Florida has Worn Out its Welcome

By Cole

Enough’s enough. First, they were too stupid to read a ballot and we ended up with Bush, Cheney, and two pointless wars.

Then they decreed it A-OK to whack inconvenient kids who cramp mom’s social life. They wasted big taxpayer bucks pretending to care about missing Kaylee Anthony while mom Casey lied and lied. And after all that, the jury said, “Screw the kid. Sorry to have bothered you, Casey. Live long and prosper!”

And NOW they’ve given overzealous Barney Fife types like George Zimmerman carte blanche to chase down and kill anybody they ironically deem “off” and call it self-defense.

It’s time to let Florida become the lawless frontier it aspires to be. Let them elect their own village idiot (Zimmerman, perhaps?) to preside over them killing each other into extinction.

The “not guilty” verdict delivered in the George Zimmerman trial was jaw-dropping, but unsurprising. It’s precisely the kind of stupid we’ve come to expect from Florida’s residents.

How on earth, when given this scenario…

  • Man trolls neighborhood with a loaded gun, looking for trouble.
  • Man spots black kid on foot and assumes he’s up to no good,
  • Man recorded by police lumping the boy in with other “f**king punks” who have caused trouble, although he doesn’t know the boy from Adam.
  • Man disobeys police dispatcher’s request not to follow the boy.
  • Man gets out of his truck anyway and somehow comes face-to-face with the boy, who turns out to be taller and stronger.
  • Man shoots boy to death.

…did they decide Zimmerman did absofuckinglutely NOTHING WRONG??!!

And now Zimmerman can go back on the streets — with the very gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. They’re giving it back to him.

Every armed racist must be strutting a little bit taller. Getting away with cold-blooded, unprovoked murder just got a lot easier.

This country has its problems, but letting Florida lower the collective IQ and become the poster state for mayhem shouldn’t be among them.

I say, cut Florida loose. Let it become North America’s sovereign mecca for murderers, child molesters, pornographers — you name it. Let them flourish under the vast protections afforded by Florida’s joke of a judicial system.

Let every George Zimmerman wannabe flock there and prowl Florida’s streets in search of blood to shed. Murder can henceforth be called “keeping the peace.”

And heaven help any innocent souls who don’t have the sense to flee. Sooner or later you’ll do something Barney finds heinous, like buy Skittles, and end up dead like Trayvon — and rotsa ruck finding anybody to give a damn.

Happy hunting, George!

19 Responses to Florida has Worn Out its Welcome

  1. Yes, Florida is the cesspool for the rest of the country’s rejects, low-life, murderers, and anything else you do want, we’ll take them. I have been saying that for a long time. However, most of us residents are not idiots- we agree with the rest of the nation, and it’s embarrassing, and I don’t have an explanation for it, but – it is Flori-duh!

  2. Jill Fuller says:

    Goodbye, Cats Working!

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Marcy! Bye, Jill. Ya win some, ya lose some. Hazard of blogging on controversial issues.

    I’m not saying EVERYBODY in Florida is stupid. Of course not. I’m just saying there seems an endless supply of the clueless to gum up elections and juries. They give the whole place a bad name. Trust me, Virginia has plenty of dummies.

    But it seems that sane people might be thinking twice about living there. Aside from the blistering heat, bugs, varmints, snowbirds, and hurricanes, that “Stand Your Ground” law is just NUTS.

    Basically, Zimmerman picked a fight, and when he wasn’t winning he used deadly force and called it self-defense. Why didn’t Trayvon have any right to self-defense? He didn’t initiate the encounter. If he felt threatened by George in any way, he should have had equal right to use deadly force — which in his case was pavement.

    Zimmerman’s lawyers made it sound like Trayvon was a criminal for lifting a finger to defend himself. And the jury bought it. Sad.

  4. annie pelfrey says:

    hey Karen! even tho i disagree with you often- i’m still here to annoy you!

  5. catsworking says:

    Hi, Annie! Some people just don’t appreciate feline satire. I think they must be dog people.

