Innocent Housecats Under Attack

By Max

A new survey claims domestic cats are homicidal maniacs who kill BILLIONS of mice and birds.

Here’s a news flash: Karen has killed more mice than me and Adele COMBINED. (I can’t speak for Cole. He’s mum about his feral kitten days.)

In this study, LiveScience researchers surmised there are about 84 million cats owned in the U.S. They pulled numbers out of their ass and claim we each kill 4-18 birds per year and 8-21 small mammals annually.

They failed to acknowledge that, of those 84 million housecats, MANY are indoor-only.

And who’s weeping over fewer mice and voles? There’s a reason they’re called “vermin.”

OK, chipmunk deaths are regrettable because they’re cute, and some are even great singers.

But this anti-cat wack job in New Zealand named Gareth Morgan has a blog called Cats to Go and says he’d pay the SPCA $5 for every cat it kills.

Who says birds are more important than cats? Has Gareth never heard of avian flu? Did BIRDS save Europe from the Black Plague?

Gareth should visit India. There aren’t many cats there, and rats devour the grain so people starve.

And what about our contribution to technology? The Internet full of BIRD videos is unthinkable.

I Can Has Cheezburger with lolBIRDS? Are you kidding?

Here’s just one example of Gareth’s cat-hate:

Before you say it, even well-fed cats kill. The fact is that cats kill on instinct, not because they need to eat, it is one of their most pleasurable activities. In one study, six cats were presented with a live small rat while eating their preferred food. All six cats stopped eating the food, killed the rat, and then resumed eating the food.

It was a RAT! Those cats did humans a favor, even though they had to finish their meal with rat hair in their teeth.

Yet this Gareth clown makes it sound like a bad thing.

Cats Working appeals to every cat-lover with a social media presence to denounce Gareth Morgan.

Instead of calling for our deaths, he should adopt some cats, keep them indoors, and learn what delightful companions we are — as opposed to dogs who just want to cover every ‘hood with poop.

Humane neutering programs will take time to eliminate feral cats, but people could speed things up a lot by offering more kitties good homes — indoors.

More killing is NEVER the answer.

21 Responses to Innocent Housecats Under Attack

  1. tuxicat says:

    Thank you Max for stating how we cats feel! I say the first thing we do is neuter Gareth Morgan! We do not want him creating more monsters in his own image! Second, banish him to an island of only birds- and mice and rats, you know, vermin like him. Mom had stopped feeding wild birds 2 years ago because she was tired of their filth. They poop all over the feeders, the ground, and in their own food! Like that Gareth? Here’s a Bird Poop Sandwich for you!

  2. tuxicat says:

    And oh, yes, Gareth, two words: Bubonic Plague. Get your head out of your Dark Ages, Gareth!

  3. Sparkle says:

    I am so glad to see your rebuttal to the smear campaign that is currently going on against cats!

  4. imabear says:

    Sounds like a cat hater who went on a mission to give cats a bad name.

  5. Zappa's Mom says:

    Zappa is reading this over my shoulder

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Tuxi and Sparkle! Sparkle, you also did a great job of digging up the stats on how humans kill their share of birds. And if you throw in the stats on exterminators, humans probably outdo cats with rats and mice as well. At least we don’t use chemical weapons.

    We cats have to stand up and meow out when evil people like Gareth Morgan try to get us whacked. I have the perfect new home for him. It’s in Papua, New Guinea, where rats grow to be huge and have tails like broomsticks. Fred wrote about them, but I’m typing this on the laptop and couldn’t get to the link. If you search on “giant rats” you’ll find it, if you’re interested.

    Tuxi, it’s a great idea to enroll Gareth in a TNR program so he could be trapped, neutered, and released into the wild. He wouldn’t be able to breed, and if a lion didn’t eat him first (just for the fun of it, because that’s what he thinks we cats do), his loathesome species of mentally defective cat hater would die out with him.

  7. britta says:

    As someone who has been active in TNR for over a decade and who had built a 1200 sf sanctuary connected to our home to house a small colony who adopted us for their forever care, as imagined, I am insensed with the continual ignorance in terms of the true problems and the solutions.
    Until people are held more accountable for ownership, dogs and cats will always be treated as disposable and left to try and survive and, of course, breed unchecked. If they were all wiped out in one day, it would not be long before the population again started growing.
    As for wildlife decimation, politics allow developers to destroy habitats supporting many species of life ….that count has yet to be taken.
    As for vermin, if cats were taken out of the predatory chain in most urban and suburban areas, one would eventually hear outcries about being overrun with rats. Since we as a country are poor disposers of waste, there is a constant buffet available for every species of vermin in every community in our country. Before our group was moved to confined quarters, we were gifted with many a rat remains on our porch and witnessed some pretty crazy rat versus cat battles in the yard of our then beachside rental home.

    Lastly, as I watch the huge hawks, falcons, and eagles in my semi-rural community swoop down to take out the songbirds we love so much who inhabit our shrubs and trees, painful as it is to watch, it is the circle of life.

  8. annie pelfrey says:

    Tuxicat and Britta stole my thunder- YAY!

  9. adele says:

    Max, Alice and Dorothy are incensed by Gareth’s campaign and support his neutering. They have no media presence but are saving their allowances just in case there’s some campaign that needs contributions. Alice has never killed anything, except the occasional bug, and she and Dorothy joined forces just a few weeks ago to bring down a mud dauber (a kind of hornet) that occasionally appears in my house — I was proud and grateful that they did. Dorothy has never said, but during her time in the wilderness ( about a month before I took her in) she may have killed a bird or mouse for survival, but I lay the blame for that on her previous humans, who either abandoned her or were so lax in their supervision that it amounted to neglect. Dorothy was particularly upset by this story, realizing that if Gareth lived in our neighborhood , she might have been dead before she ever found Alice and me.

