Screwed Myself on Bourdain Ticket

By Karen

Tickets for Anthony Bourdain’s April 23, 2013, Guts & Glory appearance in Richmond, Virginia, went on sale Friday, Nov. 16. While trying to coordinate with a small party, I waited until Saturday morning, intending to purchase a VIP ticket.


VIP tickets were sold out. But I was able to get a good seat (alone, I stopped caring where anybody else sits). I’ll be in the Orchestra, 7th row, undoubtedly within spitting distance of the VIPs.

Not to belittle Bourdain, but find it unbelievable that one nondescript mention of him at the end of a long, unrelated story in Wednesday’s food section in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and a few other bits in local outlets caused this box office stampede.

I smell a rat and wouldn’t be surprised if some corporate entity bought the VIP seats as a bloc.

So I won’t have another Bourdain encounter after all, but Cats Working will report nonetheless.

Here’s a nicely done recap of Tony’s sold-out G&G appearance on Nov. 16 at Boston’s Symphony Hall. Can’t say that I’m seeing him cover any new ground here, but maybe it wasn’t included.

I caught 2 more episodes of The Mind of a Chef on PBS, which aired at 3 a.m. here. (See what I’m saying about Richmond lacking the foodie gene?)

One episode was called “Rotten,” and included an hilarious demo on how to make kimchi:

In the other, David Chang traveled to Denmark for a lesson in how Scandinavians will eat just about any flora, and even the yukky skin that forms on hot milk.

And in the Tony’s Friends Dept.…

May 11, 2013, Tony is making a joint appearance with Andrew Zimmern in Minneapolis. Even though Tony will be a distant memory at Travel Channel (and possibly in litigation over the Cadillac commercial) by then, Zimmern still seems eager to bask in the fading glory. It’s kind of sad.

Eric Ripert is on a merchandising rampage. Now he’s launching his own line of Imperial Select Caviar. A 4 oz. tin sells for $525.

Top Chef co-host Padma Lakshmi has done a spread for Playboy because it seems there’s nothing she likes better than being naked or nearly so. And you know the world’s clamoring to see a woman who gave birth at nearly 40 in the altogether.

Padma credits her svelteness, which does appear to be waning, to a “fast metabolism.”

I’m thinking it’s that — and lots of quality time hunched over a toilet bowl.

And this just in… Padma never watches Top Chef.

14 Responses to Screwed Myself on Bourdain Ticket

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    No,no,that’s not true. Padma says she does lots of cardio *cough*

  2. catsworking says:

    Reputedly, ZM, Padma’s “cardio” workouts are done mostly horizontal. I find it incredible that she still manages to cling to any semblance of being a culinary expert. It lowers the credibility of the whole profession a notch.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Have your learned nothing from my passt encountrs with getting Bourdain tix? In NYC they sell out before you pick up the phone. As for VIP my first time I saw him in Atlantic City I tried every known venue and favor and simply could not get one. I crashed on the sidelines anyway, but he sells tickets.

    This year i wanted to go to the roast but it was a weeknight and I had started abew job and it was expensive, then my cohort who comes to these events with me broke an ankle so never made it, my loss Ottavia said it was killer.

  4. Teresa says:

    There may be something to your theory about someone (like Ticket Master) buying up blocks of seats. I’ve tried twice to get good tickets to his Santa Barbara shows, calling just seconds after the box office opened at the Arlington Theater only to be told seats for the first twenty rows were sold out. Having had the good luck to get front row center seats when he spoke in Fresno in ’07 I just don’t want to have to sit where I need opera glasses to see him.

  5. adele says:

    Damn! I hope someone in the Bourdain household reads this, and recognizes your plight. Tony and Ottavia are internet pros now, but perhaps Lupetto will be appreciative of having been interviewed by Cats Working and drop a hint to his humans.

    I hate this ticket broker stuff. They’re a real scourge. Is the venue large enough that they might release more tickets as the date approaches? Sometimes that happens here. In any case, it sounds like you have a good seat, and even if most of the material is familiar, the audience reactions and questions will no doubt add something (or you’ll be embarrassed because your fellow Richmondites (?) are such idiots)

  6. catsworking says:

    Teresa, you just reinforce my suspicion that something fishy goes on. And I was talking to a friend this morning who said her husband had a chance to pick up a Bourdain ticket at work THE DAY BEFORE THEY WENT ON SALE, but didn’t do it. His company is in the food industry.

    I checked several ticket sites online and even called, but nobody had VIP seats. But the fact that I could get a prime “regular” seat tells me only the VIP tickets were hijacked, although he may very well sell the place out by April.

    The Landmark Theater has just undergone a huge restoration thanks to a multi-million-dollar donation by Altria (formerly Philip Morris) and it may be renamed the Altria Theater. I can’t remember if that’s a done deal yet. So if anybody stands to scoff up a bunch of prime tickets, it’s Altria.

