Brian Malarkey Out at “The Taste”

By Karen

It’s official, at least according to Brian Malarkey will not be returning as a judge for Season 2 of Anthony Bourdain’s cooking competition, The Taste.

Quel dommage.

Malarkey’s fondly remembering the experience as one where his wise counsel resulted in the Season 1 winner — who already happened to be Charlie Sheen’s personal chef.

As if those almost-gratuitous “mentoring” scenes that included Bourdain drinking with and Ludo Lefebvre berating the cooks had anything to do with anything.

There’s no definitive word yet on the return of Ludo, but I wouldn’t miss him. I just hope this news on Malarkey is an indication of some major retooling, although it’s not evident from the audition process. This from the FAQs

“You must serve one plate of food to Producer’s food experts. You will not have access to any equipment to heat your food and the dish you choose to serve should be one that can go without refrigeration for several hours. When preparing your dish, please take every effort to preserve your food to avoid spoilage and to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. We suggest transporting your food in a portable cooler to prevent spoilage. You must bring your own utensils including the plate, knives, forks, spoons, etc. You will only be given a few minutes to plate your dish (once you get into the audition room) so bring whatever it is you need to do that!”

Filming of the series is planned for September.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching Master Chef, and I’ve come to absolutely loathe that bald POS whose name I don’t even want to know. He verbally eviscerates and threatens the cooks every chance he gets, when he’s not spitting out their food or hurling their plates into the garbage right in their faces.

He makes Gordan Ramsay come off as a nurturing, caring cream puff.

I’d like to see Bourdain and Nigella Lawson go head to head with teams they actively lead. Maybe with an impartial third guest judge on tap for a tie-breaker who’s not Ludo.


8 Responses to Brian Malarkey Out at “The Taste”

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    I have to watch Master Chef just to see who you are talking about.Is that the one with cutie Curtis Stone?

  2. catsworking says:

    ZM, I wish Curtis Stone were on it (didn’t I read somewhere he just got married?). Sadly, no. The judges are Ramsay, the bald prick, and a fat guy who usually tries to be nice. It comes on Wednesday nights on Fox at 8 ET.

  3. Zappa's Mom says:

    Happy 4th!! I know it’s a day early,but I didn’t go to work today,I’m drinking coffee and watching Jerry Springer in honor of our Nation’s birthday!

  4. MorganLF says:

    That bald POS is Joe Bastianich, Lydia’s son. She is my favorite chef with shows on PBS. I even bought her cookbook. They have a serious restaurant empire. He is partnered with Batali in the vast food emporium/destination called Eataly in NYC.

    Lydia cooks in real time and I learned a lot from her. Her son Joe made occasional appearances on the show along with other family members. He was fat, bald and mainly responsible for wine pairings. Extremely low key he was …boring.

    When I watched the show I had no idea who that caustic man was. It seemed he was out Ramsaying Ramsey. Suddenly it dawned, I had remembered Joe lost a lot of weight and sure enough it was the same dude. Either he was always a dick or he’s polishing his TV persona because the monotone guy in his mothers show wouldn’t work in prime time.

    The thing is, that market is pretty saturated, and being nasty without being funny is a bore. I’ve only seen one episode so I’m not the expert, but if Marco Pierre White a GENUINE rock star and original enfant terrible chef, couldn’t make a go of US television I can’t foresee Joe as having a lasting on camera career.

  5. catsworking says:

    Happy Belated 4th back at ya, ZM! I took a break for a couple of days from the computer.

    Morgan, thanks for IDing the bald prick and filling in his backstory. Former fattie turned foodie. Explains a lot. I hate him so much, I never bothered to catch his name. His mother was a guest judge a week or two ago for a pasta challenge. I guess Joe fancies himself the culinary Simon Cowell.

    You’re right about his staying power. Joe is a one-sick-trick pony, as far as I can tell. He’s so relentlessly negative and threatening, what else could he do but be the bad guy on any show unfortunate enough to cast him?

    In the past week, I’ve acquired a Dexter addiction, which I’ve never seen before and is totally out of character for me. I’ve been feverishly watching every episode from the beginning and I think caused me to miss one or both of my Ramsay shows this week.

  6. Zappa's Mom says:

    Of course! *smacks forehead* Joe Bastianich! Thanks,Morgan,I KNEW I had seen him somewhere. I love Lidia’s show and her recipes (I recently made her wine cake for a brunch) Lidia has her mother,daughter,and grandkids on all the time. He did the wine pairings and lent a hand in the kitchen occasionally.He was pleasant enough,it’s a pity he decided to go the prick route.

  7. MorganLF says:

    Dexter ……is a recent passion. I started last year and gues I’ll have to rent the DVDs for the previous seasons.

    It is so good… So well written so crafty that I can almost bear the gore. This is the last season and so far does not disappoint. It’s on par with Homeland.

    Now lets talk Ray Donovan… Fing superb. Watch it.

  8. catsworking says:

    Ray Donovan!! ::smacks forehead:: I meant to start watching that, but Dexter has been dominating my time. The whole Dexter series is On Demand with Verizon (although damn Verizon keeps KICKING ME OUT of On Demand to the tune of 3 calls to Customer Service so far, and counting). I’m up to Season 3, ep. 7. Dexter is about to marry Rita. Somehow, I feel that’s not happening.

    I will definitely check out Donovan, too, before I get too far behind. With damn TV “seasons” running only about 8 weeks for so many shows, I feel like a rat in a maze, constantly running down blind alleys looking for something worthwhile to watch. I’ve even sunk to Breaking Amish, which has got to be one of the grossest misrepresentations of the participants ever.

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