UnFoodie Makes a Hash of Quorn™

By Karen

My latest Weight Watchers®-friendly experiment with the non-meat substitute Quorn Grounds was inspired by the blogger Losing 100 Pounds, who posted her recipe for Vegan Hash, accompanied by brilliant photographs that put mine to shame.

WW sends mixed signals about potatoes, calling them a “Power Food,” but saddling them with more points than are usually worth it (4), so I substituted squash (0) for spuds.

Reducing it all to WW-speak, I think Losing 100’s recipe is roughly 6 points per serving without toppings, and mine is 4 points WITH toppings (using 2% cheese and light sour cream, not vegan versions).

Anyway, my recipe for 4 hearty servings is:

1 12 oz. package Quorn Grounds
1 pkg. taco seasoning (or any seasoning you prefer)
2/3 cup water (the seasoning calls for it)

You can use any veggies you like, but here’s what I did:

1 onion, diced
1 yellow squash (or any squash you prefer) cut into chunks
1 zucchini chunked
mushrooms chunked (as many as you like)

Toppings (all optional):

1/4 cup 2% cheese
1/4 cup salsa
1 tbsp. light sour cream

In a big skillet, cook all the veggies in Pam until tender.


Stir in Quorn, taco seasoning, and water. Cover and simmer until heated through.


Plate it, top with cheese (you can melt it in the microwave), then the salsa and sour cream.


It tastes better than this looks. And this recipe leaves me 3 nights of leftovers that become dinner in 5 minutes or less. Can’t beat it!

4 Responses to UnFoodie Makes a Hash of Quorn™

  1. leannenalani says:

    This Quorn thing sounds fascinating. I read your description of it in a previous post… Does it taste meaty?
    Potatoes get a bad reputation sometimes. Magazines and other healthy resources say they’re really good for you and then they also say it’s a starch and carby so it’s not so great for you. Well, squash is for sure a lower calorie option at least.

  2. catsworking says:

    Leannenalani, Quorn is as close to the texture of ground beef as you can get (and I’m a stickler for texture), but because there’s no grease at all, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly “meaty.” It takes on whatever flavors you put with it and gives the same bulk as ground meat. When I’ve eaten it, I haven’t felt cheated out of meat. For all the points it saves, I think the tradeoff is well worth it.

    It’s like the Pasta Zero. As long as you’re not expecting an exact duplicate taste/feel to the real thing, it’s good enough in itself that you won’t be disappointed.

    I LOVE potatoes, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten them (and rice) since starting Weight Watchers. Instead of counting points, WW has this option where you can eat as many “power foods” as you like from this strange list they have, and potatoes are on that list. WTF? Make potatoes the mainstay of your diet and you definitely WON’T be losing weight. I know. I did it for years.

    I have probably eaten a truckload of squash, and mushrooms are a close second.

  3. Renee says:

    Yum – this sounds really good! I’ll certainly have to try this. I’m a big fan of the Quorn products – it reduces the amount of soy in my diet while still giving me a lot of options that can bulk up basic meals. (And potatoes aren’t evil – but almost everything should be in moderation and yes, potatoes are certainly one of them). 😉

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Renee! I enjoy your blog.

    I know you are trying to do the weight loss thing on your own terms. I did the same thing several years ago and lost 15 lbs., only to gain it all back.

    I’m not a cheerleader for Weight Watchers by any means because it’s got its issues, but I’ve lost 44 lbs. in 33 weeks and changed my life in many ways for the better. One of the major changes to my diet is to eat potatoes, rice, and white starches VERY rarely. (I’m talking less than once a month.)

    Going vegetarian or vegan puts you on the right track (because WW isn’t crazy about meat, either, although fish is good), when you look around this country, quite a bit of morbid obesity stems from people who think they’re eating “healthy” because they don’t eat/can’t afford a lot of meat, so they are bulking up on starches.

    Back in the day, the country went through a phase where everything with fat was BAD, and anything else was good, so people started loading up on cabs and obesity exploded.

    I’m eating more veggies and fruit today than I ever have in my life, fish more often than meat, and whole grains. And the weight is falling off. The nice thing about it is that you can eat quite a large quantity of this stuff and it’s OK. Most fruits and veggies on WW have 0 points, so it’s like they don’t count.

    I’m not saying you should join WW, but I would suggest you check out their recipes and tailor them to your own plan. It can’t hurt. And good luck!

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