Putin Finally Spits in Obama’s Eye

By Adele

It’s not like we didn’t see this day coming. I don’t know if Putin’s a racist, or if he’s just had it up to here with America’s sanctimonious deceit, but he must have some thrill at lucking into the opportunity to give asylum to Edward Snowden, that geeky little secret-spewer the feds all want a piece of.

But my unflattering description of Snowden is not to say I think he’s a bad guy. Bush and Cheney (and to varying degrees, leaders before them) gave that government overreach snowball a strong push down the hill. Largely unchecked by Obama, it’s been gaining size and momentum ever since.

The American people have a right to know that Big Brother can’t get enough of their personal business.

But the same can be said of collection agencies, the TSA, the IRS, insurance companies, even freaking WEBSITES. The list is endless.

It’s not like the U.S. hasn’t been building up to a world-class smack-down. Probably more than any place on earth, we’ve got more offensive nutbags per square inch who don’t believe in global warning, evolution, life-saving vaccines, women’s rights, civil rights, gays, yada, yada.

At the same time, these so-called “lovers of life and liberty” embrace guns, war, lethal injection, and “stand your ground.”

The world is just damn sick of us and our empty-headed BS.

It’s just ironic that Putin, of all people, was the one to deliver the coup de grâce, leaving John McCain foaming at the mouth and calling for retaliation just shy of declaring war on Russia.

Apparently, Snowden’s already got a Russian job offer, and he’s not prohibited from spilling more dirt on U.S. covert operations.

You’ve got to wonder about the government stooges running our stinking spying system who allowed some rookie outside contractor like Snowden to get his mitts on so much damaging poop. I haven’t seen any of them doing the perp walk for breaking the law and then letting Snowden expose it.

While Obama wipes Putin’s saliva from his face, it would be a good time for the holier-than-thou crowd in Washington to just STFU and get its own house in order.

The U.S. has been behaving like it’s in a bad James Bond movie and calling it “national security.” We got caught. Parading Snowden through our joke of a justice system isn’t going to change that — because he’d probably get acquitted by some idiot jury anyway.

Our politicians need to pull up their big-boy pants and move on. We have nobody to blame for Putin winning this round but ourselves.

3 Responses to Putin Finally Spits in Obama’s Eye

  1. Imabear says:

    I don’t care for Putin, but as I heard a Russian official say on the radio yesterday, the US has a lot of nerve. We wax poetic about democracy and then spy on our own citizens. If Snowden had been a Russian and let the Russian cat out of the bag, the US would call him a hero. How hypocritical we’ve become (or maybe always were). As for the stupidity of some many of the American people – it constantly amazes me. And they aren’t just stupid – they’re stupid and proud of it. Any attempt at educating them is seen as an elitist plot….

  2. catsworking says:

    Imabear, same here. Putin’s a cartoon character. We love when the news does montages of “Putin as Ken Doll” in all his little outdoorsy outfits or better, bare-chested, doing guy things.

    The American bent for being proud of stupidity is what gets my tail in a knot. Sad thing is, those who are, are too stupid to realize what contempt the rest of the world has for them. Or they don’t care. They’ve got this delusional notion of American exceptionalism, even as we fall farther down every list that measures quality of education, healthcare, lifespan, infant mortality, and more, among industrialized nations. We should be ashamed.

    Our supremacy has become a sad fantasy, and we have no reason to lord it over anybody else.

    Putin just gave us the payback, and it really is hell.

  3. Zappa's Mom says:

    Yes,we are stupid,lazy and obese and I don’t blame Vlad one bit.

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