Republicans Refuse to Leave La-La Land

By Cole

From the depths of his election-loss funk, Mitt Romney emerged for a conference call with wealthy donors who squandered big bucks on him and explained that Obama won because he gave so many “gifts” to young people, blacks, women, and Hispanics during his first term.

In RomneyWorld, any act that could give a non-millionaire a little financial relief or healthcare security is a “gift.”

If there’s any lingering doubt that Romney would have presided over the ritual rape and pillaging of the “have nots” so his fellow “haves” could have even more, this should erase it.

According to Romney, if you’re not rich, you deserve NOTHING. You’re a MOOCH.

It’s amazing Romney didn’t include the elderly on Obama’s gift list.

Oh, wait… wasn’t it George W. Bush who closed the donut hole on Medicare prescription drugs for them without having any way to pay for it?

Can’t go there.

And Romney’s faithful running mate, Lyin’ Paul Ryan, has been regretting that Obama got so much support in the most densely populated areas of the country — where the people are.

If cows and cornstalks could vote, Ryan would certainly be VP-elect now.

GOP denial began with Karl Rove’s meltdown election night when Ohio went to Obama. It was like Rove knew the voting there was rigged in Romney’s favor.

And John McCain, in what increasingly appears to be the onset of dementia, has been tottering through the morning shows, still blaming Obama for the attack on the Libyan Embassy and using it as an excuse to reject Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State. Like either of them had any direct control or knowledge on any of it.

Even though decisively defeated, Republicans are making it clear they have NO intention of pulling their heads from their asses and moving on with business. They want the world to see that their hatred of black cats and people of modest means runs really deep.

We should thank the 3.5 MILLION voters who denied Romney the Oval Office, because every time Romney opens his mouth, he still proves they did the right thing.


11 Responses to Republicans Refuse to Leave La-La Land

  1. Britta says:

    Great sum Cole. I was glad to hear that Mitt again showed his true colors. What an elitist psycho.

  2. imabear says:

    Not to mention the list of red states currently gathering signatures on their secession petitions. I’d call it Looney Tunes but don’t want to insult Bugs Bunny & Co.

  3. catsworking says:

    Britta, even though the campaign is over, Romney still has the ability to get my tail in a fluff. Sometimes I wish he’d take a nice row on his lake in a leaky boat. Then again, his magic underwear is probably equipped with a flotation device.

    imabear, what the red states are doing is driven by racism, pure and simple. In the next 4 years, Obama could have the whole mess turned around (if someone could bitch-slap certain key Republicans into cooperating instead of being whiny losers), and they’d hate him for succeeding.

  4. adele says:

    Ah, Cole, as Cats Working’s political blogger, the 2012 election is just the gift that keeps on giving; isn’t it?

    I just saw on Huffington Post that Romney claims that Bill Clintion called him with condolences and said that if not for Sandy, he really believed that ol’ Magic Underwear was going to prevail in the election — but that Sandy gave Obama the chance to be presidential and changed the minds of some undecided voters. According to HuffPost, the Clinton camp could not immediately be reached for comment. This sounds like balderdash to me, and if, as I suspect, Clinton denies it, one once again is left to wonder if there’s some special provision in Mitt’s brand of Mormonism that not only permits, but encourages lying.

  5. catsworking says:

    Adele, I haven’t seen that story, but it seems beyond ridiculous that Bill Clinton would do anything so stupid, and it just sets Romney up to wipe more egg off his face when Clinton responds.

    WHY would Clinton stab Obama’s back now? It makes no sense.

    Now, if you told me that John McCain had called Obama and told him he believed Obama had the election sewn up all along and VOTED for him, that wouldn’t surprise me. I think McCain’s brain is melting like a popsicle on a hot sidewalk.

  6. adele says:

    Cole, I just emailed the HuffPo story to Karen — you cats are much better than I am at posting links; I still haven’t figured it out.

    And regarding McCain, I guess we knew he had incipient dementia when he picked Palin as a running mate, He’s only gotten worse, but you’r right; soon I expect to see him rolling ball bearings between his fingers like the Caine Mutiny Court Martial.

  7. britta says:

    No kidding on the bitch -slapping thing Cole. It is about racism and as much as certain GOP folks gripe about entitlements…they are scratching and fighting for entitlements of their own. Romney is still in denial and that supports how unbalanced he is to begin with. It is a crime that certain politicians cannot get past grudges and meet in middle to start building consensus. Shame on them for putting their own political interests ahead of solving problems. I just hope we don’t have four years of thumb – sucking and pouting. UGH

  8. britta says:

    Oh yeah and McCain is clearly losing it. What a bombastic jerk he has become

  9. catsworking says:

    If the election had gone differently in 2008, today we might be looking at McCain settling in for a second term (like Ronald Reagan all over again — remember how befuddled he always was in his 2nd term?). And Sarah Palin would be counting the days until she could start running for prez in 2016.

    If Mitt Romney really wanted to show what a big job creator he is, and how he can turn around failing businesses, he would stroke a check to Hostess, buy all those closed factories, and let 18,000+ people keep their jobs.

    But we all know he won’t do it. He’s too busy licking his campaign boo-boos and playing with his imaginary friend, Bill Clinton.

  10. adele says:

    Ah Mitt, The Twinkie Savior — really Cole, that’s a brilliant idea.

  11. catsworking says:

    Adele, I’m serious. Now that Mitt has nothing better to do, why wouldn’t he get his cronies at Bain to pitch in and help him buy Hostess. It’s an established business with a market and people are paying big bucks to hoard remaining Twinkies right now.

    If they turn it around, Mitt can show the country what a good president he COULD have been and come off like a big hero for saving jobs and an American institution.

    Or, if they can’t turn it around, they can load it up with more debt, give the workers false hope for a while, skim of many millions in fees for themselves, then quietly let it go under again.

    Seems to me it’s a win-win for Romney.

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