    I am leaving no stone unturned, trust me. I can’t believe I’ve waited all these years for Bourdain to come to Richmond and then THIS.

    Adele, the natives here call themselves Richmonders. Right now they’re in a tizzy over the new Lincoln movie because a lot of it was filmed here. Never thought I’d see the day they’d be ga-ga over Lincoln.

  7. Bacardi1 says:

    Ugh – don’t get me started on Padma. I can’t stand her & certainly don’t consider her any sort of “chef”. The few segments of hers that I watched on that old show “Melting Pot”, were AWFUL. The woman not only can’t cook, but she misprounces everything, half the time doesn’t even know what ingredients she’s using, & has zero screen presence.

  8. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, Padma was the main reason I stopped watching Top Chef. That, and the increasingly ridiculous hoops they made the chefs jump through. I caught her on one episode of Melting Pot and it was enough. She made ME look masterful in the kitchen. She was so tentative, it was like she’d never cooked before. And I think she was wearing a white lace dress. Yeah, right. Perfect cooking attire.

    The only reason the woman is a “celebrity” is that TV run by men and they consider her a juicy piece of meat. Colicchio included, if he’s the culinary god Bourdain says he is.

  9. adele says:

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Cats Working crew. Alice and Dorothy were a little concerned by the tweets hinting that Adele might be going to a new home. They hope that it’s a peaceful holiday, Chez Wormald.

    And perhaps because I had fewer expectations, I liked the Layover Chicago episode more than I liked the No Reservations Chicago episode. At least our little Vietnamese area got a shout out — Karen, if you ever come to Chicago, we must get a bowl of pho at Tank Noodle — fabulous. I was surprised to note that in my youth,I’d been in two of the dive bars AB visited. Made me feel quite worldly.

  10. Zappa's Mom says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
    Ive made Giada’s raspberry tiramisu for dessert today.I’ve wanted to try it since I saw her make it on her show.It is super easy and it makes a beautiful presentation.Does anyone know anything about her? Is she actually a chef? she’s pretty and skinny and seems to know what she is talking about.Other than her Hollywood royalty history,how did she come to be a chef-ish sort?

  11. Bacardi1 says:

    While many of her recipes are good, she’s another one that I consider an extremely annoying online presence. Between the cleavage, that big toothy mouth, & her insane pronounciations (like “mooozarrrellla” – heck, even Italian-borns don’t pronounce it like that. How pretentious can you get?). And the orgasmic faces she makes when tasting her own creations – that burns me no matter who’s doing the cooking.

    I’m sure a Google will give you all you need to know about her. And no – she’s not a chef. Just pandering off her Hollywood royalty history & the fact that she’s a good cook.

  12. catsworking says:

    Hi, All. We took a few days off.

    ZM, can’t say I’ve ever seen much of Giada so I have no opinion of her except that her head seems much too large for her body. Nancy Reagan was like that, too.

    Adele, thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting. Yes, I was talking to a friend about possiblly providing a new home for Adele (the cat), but as bad as things are (Max peed on my DESK over the weekend, destroying a very expensive blotter — but once again, it was a situation where he must have been looking out the window when it happened), I can’t bear to part with my girl. She’s my last link to Fred and Yul, and she’s getting up in years so I can’t turn her out of the only home she’s ever known and force her to start over with EVERYTHING.

  13. adele says:

    Alice is so relieved that your Adele is not moving. She actually almost shed a tear (since she and Adele are almost exactly the same age) about the idea of a kitty leaving the only home she’s had since kittenhood — although the rampant urination is enough to drive anyone to desperate acts.

    So last night, I’m watching the Layover (Paris, quite enjoyable), and I find out that Tony and Eric Ripert are coming to Chicago on May 9 for their Good vs. Evil show. I hadn’t heard anything about it, and it turns out the tickets have been on sale for about two weeks. There are still good orchestra seats available, but no VIP’s, of course. I’m taking my friend, Linda, again for her birthday, and I’m wondering if greasing the palm of someone at the venue might get one in to the meet and greet, tho I’d happily have given the money to Tony and Eric instead.

  14. catsworking says:

    Adele, I’ve got the man cave shut off from the cats since the sofa bed in there is ground zero for the peeing (although it’s been covered and hasn’t really taken a bad hit–but once that smell is nearby, it penetrates). I’ve got to get someone to come in and deep-clean it, and then maybe some charity will want it.

    I seriously did consider rehoming Adele, but I just couldn’t do it. Her potential new owners are cat people and she’d be queen of their house, but the thought of packing all her stuff and giving her away had me in tears. Yul would not approve at all.

    I didn’t see all of the Paris Layover last night, but I taped it. Travel Channel ran an ad about Tony’s Richmond appearance, which surprised me.

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