    After watching the news this morning and seeing all the protests across the country, it seems Cole wasn’t alone in his indignation over the verdict.

  6. Bacardi1 says:

    Brava Karen!!!!!!

  7. Zappa's Mom says:

    This is what happens when someone who has no business even touching a gun gets access to one.Most Americans are too fucking stupid to own guns. White kids,black kids,no one really cares if they get shot.

  8. catsworking says:

    Yes, it was the final spit in the eye when it was reported that Zimmerman will get the murder weapon back, and his brother is piling fuel on the fire by going around saying there’s no reason George shouldn’t continue to carry it concealed. Especially now that some people think he got away with murder.

    This wasn’t that sick bastard’s last kill. He’ll be paranoid now, and probably even more trigger-happy. And he probably thinks he can play the self-defense-get-out-of-jail-free card for the rest of his life as a result of the Martin trial.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Zimmerman is a pussy. Did Trayvon throw a beat down on the creep who was following and baiting him? Yes, and who among us (if physically probable) wouldn’t?

    The record on Zimmerman is clear, he was a cop wannabe who could not make it on the force, with a history of provoking black strangers. Classic small dick syndrome. Our gun nut culture fuels this psychosis.

    Now is the time for Dexter and his code.

  10. Imabear says:

    I’m afraid all the Zimmerman types out there (and there are plenty) will take this as a green light to act on their stupid notions. Now that they see they can get away with murder, there’s nothing to stop them.

  11. catsworking says:

    Now you’ve done it, Morgan. Invoked Dexter. Karen has been obsessively watching that creep-fest EVERY NIGHT to catch up on the whole series. We just completed Season 4 (where Dexter kills John Lithgow, who richly has it coming) and then goes home and finds his wife bled out in the bathtub.

    Zimmerman’s whole pattern of aggressive behavior would definitely get him on Dexter’s list.

    But I bet Zimmerman fancies himself a Dexter, ridding the streets of all the dark scum who scurry around in hoodies.

    You’re totally right. Any unarmed person stalked by a belligerent Zimmerman might turn and fight and slam him on the sidewalk.

    It’s sickening that the jury may have been duped by the defense’s utterly ridiculous portrayal of Trayvon as walking around with a sidewalk in his pocket, just looking for someone to kill on it.

  12. catsworking says:

    Imabear, you got that right. Hate crime disguised as self-defense. We have a winner!

    Just like every time some parent murders his/her child and gets a slap on the wrist or walks away scot-free, killing kids becomes more acceptable.

    We’re showing the world, with our lack of gun laws and our widespread acceptance of killers of all stripes, that Americans have little regard for life.

    (And abortion’s got nothing to do with this. Anti-choice morons believe, “Let every fetus be born so we can neglect it, molest it, torture it, and shoot it later!”)

  13. adele says:

    One of the tweets I saw, after the verdict, said, “Only in America would a black kid be tried for his own murder.” That about sums it up.

    A friend of mine watched the trial obsessively, so I ended up watching more of it than I’ve ever seen of any televised trial (except Watergate). And I said it about Casey Anthony, and I’ll say it about Trayvon — the prosecutors in Florida must get their law degrees though ads on the back of matchbook covers that say, “Draw this judge.”The prosecution put on a shitty case. Florida is unlike many states in that in criminal trials, pre-trial (under oath) depositions are taken of all witnesses. Not that a witness can’t change his story on the stand, but it’s unlikely that they will completely change it. So the prosecution knew that the arresting detective would come on the stand and practically nominate George Zimmerman for sainthood; the case was pretty much lost right then; the prosecution did little to refute what that detective said. And the head prosecutor in Sanford Florida did not even try the case — she had underlings do it.

    But really, we knew the outcome when it took days and outside pressure for Zimmerman to be arrested..

    I, personally, am trying to find out all the Florida-based companies and plan to boycott them, if at all possible. And I’d encourage every parent of any race, who disagreed with the Trayvon trial and verdict to stay away from Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. — hit ’em in the pocket book.

