Why Chris Christie Should “Lose It”

By Cole

When Chris Christie ate a doughnut on Letterman last week, he claimed to be a really healthy fat person, and had everybody in stitches.

But the jollies disappeared when Christie told Bill Clinton’s former physician, Connie Mariano, to “just shut up” after she said she worries he’d die in office if elected president.

I agree Mariano was out of line speaking about someone who isn’t her patient. But let’s face it. The dangers of obesity are as proven as the dangers of smoking.

And they don’t call it “morbid” obesity because there’s anything funny about it.

Nationally, Christie has overcome the stigma of being a Republican by displaying common sense, directness, and a willingness to work with Democrats. He blew off campaigning for Mitt Romney to accompany Obama on a tour of storm-ravaged New Jersey, to cite just one example.

But if he blows this colossal opportunity to inspire the nearly 70% of American adults who are overweight or obese and do more to help the country get healthier than any garden Michelle Obama can ever plant, he probably doesn’t belong in the White House in 2016 after all.

All the guy has to do is stop making jokes and excuses and step away from the doughnuts.

Being fat has no valid defense. There are myriad excuses, some well-founded, but NONE of them make obesity healthy.

Christie should follow the lead of Mayor Kenneth Wright of Portsmouth, Va., who weighs 400 lbs. and took the opposite tack last week by announcing his intention to lose 100 pounds in a year so he can be a role model to Portsmouth’s 39% of overweight adults.

If Chris Christie could show us he can solve a problem as intractable as his girth, he’d have the Republican nomination — and probably the election — locked up.

Sure, the first few months will be embarrassing when the press catches him huffing and puffing as he gets moving. But men lose weight so much easier than women, he’d start improving quickly, and positive reactions would fuel his motivation.

And it would only get better.

I just don’t understand why he’s fighting it. Christie has nothing to lose by owning up to his weight problem, and everything to gain by losing it.

Besides, at Cats Working we say, if Karen can do it, anybody can…


8 Responses to Why Chris Christie Should “Lose It”

  1. MorganLF says:

    As a public persona the weight of ” King” Christie displays a huge lack of discipline. I recently saw a high school pic of our Governor and he was normal.

    Therefore if he wants to play in the big arena he needs to understand image is everything. Americans are perceived overseas as badly dressed fatties wearing inappropriate shorts to the Vatican seemingly unaware of how oafish and slovenly they appear.

    Our president must project another image, that being said he’s not the worst Republican out there … He is a corporate stooge and former lobbyist that panders to the wealthy but compared to Romney and Cantor he’s palatable …barely.

  2. leannenalani says:

    He really would have an advantage if he lost weight before running in 2016 (if he does), as they said in the first video clip, because it would be a relatable story.
    Maybe he’s fighting it so much because he wants to make some kind of point or because he doesn’t like people telling him to lose weight (even though he should). I don’t know, but thanks for posting about this! It’s interesting to read about.

  3. Zappa's Mom says:

    This is going to be a loooong four years

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, exactly. A Christie who can’t even control his hand-to-mouth movements is NOT someone who should be running the country. But a Christie who grabs those enormous love handles and makes them disappear would be someone to be reckoned with. It brings to mind Putin’s silly attempts to look like a he-man by riding shirtless on a horse. Christie becoming fit and trim right before our eyes would send a powerful message about the indomitable will of Americans.

    Living smack in Cantor country, Christie looks pretty good to us. When it comes to smarmy, double-talking, self-serving hypocrites, Cantor is without equal, right down to the derisive curl of the left side of the lip he shares with Dick Cheney.

    After dodging that bullet named Romney, we wouldn’t be sad to see Christie run in the next election IF he doesn’t cave to the loony toons. In fact, he’d probably have his best shot running as an independent.

  5. MorganLF says:

    Karen ,
    Absolutely correct . One thing about Christie is he does not seem to find the extreme Christian Right palatable and he does not court them as Dubya did, and as Jersey boy I don’t see THAT happening.

    He appears to be a moderate and for all these wing nut tools like those aholes Cantor and the insufferable opportunistic Bobby Jindall he is a formidable opponent.

    However he IS a big money guy. THAT is his base. I’ve seen his house, er castle. Little democrats like me are not his constituency, although as a smart Irish/Italian Jersey tomato I oughta be.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I think Christie is the Republicans’ best hope of returning to Planet Earth. It comes as no surprise that he’s in Corp. America’s pocket — they all are (including most Democrats). But he’s much smarter than Cantor in mingling with and appealing to “regular folks.” Whenever Cantor refers in any way to the middle class, it just sounds condescending and insincere.

    I think, now that Obama has the Republicans on the ropes (especially after the State of the Union last night all about a broad domestic agenda that will make them look even more greedy and self-serving to repudiate, if tarnishing their image further is even possible), we’re going to see much more of Christie as EveryMan. All he needs to do is announce he’s going to get serious about losing the flab and he’d have the whole country’s attention. Maybe he’s waiting until closer to the next election for that move.

  7. MorganLF says:

    He’s a guinea..and a Sicilian at that and a mick. Do you really see concession as part of his story?

    He’s as wealthy as he needs to be, and like another charismatic politician who could have gone all the way but chose to tell all the polls to F off ..Mario Cuomo..(who would have been our first Italian president ) I’m not sure Christie will tow the line.

    If he does, I predict a very interesting battle between him and Andrew Cuomo, who will undoubtably run.

    Remember you heard it here. #the sinsofourfathers…

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’m 1/2 Sicilian, and 1/4 mick myself. Small world. (The other quarter is English, I think. That would be the priest.)

    Andrew Cuomo… now that would be a fight I’d like to see. How would Christie’s wife fare against Sandra Lee?

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