Cats Vote No on Syria

By Cole

Watching Charlie Rose’s amazing interview with Bashar Assad was like seeing Saddam Hussein resurrected. The only difference is that “weapons of mass destruction” are now “weapons of chemical warfare.”

We KNOW someone in Syria has them, because they’ve killed innocent people. But we only have the word of John Kerry (the white Colin Powell, before Iraq?) that Assad used them.

And now Obama’s itching to start a teeny-weeny little war. Like we’re all stupid enough to believe there is such a thing.

Sorry, Obama. No dice. Congress had better listen to cats and the majority of Americans and squash this harebrained scheme. Here’s why…

Dead is dead. Once you’re gone, how you got there is moot.

We’ve been perfectly fine with Assad killing scores of his people with guns and bombs, so where do we get off saying he stepped over a “red line” with sarin (if he did)?

Obama had some nerve last night trying to whip up outrage over Syrian children dying, “foaming at the mouth, gasping,” when he twiddles every time an American assembles an arsenal and mows down scores of people of all ages — including kids.

And our own depraved citizens respond to such atrocities by dashing out to stock up on MORE guns and bullets.

We’re good with an armed creep (George Zimmerman) trolling his neighborhood and wasting an unarmed black kid. Heck, our LAWS make his behavior perfectly acceptable, and encourage him to go buy more guns so maybe he’ll kill his estranged wife.

Our national sport, football, is among the most brutal. We cheer players who repeatedly bash into each other, knowing they’re probably getting head injuries that will hasten dementia and suicidal behavior as they age.

We kill criminals by lethal injection. Isn’t that basically deadly gas delivered as a liquid?

When it comes to killing, we have no high horse to get on. Our people are just as barbaric as any country in the Middle East. We just take a different approach sometimes.

The way to stop killing is NEVER more killing. Obama should know that.

The way this is unfolding, any military action is doomed to fail. We can let Congress set conditions — 90 days max, no ground troops — and our idiot media will blab it to the enemy so they know exactly how to respond and how to wait us out. Brilliant.

So billions of dollars we don’t have are squandered, people die, nothing is accomplished, and the Middle East has another reason to hate us.

Cats Working says, let’s not make the mess in Syria any bigger.

8 Responses to Cats Vote No on Syria

  1. Tuxicat says:

    Hi Cole! Agreed 100%! Mom has tweeted how much she is against strikes, and like you said, with all the news that is released about striking Syria, they already know over there the who, what, where, when, why & how. Since the US made so many errors between 1985 and 9/11, why would Obama ever consider bombing Syria? Just sounds like a way to invite terrorist retaliation to the US and get us in another Vietnam. Nooo thank you! Tuxi

  2. catsworking says:

    So right, Tuxi. Since when has ANYBODY won a war by telling the opposition in advance exactly how they’re going to wage it? It’s absolutely NUTS.

    What was glaring about Obama’s speech last night was how he glossed completely over Assad agreeing to turn over his chemical weapons (if he has any). Obama just went ahead with what he was going to say before that whole deal popped up, which made him sound out of touch and downright Bush-like in his zeal to use military force.

    We black cats need to watch each other’s backs, but Obama is making it almost impossible. This sudden faux-outrage over civilian deaths when he’s been letting them get slaughtered all along is beyond ludicrous.

  3. adele says:

    Cole, now that Tuxedo Stan has passed into the great beyond, we’re down one cat politician. I know you’re shy, but think about throwing your collar in to some race. Dorothy and I would happily work on your campaign.

    You’re so right about Syria. This American Exceptionalism shit is all tied up historically, first with the theory of Manifest Destiny,which was so good for our Native American brethren and second with World War 1, where we gave ourselves permission to “make the world safe for democracy.”

    Chemical weapons are abhorrent,and death from them can be long and painful, but why are we so willing to tear apart innocent victims with bombs.? It reminds me of a slogan from Vietnam War days, “Fighting for peace is like f*#@ing for chastity.”

  4. MorganLF says:

    Too right !!!

  5. catsworking says:

    Tuxedo Stan? I’m drawing a blank here.

    I’d run for office if they would let me keep the stump under Karen’s bed.

    We’d do well to just back away from the Middle East altogether. We don’t understand or identify with much of the culture, and it’s silly to think any of those countries will ever be fully Westernized. It’s a different world. Thanks to our large, vocal contingent of willfully ignorant, backward-thinking, fundamentalist crazies (yes, I’m looking at you, Bachmann, Palin, and LimpPaw), the U.S. has no justification to call itself a role model for anybody anymore. Things here are a total mess here with no end in sight.

    Instead of wasting billions killing people over there, we should spend that money to relocate Israel to some empty space in our vast Midwest. That way, the Israelis would be safe from attack and we could stop subsidizing their defense, and the Arabs would no longer have Israel as an excuse for their bitching and fighting.

  6. Tuxicat says:

    Hi! Thanks so much Adele! Anymore, I think cats could do a much better job in political office! I am shy, but recently on my Tweets I’ve had a short fuse with stupid politicians, and the air gets rather blue! And yes, Karen, our fundamentalists are just as screwed up as Middle Eastern fundamentalists! Politicians here have no clue of what life is like over in the Middle East. If they were to get involved in another war over there, the results would be disasteroud

  7. Tuxicat says:

    Oops! disasterous!

  8. Tuxicat says:

    We’d love to see Cole run for office! On Twitter, the push for Total World Cat Domination is popular!

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