Weight Watching on a Cruise

By Karen

Feeling pretty svelte after losing 48 lbs., I went to San Juan last week for a sail through the Southern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean’s lovely Brilliance of the Seas.

Yes, it’s the same ship from which honeymooner George Smith disappeared in the Mediterranean in 2005. His blonde bride, Jennifer, pounded the talk show circuit for a while.

My cabin was 2 decks below theirs, and I didn’t run in to George’s spirit.

I cut ties to Weight Watchers® online before I left, but I still follow PointsPlus® because it won’t take much more to get myself into a size 8.

I wasn’t about to let that ruin my vacay. There’s no shortage of healthy options on a ship. I ate cereal, fruit, yogurt, and salads. OK, one morning I had eggs Benedict.

They bake the breads and pastries fresh every day, with real butter for spreading.

And did I mention there’s liquor?

So I cheated. But no fried chicken or pizza. I haven’t had a decent slice of pizza since early 2012, and feared I’d lose it and binge because it’s always available.

One lunch I splurged on a hamburger and fries. Pasta twice, once Bolognese and once Asian. Two cookies.

Even being fairly careful, most days I’d pretty much blown through my daily points by mid-afternoon — if I were counting.

I watched plenty of morbidly obese passengers loading heaping plates of stuff buried under mayonnaise and gravy. They were my best motivation — particularly when they hung out around the pool later.

At dinner, I ordered mostly grilled fish or pork, with one lobster tail. I had quite a few chocolate desserts, but didn’t always finish.

Probably worse than the eating and drinking was not doing my usual 10,000 steps a day, although you’d think on a 958-ft. ship it would have been easier. But I usually fell far short.

When I got home, I’d gained 2 lbs.

I’d laid in some Lean Cuisine® to ease myself into “normal” eating until I could hit Food Lion. The only fresh produce I had in the house was an onion.

So now it’s 5 days later and one of my ill-gotten pounds is already gone.

I’m hoping the week-long shock of eating more fat and animal protein will propel me further into the 120s and the coveted size 8s. Before the cruise, I was hopelessly plateauing.

But back to my initial question. Yes, you can watch your weight on a cruise, but you don’t have to go overboard about it.

4 Responses to Weight Watching on a Cruise

  1. Imabear says:

    Overboard, indeed. Yesterday was the 101th anniversary of the Titanic leaving Southampton on her one and only voyage. Kudos for you effort – only 2 lbs is great considering the temptations on a cruise.

  2. Only 2 lbs.? Congratulations! Most people gain that in a day on a cruise. You should feel PROUD! 🙂

  3. leannenalani says:

    Nice going with the food on the cruise. You enjoyed yourself and didn’t worry too much about everything, plus you lost the gained weight quickly. Congrats! Sounds like it was a good vacation.

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, globalexplorer! Yes, this was a great test for me. I could have easily gained a pound a day if I’d eaten everything I wanted (bacon, eggs, and sausage every morning, pizza, steaks, more POTATOES), but I don’t feel like I missed out on the good stuff. Sure, I blew the points system every day, but I obviously ate enough fruits and veggies to keep the damage minimal. And I did watch my portions at the buffet, where it’s so easy to pig out completely. Portions were sensible in the dining room, although the desserts tended to be too big, and they came around with yummy platters of bread (white, not whole-grain) before every meal, and I indulged every time.

    I’m just thrilled that the weight seems to be coming off again almost as fast as it appeared.

    Thanks to you and leannenalani for the good words!

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