Bourdain Coming to Richmond – At Last

By Karen

My eyes boinged out of their sockets this morning at the news Anthony Bourdain is finally — FINALLY! — coming to Richmond. He’s gracing us with his Guts & Glory at the newly-renovated Landmark Theater April 23, 2013.

I can hardly wait.

Moving on to chocolate, the rumor of Bourdain taking the merchandising plunge — with Eric Ripert — is true. Their Good & Evil bar hit the market November 9.

Last April, Eric hacked his way through the jungles of Peru with Pennsylvania chocolatier Christopher Curtin to reach rare trees that produce cacao beans long believed extinct, and he helped harvest them.

The result is a delicacy that’s 72% cacao, weighs 2.6 ounces, and retails for $18. Each.

If anybody splurges and orders one, please let us 99-Percenters know if you could detect its dark cherry notes.

A blogger at The New Yorker recently ripped Tony a new one for his very existence, accusing him of “brutishness” and leaving a “crude hickey on food culture.” Tony shot back promptly in the third comment. He must get Google alerts on himself.

As you probably know, No Reservations wrapped forever with Tony’s visit to Brooklyn. Especially poignant was the thought that his locales may have been doomed by Hurricane Sandy. (I wondered what happened to one man’s collection of vintage cars? And will Zamir follow Tony to CNN?)

Bourdain blogged what he considers his best and worst episodes of No Res. I have to agree that Rome, even in black and white, sticks in my mind. Tony in suit and tie tooling around with Ottavia glammed up like Sophia Hepburn was so Roman Holiday.

His remaining Travel Channel series, The Layover, debuts its second (and last) season November 19. I’m waiting to see to what new lows TC will sink to stretch the illusion of a Bourdain association.

But maybe they won’t be sorry to see the last of Tony after his cuss-filled Twitter tirade when they secretly spliced gratuitous shots of Cadillacs into Brooklyn show promo, making it look like his endorsement.

It took me right back to the days they had him flash a Chase Sapphire card to pay for his meals in exotic places.

UPDATE: Just discovered that Tony blogged at length about the Cadillac incident. He’s STILL pissed with Travel Channel, and rightly so, by the sound of it.

Travel Channel is such a clusterfuck on so many levels, you have to give them credit for creative underhandedness in advertising. I just realized they recently started duplicating episodes out on Verizon On Demand to trick hapless viewers into watching the longer one laced with commercials.

Almost forgot… I caught the first 4 half-hour episodes of Tony’s PBS series, The Mind of a Chef, starring David Chang. It came on at 2 a.m. here. Thanks to Bourdain, I’ve got this obsession with finding the perfect noodle, and that’s what the first episode was about. I didn’t expect the series to hold my attention, but it totally did. Highly recommend it.

And finally, Tony’s still writing for the HBO series Treme, and did a scene for Emeril Lagasse that reveals him in a light (and with a mouth) you’ve probably never seen before.

UPDATE: This will teach me not to read Twitter before I post. Bourdain’s new CNN series is called Parts Unknown. I like that. Here’s the promo.


10 Responses to Bourdain Coming to Richmond – At Last

  1. Bob says:

    I am so glad that you get to see Bourdain again, remember to bring your Bourdainiacs towel to mop your brow in between pauses. Maybe if you’re lucky Ottavia will sit with you again!

    I hope that coco treat makes it to Canada in time for Christmas.

  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, you can order the candy bar online at the link in the post. They probably ship to Canada. I don’t know what the exchange rate is these days. Maybe for you it’s cheaper!

    I’m doubting Ottavia will accompany him on this appearance. There’s nothing particularly special about Richmond.

  3. adele says:

    I caught two of the four Mind of a Chef Episodes, and I was really impressed. I expected to like Bourdain’s narration, but David Chang was the real surprise.There’s no question that AB and Zero Point Zero put out a good product.

    And Travel Channel — I expect that once The Layover is done, I’ll be visiting only for the occasional NR re-run when I’m going through withdrawal waiting for the new CNN series to start. I follow Samantha Brown on Twitter, and she says nothing of returning to Travel Channel to make new shows, so clearly Travel Channel is sticking to their sucking up to the male 24-49(?) age bracket. Too bad; I remember how excited I was to get Travel Channel and how much I used to enjoy the real travel shows.

    The Cadillac controversy gave us some of AB’s best tweets, but he’s right to be angry. I thought his blog was well-written and well-reasoned.

    And I’m so glad Tony is coming to Richmond.(I just wish he were coming with Ripert) It seems a hundred years ago since you braved winter weather to go to Raleigh Durham to see him. I hope you get to talk to him again; so much has happened since that first meeting, when you were practically the only internet compendium of Bourdain information.

    I noticed that the Richmond tickets start at $35; in Chicago in (I think) April of 2010, tickets started at $65 — so far there are no Chicago dates that I’ve seen, but I shudder to think what the cost of tickets will be; I expect VIP tickets will be hovering in the $175-$200 range if Tony comes here

  4. Bob says:

    Right on for chocolate!! And you never know about Ottavia, she could be reading this right now. Or maybe not?

  5. Zappa's Mom says:

    What am I missing here? I saw the Brooklyn episode,and Ive read the Twitter rants-what Cadillac? I enjoyed the episode and the scenes of him driving around with Tony? of Tony’s? Bar.Is that what he is upset about? Honestly,without his spleen-y Tweets,I never would have noticed what he was driving

  6. Bacardi1 says:

    Even though I got to see Tony & Eric in Charlottesville this past year, I might be willing to spring for Richmond IF it weren’t on a Tuesday. That’s an awfully long drive for hubby on a weeknight.

  7. catsworking says:

    ZM, check the video of the Cadillac spot on the link I posted. It wasn’t part of the show. They spliced it into a commercial, so it looked like Bourdain endorses Cadillac. Some of the shots of the car speeding through the countryside (presumably with Tony at the wheel or as a passenger) were pretty gratuitous.

    When I watched the Brooklyn episode On Demand, the ad wasn’t there. But it was probably included in the longer version.

    Bacardi, I thought a Tuesday night was kind of weird, and may keep the crowd away since we roll up the sidewalks early on weeknights.

    Adele, the only host who could lure me back to Travel Channel after Bourdain finishes is Samantha Brown. Since they quietly canned her, they’ve lost me. But that’s been their intention, so they are on track to meet the goal of a boys-only channel. Maybe they should consider filling the void left by Intel and UPS and become big sponsors of the Boy Scouts. That seems to be their demographic.

  8. catsworking says:

    Bob, last I knew, which came from one of Ottavia’s tweets, she’s still a reader.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Karen remember when we were in DC and with Ottavia and when Tony was posing for pics, he was posing and signing and over his shoulder asked us, “why don’t you ask me about who just bought the Travel Chanel?”

    He went on to elaborate it was his old nemesis Scripps, that was in November 2009, and he was telegraphing his displeasure with management then.

    He left Scripps over disagreements on a “A Cooks Tour” only to have them buy the Travel Chanel, the outcome….inevitable .

  10. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I had forgotten all about that. As Travel Channel evolved around Bourdain’s show, it became increasingly clear that he’s too literate for them. Scripps buying it didn’t raise the bar an inch. If anything, I see the network swirling down the bowl as it dilutes its identity and becomes a catch-all for every hare-brained gimmick that’s shot in various places.

    With his Tumblr post, including the whiff of pending legal action, I’d say Tony has burned his bridge with TC. And TC responded that his choosing to elaborate on the Cadillac matter was “unfortunate.” (I think that’s the word they used.)

    Yeah, getting eloquently called out for being exploitive dicks is hell.

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