    And cats were among the unsung heroes during the Black Death. However, I’m reading a book about the plague in medieval Europe, and it turns out that plague-carrying fleas can jump from rats and survive on cats, I was shocked to learn this, and when I told Alice and Dorothy, they told me that they have no interest in consorting in any way, even as a public service, with rats.

  10. adele says:

    P.S. Off the subject, but RIP Barney Bush. Had he been president rather than his human, the country could hardly have been left in worse shape.

  11. catsworking says:

    Adele, this is the first we’re hearing about Barney Bush. Karen’s been out and had the TV and computers off. So sorry to hear that. He was a publicity hound, but seemed likable enough — for a dog.

    As for cats having anything to do with plague-carrying fleas, if they could survive on us, then they could survive on dogs and hairy people, so we’re not taking any responsibility. Our ancestors dove in and did what they had to do with the rat population, distasteful as it must have been.

    And if any mouse or rat were stupid enough to show his face in this house, I can assure you the Cats Working crew would be on the case and this would be that rodent’s last stop before hell.

  12. MorganLF says:

    I hate to hijack this thread…just watched the most life changing documentary on HBO ” Mea Maxima” it deals with pedphilia in the Catholic Church , what we all know, but so, so much more.

    I am horrified, sad and bereft. If you think Sandusky was an evil shit watch this. For anyone who reviles the abuse of children this is as disturbing a piece of film as can exist.

    I think I am no longer a Catholic. No….I know it.

  13. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Karen here. I’m a person who can trace my existence back to a Catholic priest who couldn’t keep it in his pants. He had an affair with a grown, unmarried woman, but he may have also committed pedophilia and incest.

    Good old Grandpa!

    I blame the Catholic Church and it’s head-up-the-ass attitude. Instead of recognizing sex as a normal function, the deviant bastards twist it into something dirty and secret — and attract the worst pervs into their ranks.

  14. MorganLF says:

    Dear God Karen, what a story, but then you ARE from Massachusetts, Lawrence to be exact, as was my Irish side.

    Here’s a weird thread, my grandfathers brother was a Priest. He was extremely handsome. I have pictures that bear that out. He eventually became a dean at Villanova. I always wondered why such a handsome man took to the cloth. Then it was a mark of pride, or was it? He was well educated attractive and from a quite prominent family, why a priest? The denial of sexuality even then is creepy and against nature.

    Your grandpa wouldn’t have had an aquiline nose and deep brown eyes…and been from Lawrence in the 20’s… No that would be too weird.

  15. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Grandpa was quite handsome, but I think he was English, and he lived in Nebraska. I’m only from Massachusetts because that’s where Grandma went to dump the baby in an orphanage after it was born. She emigrated from Ireland to Nebraska. Strangely enough, I could also have been from Chicago, because 13 years later she had ANOTHER baby by this same priest, and that’s where he got left.

    My mother’s side of the family (Italian) was riddled with priests and nuns, none of whom stuck it out for life. I suspect it was a refuge for gays who couldn’t come out, although I don’t know about my relative. I think the ones I knew were straight.

    Chinagirl, I think I once saw a whiff of gossip about Asha Gill’s baby and Tony, but never followed up because it seemed absurd. I wouldn’t even begin to dig around for that now because 1) I don’t think he’d “hit and run,” and 2) If he did and isn’t claiming paternity, it’s not for me to open that can of worms.

  16. adele says:

    You guys, I watched Mea Maxima Culpa the other night and was pretty appalled; particularly at the exploitation of the deaf children and the extent of the knowledge of priestly misdeeds by the present Pope. .Just confirmed my absolute distrust of organized religion, and Catholicism is maybe the most organized religion of all. Karen, if you don’t get HBO, try to find this on Nefflix.

    Just to give equal time, during my days in Illinois Child Welfare, we got a report about a guy we called The Pantsless Rabbi. There was this guy operating on Chicago’s north side as a Hebrew tutor for boys about to make their Bar Mitzvah’s. We got involved when one of the boys told his parents that Rabbi —- always took his pants off as he began the Hebrew lessons, then another kid came forth and another. The guy wanted to be touched, but apparently these boys knew to resist, although none of them started talking until the first boy came forth. There was no organization backing the rabbi, so there was none of the red tape involved as there was in dealing with priests, and I think our rabbi ended up having his own kids placed with other relatives. His explanation by the way, was that all of his students’ houses were just too hot.

  17. catsworking says:

    Adele, I don’t know that I want to watch that show. Priests already have a bad name in my family.

    The Pantsless Rabbi is a new one, though.

    Religion itself seems to be a cornerstone for all sorts of deviant behavior. And you have to wonder about the sheeple who continue to believe and listen to their corrupt leaders, even after atrocities are exposed.

  18. MorganLF says:

    The Pope just announced his retirement…after the airing of Mea Maxima Culpa on HBO tha t clearly points out his direct complicity in the church’s pedphilia cover up.? I mean direct complicity. I think not. The creep!

  19. catsworking says:

    Morgan, pedophiles were the first ones I thought of when I heard about the Pope retiring. He’s up to his keister in them and doesn’t see a way out. Can’t blame him for wanting to bail. I just hope they pick a new pope with the guts to clean house and get real about acknowledging and accepting human sexuality. But I’m afraid such a person doesn’t exist among the likely successors.

  20. adele says:

    Bill Maher said something like “The pope’s resigned; now the College of Cardinals can elect his logical successor — Jerry Sandusky.”

  21. MorganLF says:

    Adele …lol wish I’d said that! As usual Bill Maher nails it. There is no one in the hierarchy of the church who is clean. The last Pope who didn’t turn his head at the the diddling of little boys was a Borgia ….and that’s because he was a healthy libertine!

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