If No Gun Control, Then People Control

By Cole

So, within spitting distance of the White House and the Capitol, some nut walks into the Navy Yard, mows down 12 innocent people, and wounds 8 more before getting shot dead himself.

At the risk of sounding jaded, I’m not even bothering to register this latest punk’s name because the funerals probably won’t even be over before someone else tries to top his body count.

We now know the guy was a well-documented mental case with an irrational shooting incident in his past. He bought his latest weapon in Virginia.

We’re in the process of updating our slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers,” with “Virginia is for Mass Murderers.”

After doing a little target practice and undergoing a perfunctory 4-minute background check that came up clean, the killer waltzed off with an 870 Remington pump-action shotgun under his arm.

No doubt, people will respond to this latest atrocity by dashing out to buy more guns and bullets, and Congress will do nothing. Complaints will be made about the inadequate mental health system, but nothing will change.

So here’s my proposal…

If we won’t stop people from buying guns, let’s declare every person who tries to buy a gun insane until they can prove beyond a doubt otherwise. To crib from Jeff Foxworthy…

You must be insane if… You hear about a mass shooting and want to go buy a gun.

You must be insane if… You think ANYBODY not actively serving in a war should have access to an assault rifle (or a Hummer).

You must be insane if… You’re a member of the NRA because your poster boy, Wayne La Pierre, isn’t wrapped too tight. Extra point against you if you haven’t noticed.

You must be insane if… You ever think the answer to killing is more killing.

You must be insane if… You think it’s OK for any child to live in a home where there’s a gun or with adults who have a gun they can shoot.

You must be insane if… You think it’s OK to bring a gun into a grocery store, Starbucks, church or any other place fellow human beings peacefully congregate.

I may be totally disgusted with humans shooting each other, but I’m ready to accept their empty-headed rationalization that guns don’t kill people, people do.

So now let’s admit that people who think they need a gun are CRAZY. Let’s get serious about keeping weapons away from them.

Let the stores be full of guns. Just make it next to impossible for anybody to prove they NEED one.

And THAT’S how we could have avoided the shooting in Washington.

11 Responses to If No Gun Control, Then People Control

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    It’s time for a nutcase to shoot up a NRA convention

  2. Zappa's Mom says:

    That would be really awful,right?

  3. catsworking says:

    ZM, I agree with you that we’re long overdue for a nutcase to shoot up an NRA convention, and I don’t think it would be too awful. At least he’d be taking out the right people.

    Back on the 4th of July, we had an interesting incident here. At night around here after dark, people shoot at nothing to celebrate, even though it’s illegal. Well, some gun nut shot into the air and the bullet came down on the head of a 7-year-old boy walking with his father to see fireworks or something and killed him on the spot.

    The police canvassed the residential areas within reasonable shooting range, but failed to get a confession. They tested 30+ guns people volunteered, but none matched.

    I’m betting they never catch the creep, and there are a lot of stupid rednecks telling themselves that none of their wasted bullets that night could have possibly been THE one.

  4. Zappa's Mom says:

    Most gun nuts seem to be extreme cowards,except after the fact. There are so many expert marksmen that could have prevented the shooting at the Navy Yard,or Sandy Hook Elementary if THEY had been there! That little boy is largely considered collateral damage.

  5. MorganLF says:

    Cowards with compensation and or Mommy issues. To be blunt , I’ve never know a well hung gun fancier, and Wayne La Pierre
    ( even his name is creepy) looks like a kid toucher.

    I agree I hope one of these psycho cowards goes to an NRA convention and sprays them with their beloved bullets.

    Karen that story about the fourth of July killing of a little child is gruesome.

  6. catsworking says:

    Didn’t the killer at the Navy Yard kill at least one armed person and then take his handgun to use as a spare? One would presume the deceased was packing heat at work so he could protect the place. Guess the joke was on him.

    Morgan, I don’t think my subdivision is quite in range of the kid who was killed on the 4th of July because I didn’t see any police swarming this area. But I know there were a lot of people around me shooting guns that night. With the shoddy construction of our houses, it wouldn’t take much for a bullet to go through someone’s wall.

    I agree with you about La Pierre. There’s just something not right about him. That bulge in his pants may not be the piece everybody thinks it is.

  7. Tuxicat says:

    Hi! Not only are we cats disgusted with the gun-crazies, but political nut cases as well! Here in PA we had a council meeting shooting, many Philadelphia shootings, kids shot, stand-offs, and just the other day, an off-duty officer took another policeman hostage (the hostage was sleeping with off-duty’s wife) and after a fight spilled out of a bar between the two, the off-duty officer shot himself out in the street, not far from many tourists and concert-goers. This country was founded and built on violence, and will die thru violence.

  8. Tuxicat says:

    PS: Unfortunately, after my mom wa them s born, the genetic code of her side of the family took a nosedive. Her cousin’s family took that tradition of gun firing on holidays to heart. Several of them live in the same.village. I’m waiting for the day they do that and at least one family member, neighbor or visitor feel s the repercussions.

  9. catsworking says:

    The Richmond paper reports multiple shootings EVERY DAY and nobody has a problem with that. Karen just got back from a cruise where she spoke to many Europeans who can’t understand the American love affair with guns. They think we are all crazy, violent assholes because we will not lift a finger to control the senseless killing, and will only solve the problem by killing each other off.

    They’re probably right.

  10. Tuxicat says:

    They are right! I just saw someone from the UK or Europe, forget which location, say the same thing on Twitter. Everybody–or most–carrying a gun think they’re John Wayne or GI Joe. People here are nuts!

  11. catsworking says:

    Well, since I wrote this, Tuxi, how many more mass shootings have we had? I’ve lost count. It seems like there’s at least one a day, and the cowardly perp invariably takes the easy way out and shoots himself.

    And yet our government sits back and twiddles its thumbs (or goes on extended vacation) and lets the wholesale slaughter continue. It’s beyond disgusting. This country seems to be degenerating at a fast clip, and good people do nothing while the most ignorant and violent among us take over.

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