Riddle: How is the NRA Like the Old South?

By Cole

Obama and Biden are showing welcome and long-overdue cojones in launching the gun-control battle. The NRA’s chicken response was to drag Obama’s daughters into it with a nasty attack ad calling Obama an “elitist hypocrite.”

In what way? Because his daughters attend a good school? Do kids in NRA families just run the streets?

As expected from those who dwell in a fact-free world, the NRA refuses to acknowledge that Obama’s kids—maybe more than anybody’s—need protection from all the gun-toting, card-carrying cowards the NRA is whipping into a frenzy for their trumped-up “fight of the century” with false claims that Obama will confiscate all their weapons.

NRA president David Keene and CEO/EVP Wayne LaPierre have become the poster children for lunacy, spouting that the government OWES every citizen access to the means to commit mass murder.

Whenever there’s killing, they clamor for more guns for more killing.

Crazy beliefs also started the Civil War. The North was never out to sink or subjugate half the country. It just wanted the South to stop exploiting innocent blacks, and justifying it with outrageous lies about their supposed inferiority.

The NRA would have you believe you’re inferior without a gun — and I’m sure they’ve got no shortage of nutty members who’d be happy to shoot you to prove it.

This week in Richmond, a 4-year-old found a loaded gun on a table in his home and shot a man, who later died. The NRA must be busting a gut with pride to see a killer toddler spawned.

Still, Virginia’s General Assembly REFUSES to get serious about gun control. Take a look at what falls on deaf ears in that loony bin.

Cats Working applauds New York’s Andrew Cuomo for having the guts to pass gun legislation with teeth, and to be quick and sneaky about it so gun nuts wouldn’t have time to spike sales, like they do in Virginia while Governor Bob McDonnell fiddles.

And let’s hope Obama and Biden don’t lose interest or back down. We can’t let go of this rat until it’s dead, folks. Decent people need to tell their NRA-bought representatives, “Enough is enough!” and DEMAND limits on the availability, types, and number of weapons dickless cowards can own — or don’t come crying to me when your bullet-riddled corpse ends up in some gutter.

Answer to Riddle: The NRA and the Old South are/were champions of morally indefensible causes.


4 Responses to Riddle: How is the NRA Like the Old South?

  1. britta says:

    Kudos on all points yet this issue remains another manifestion of the conservatives balking at and protesting Presidential directives not because they make sense and are a step in some forward direction but because they are orders from a President they didn’t want to be in office. More of the same crap.

  2. Jessica says:

    I find it interesting that the NRA overlooks the fact that the president’s children have Secret Service detail because they are the president’s children. Your average child is NOT in danger of being kidnapped by a terrorist group for ransom. The president’s children are.

  3. catsworking says:

    Britta, it’s too bad we’ve never had a black president before so that there would be some way to compare and reveal this Congress to be the most racist in history. When Obama got reamed for saying that some voters “cling to their guns and religion,” he could have been accurately describing Congress.

    Jessica, that’s an excellent point! Not to mention the fact that the president is going up against a group whose members are all armed and being brainwashed by the NRA into thinking they need to revolt against a tyrant. It’s a recipe for disaster, so I hope the Secret Service protection is extra-thick for the whole family from now on.

  4. Zappa's Mom says:

    What will the NRA do when someone points out that ALL Presidents’ children get round the clock Secret Service protection? (and not just the black one that the gun-loving lunatics hate?)

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