cuckoo” Cuccinelli, our Republican attorney general who wants McDonnell’s job as governor this year. We both think Kathleen Sebelius needs to go.

Her utter inability on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Oct. 7 to make a clear, compelling case for the ACA, or to give the slightest reassurance it’s going to get better, was shocking.

Lady, you’ve had FOUR YEARS!!

Where was she while the cost of that catastrophic mess of a website TRIPLED and went into the pockets of Canadian software developers? How many hundreds of millions must be squandered to get it right now?

Obama should kick asses and hand out pink slips. Everyone responsible for this disaster deserves to lose their cushy government healthcare and end up on the exchange they couldn’t set up.


5 Responses to ACA Probably Not Affordable – But Who Knows?

  1. Tuxicat says:

    Hi Karen! Not sure if my first comment will show up because I had sign-in problems. Anyway, when the details were being worked out for this, Mom kept saying, “Put in a public option!”. She too wanted single payer coverage. I do like the fact there is no pre-existing condition restriction, and no maximum limit. And the fact that, say you had breast cancer, it goes in remission maxomum of coverage.

  2. Tuxicat says:

    Oh, this crappy smartphone. Anyway, if it goes in remission, then comes back, they can’t throw you off your policy. Now, I know people who actually will have lower premiums. If I was on Blue Cross, for a 51-year-old wreck, coverage would be almost $5 50 a month, with a $1,000 deductible. With an exchange, it wo

  3. Tuxicat says:

    GRRRR!!!….would be around $230 $330, depending on deductible, which is pretty good for Philly-area price. Thinking maybe since I don’t need knocked-up coverage, it may be lower. But then I know people whose coverage would be higher. Think we’d have been better off with single payer, and tell the insurance companies to “sod off”! I know Cameron f**

  4. Tuxicat says:

    f**ked up the NHS in the UK by privatizing and palling around with insurance companies, but the ideal is to throw the pencil pushers out of the way!

  5. catsworking says:

    Hey, Tuxi! Sorry so late in getting back to you. I’ve been away.

    Because Virginia’s Republican governor abdicated all responsibility for improving the healthcare situation here, I greatly fear the insurance companies have given free rein to do the worst they can get away with, just to prove his point that “Obamacare” is bad.

    Obama didn’t help his cause by releasing a clusterfuck of a site and then sending Sebelius out to make things worse.

    I haven’t gotten final numbers yet, but I am fully prepared to pay more for shittier coverage. The way the prices vary from state to state is icing on the cake and more proof that we needed universal healthcare in the first place.

    But why do the right thing the first time when the politicians can campaign until the cows come home on how they can fix what they’ve already fucked up?

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