    And Cole, in the ultimate irony, Zimmerman’s brother has said that he fears that Zimmerman’s life may be in danger from “vigilantes.” Takes one to know one, I guess.

    Welcome to post-racial America.

  14. Zappa's Mom says:

    I did love watching the legal team hump the foam dummy

  15. catsworking says:

    Adele, yeah, it funny how the most cold-blooded killers are mortally afraid of being killed. (We learned that from Dexter.)

    Yes, it’s true that the outcome of the case was pretty much a given, since the police were so reluctant to arrest George. One of the jurors has talked and said 5 of the 6 of them believed it was George screaming for help on the tape (a little white bias, perhaps?). She also defended his right to carry a gun and said she wouldn’t mind him patrolling her neighborhood. So obviously, she was perfectly OK with him mowing down Trayvon and nothing was going to convince her otherwise.

    I think a Florida boycott is an excellent idea, but don’t know how well it could be pulled off, since it’s got several major home ports for so many cruise ships. On the other hand, skipping the land-based vacations is a no-brainer.

    ZM, we also enjoyed watching the lawyers hump the dummy like a bunch of dogs. You’d never catch a cat behaving like that!

  16. adele says:

    I thought about the cruise ships, but if the Orlando attractions got hit by a boycott, we might even see Mickey Mouse campaigning to get rid of the Stand Your Ground law

    My brother is extremely right-wing and lives in St. Augustine. I haven’t spoken to him since the 2008 presidential election when he persisted in sending me the most vile racist emails, even after I told him to stop. I’m sure he’s very pleased with the verdict and has several guns in his house.

  17. MorganLF says:

    You’ll not find me in Florida anytime soon. I loathe South beach filled with wannabe actors, Euro trash and homeless people that bathe in the ocean, and huuuuge bugs.

    Once when at the Fontainebleau I was in the jewelry boutique trying on necklaces. I was wearing a very rare apple jade pendant set in 18k gold that was on a gorgeous 30 inch rope chain. I removed it and when I left I realized I had left it . I actually believe the clerk snatched and concealed it. It was a gift from a Chinese boyfriend and quite rare and expensive.

    The sprayed, teased hag who waited on us denied any knowledge of my leaving the piece. Since I was leaving that day I had little recoursde but to pursue the matter from home, yeah lots of luck.

    I have never been to Disney World- got as far the the parking lot and ran in horror. Orlando is a hell hole of malls and chain restaurants.

    It’s a mix of old people, northern snow birds driving douchey tricked out golf carts around their endless retirement swamp “villages” and horrible crackers. As the saying goes its no sweat off my balls to avoid the whole infernal state.

  18. Britta says:

    First time I waited to jump on the response band-wagon.. interesting perspective. As a Northern-born gal, lived around the country, now central Florida resident, I can say that I often feel like a duck out of water with the “good ole boy” mentality here.

    It’s a shame and often, as we have just observed, a crime. We’ve been here over 10 years and while you go where you can work because, you have to eat and pay bills, I know our retirement years will find us elsewhere.

    What blows my mind is that because I am a white female, people with whom I have normal, civilized conversations assume that I agree with radical and biased views when it comes to individuals of other races or lifestyle choices. Really? UGH! This whole thing was a travesty, I knew he would get off and I wasn’t spending my time watching the sordid process on TV or reading about it in the news. Disgusting.

  19. catsworking says:

    Karen here (with Cole’s permission)

    Morgan, I’ve been to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area many, many times, and even considered moving there to be nearer the cruise industry. But it’s the weather, the rats and bugs, and overabundance of oldsters that makes me say NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

    That story about your necklace is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS.

    Juror B37 sounded like George Zimmerman in a dress, confirming that “a jury of his peers” meant stupid, racist gun-nuts, so the verdict was inevitable.

    Interesting to note that the literary agent who was going to handle B37’s book deal dropped her after the interview, and she’s now said she won’t be writing a book. So that leaves it to Zimmerman to pen his own “If I Did It.”

    The only way Zimmerman can calm people down now is to go out and shoot a white kid to prove race doesn’t matter.

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