A Cat’s 2013 Kentucky Derby Picks

By Adele

Triple Crown season is here again. The horses are at Churchill Downs, ready to run the 139th Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 4.

Rain may make the track a muddy mess, which is always worrying. And my pick has never even run on dirt before, so I’m sticking my tail out here.

This year, the post positions I’ll be watching are 14, 15, and 16. That’s where Verrazano, Charming Kitten, and Orb, respectively, will be running.

My pick to win is Charming Kitten, ridden by Edgar Prado. He’s finished in the top 3 in his 7 lifetime starts (winning 2). For the Derby, he’s one of the long shots, with odds of 20-1.

I think the Kitten’s got the stuff to pull it off. Running between the two favorites may spur him to greatness. Also, he has a Virginia connection. His father, Kitten’s Joy, once won the Virginia Derby.

Watch Charming Kitten’s last winning race, which was in January. Appropriately, he did one for Dad in the Kitten’s Joy Stakes at Gulfstream Park.

Verrazano (4-1) and Orb (7-2) are considered the horses to beat in the full 20-horse field.

The other horse to watch is Revolutionary in No. 3 position, ridden by Calvin Borel. Borel is famous for sneaking along the rail to win, and he’s in the perfect position to do it this time.

Revolutionary, Verrazano, and Charming Kitten were all trained by Todd Pletcher.

PS: Max has been showing an interest in horse-racing because it suits his short attention span. He is bummed that his pick, Fearless Kitten (who happens to be Charming Kitten’s half-brother), ended up just missing the cut at No. 21, so he’s the first alternate for the Derby. If any horse gets scratched at the last minute, Fearless Kitten is in, and then the Run for the Roses becomes the Run of the Kittens!

May the best horse win, and all cross the finish line safely.

10 Responses to A Cat’s 2013 Kentucky Derby Picks

  1. adele says:

    Adele, so glad to hear your Derby picks. My sister has already asked who the cat has picked — she has dogs, though; I wonder if they’ll let her put money on a horse called Charming Kitten.

    Alice and Dorothy are very excited about your pick and are talking about pooling their allowances and having me go to an Off Track Betting Parlor for them. They also said to say that you must have been a charming kitten.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, I’ll admit I picked it by name this year, but that was my strategy the year Animal Kingdom won, too. I think Charming Kitten’s talented enough, and enough of a long shot, to surprise everybody and make all kitties proud. (Max is hoping one of the other horses has some misfortune so Fearless Kitten can run. Max is ruthless.)

    For the record, I WAS a charming kitten. And even now, I have my moments (when Max and Cole aren’t in the room, stomping on my last nerve).

  3. Bacardi1 says:

    Adele – I have your pics as well (for the time being – lol!). Unfortunately, we have a concert to attend tonight, so I’ll most likely miss the race itself (but will record it). Obviously, I’m sure I’ll know who won before I get to watch the race itself, but will enjoy it anyway.

    Although I’m not a big racing fan, I always watch the Triple Crown races every year, since 2 of my horses are related to the late great “Alydar”; & 2 related to “Ruffian”.

  4. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, there’s so much inbreeding in horses, I think they’re pretty much ALL related to each other. They’re saying there’s an 80% chance of rain, so the race may be a total mess. I just hope nobody slips in the mud.

  5. catsworking says:

    Well, Charming Kitten came in 7th, but he did run quite a bit faster through all that muck than Verrazano. Congratulations to Orb!

  6. trishia says:

    Just letting you know I found the link to probably the biggest news to come out of the Bourdain household since their kid was born – Ottavia’s 2 week veganism! lol (which she ultimately decided was not a bad thing). I posted the link over in the “…Wows Richmond” thread since it is OT here (Karen not sure what your rules are about off topic posts).

    This is HUGE. The only thing more awful for AB would be if his daughter became vegan permanently, but I’ll take this for now. 😀

  7. Bacardi1 says:

    By Catsworking:
    “Bacardi, there’s so much inbreeding in horses, I think they’re pretty much ALL related to each other. They’re saying there’s an 80% chance of rain, so the race may be a total mess. I just hope nobody slips in the mud.”

    To a certain extent that’s true. All of the Thoroughbreds I’ve come across or have owned can easily trace back to several of the golden oldies. But in the case of my particular horses – one mare was a direct Alydar granddaughter; the other a Ruffian niece. So pretty darn direct in my book. 🙂

    I’m really EXTREMELY glad that “Orb” won the Derby. For once, an out-of-the-hoopla golden oldie trainer (& golden oldie owners) won who truly deserved it. I’ll be keeping all fingers & toes crossed for “Orb” for the Triple Crown.

  8. adele says:

    Well, Adele, Charming Kitten may still be running. I was just relieved that everyone made it over the finish line safely. Isn’t Orb only the 2nd horse with only 3 letters in his name to ever win the Derby?

  9. catsworking says:

    Trishia, I’m not a stickler about off-topic because if we start discussing something else that interests us, all the better. I read about Ottavia’s vegan period and I’m glad it gave her a greater sense of balance. What she was doing with the massive amounts of meat was probably killing her kidneys.

    Bacardi, I met one of Secretariat’s grandsons (whose name escapes me, and probably a great-great-great) at Meadow Farm 2 years ago.

    Adele (the cat) tells me that since Orb won the Derby, he’s now got her loyalty, because she would never try to jinx a horse who has a shot at the Triple Crown. Max, on the other hand, was all excited when he saw that Fear the Kitten is probably running in the Preakness.

  10. Bacardi1 says:

    By Catsworking:

    “Bacardi, I met one of Secretariat’s grandsons (whose name escapes me, and probably a great-great-great) at Meadow Farm 2 years ago.”

    When I was looking at Thoroughbred broodmares, I also looked at quite a few granddaughters of both Secretariat & also Seattle Slew. But the temperaments I came across (which was one of my MAJOR requirements) didn’t meet my standards.

    As it is I took a chance on the mare I bought who was by a brother of Ruffian. One of my trainers actually worked with & rode Ruffian & said she was a hellcat in spades, as was her brother, & didn’t care for the line, but luckily my mare was a sweetheart, if not the sharpest pencil in the box. Out of the two foals I have from her, one is sweet as sugar & smart to boot; the other is almost the devil incarnate, but I love him anyway.

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