Who Wants a Mayor Who Can’t Count to 3?

By Cole

Anthony Weiner’s made himself a punchline again, but refuses to show the decency to stop running for mayor of New York City.

It’s not so much that he’s addicted to sending strange women pictures of his junk and soliciting sex, but the fact that he kept doing it AFTER that behavior got him forced him out of Congress ,and WHILE his enabler/wife was having his baby, that’s the deal-breaker.

Then he had the gall to trot that poor woman before the cameras, where she dutifully vowed to stand by her man for the sake of her family.

Such as it is.

Yes, when her son is old enough for school, he’ll have the best dad in class for Show and Tell.

It’s a given that Weiner’s personal morals are beneath contempt. His favorable poll numbers are dwindling to the perv fringe that think this has nothing to do with governing.

But what nobody knows exactly is where Weiner draws the line on lies and deceit, and that has definite bearing on his ability to lead.

And how’s he going to deal with NYC’s budget without math skills?

He keeps saying his wife is giving him a “second chance.”

Wrong, Numbnuts. She gave you your “second” chance when she didn’t kick you to the curb after your online outrageousness lost your seat in Congress.

But yet you continued trolling the Net for chicks who wanted a peek at your privates. And now when that came out, you’re expecting a THIRD chance, even as you say there are probably still more revelations to come.

It sounds like every time that idiot walks out of a press conference after trying to excuse his behavior, he’s whipping out the old smartphone and sexting somebody else.

Can someone so engrossed with his own genitalia be a good leader? Is he even toilet-trained?

Let’s hope, for the sake of NYC, that the voters hand him the answer at the polls.

6 Responses to Who Wants a Mayor Who Can’t Count to 3?

  1. Imabear says:

    Well, he won’t have a chance as San Diego mayor. The incumbent is being asked to resign due to numerous sexual harassment charges. He had the gall to ask the city to pay for his related legal expenses, to which the city said “it’s your mess, you pay for it”.

  2. catsworking says:

    It’s open season for politicians behaving badly. Virginia’s governor is marinating in scandal right now. His whole stinking family has been on the take from this one businessman. McDonnell’s wife is being painted as a grabby little Eva Peron type.

    Today’s headline proclaimed the governor will not only pay back all the cash he’s taken, but also return the tangible loot like the Rolex, his wife’s boots and designer clothes, etc.

    But at least the McDonnells will always get to keep memories of the trips and vacations they took on this guy’s dime…

  3. adele says:

    I saw somewhere that Weiner was appointing his penis campaign manager, since it seemed to be making all his decisions for him.

  4. catsworking says:

    Good one, Adele! Heard this morning he’s dropped to 4th place in the polls.

  5. MorganLF says:

    He’s toast. Just heard the interview one of his sexting partners gave on Howard Stern she was VERY frank and descriptive. He needed to get off 4 or 5 times a day with her. There were others too so this was obscessive. His illness. Is apparent and he refuses to believe he has to go away. Prediction divorced in 6 months…oblivion and maby jail.

    Worst offense? He’s so fucking ugly!

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, around here, we call it “fugly.” And we agree on all counts.

    The guy is fixated on his junk. I don’t know how his wife can even look at him, let alone allow him to touch her baby.

    I guess his tenaciousness about staying in the race is related to his consuming need to have people notice him. Kathleen Parker wrote a good column about it, which ran in the Richmond paper today with a cartoon of him in a trenchcoat, exposing himself to the Status of Liberty.


    Basically, the guy’s a garden-variety perv, and if we didn’t have the Internet to make it nonphysical and “safe,” Weiner would have been arrested and behind bars by now.

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