Romney Takes a Bayonet on Foreign Policy

By Cole

After 6 years of running full-time for president, voters have YET to see the “real” Mitt Romney. Last night’s 3rd and final presidential debate, on foreign policy, was no exception.

The polls say Obama won it because Romney played DittoMan, agreeing with just about every policy Obama mentioned, even if it meant doing a 180 on his own positions, and having no ideas of his own except to “get tougher” with everybody except his BFFs in Israel.

Romney’s problem with debating — aside from never knowing which face of Mitt he should wear — is that he doesn’t comprehend the word debate.

He doesn’t hesitate to criticize and oppose the president everywhere else, but in a debate Romney turns into that JELL-O® you can’t nail to the wall.

I give Obama 4 paws up for not punching this face…

Thanks to split-screen TV, the world saw Romney’s studied blankness whenever he wasn’t talking. Whether he was being praised, criticized, or called out as a liar, when Obama spoke, Romney rarely deviated from a fixed stare with a hint of smirk.

If Romney was doing it to placate women voters who hate confrontation, the effect was fake and creepy.

Obama once again found himself down the rabbit hole, trying to reason with someone who responded with irrelevant or erroneous factoids and flatly denied things he’s stated MANY times before — like Russia is our greatest threat and it’s a mistake to set a date for leaving Afghanistan.

Once again, Obama pointed out Romney’s reversals and lies, and even chided him — with the much-quoted “horses and bayonets” example — for ignoring our Navy’s current efficiencies while pining for the long-lost fleet of 1916.

It was telling that when the debate ended, both men stood and walked away from each other, when they were sitting within reach of an instant handshake.

And then Romney proceeded to pack the stage with at least 3 generations of his family, as if demonstrating his intent to personally repopulate the country with Mormons.

The president and Michelle stuck around just long enough to greet the Romney coven, shake a few hands in the audience, and beat it. But Romney and his wife lingered to milk the crowd — like he cared about them or something.


15 Responses to Romney Takes a Bayonet on Foreign Policy

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Thanks for using the word “creepy”. That’s exactly what I was thinking last night (and on all the other nights). Thank god the debates are over; I couldn’t take watching Romney filibuster the President (and the moderators) any more!

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Tracy! Thanks for using the word “filibuster,” because that’s just what Romney does. From the first debate, Obama found himself stymied by a guy who would just lie to Obama’s face to refute anything he said. Forget about taking a stand and defending it. Romney thinks debating is all about “appearing” to be more in command even without any substance.

    And the people who can’t see past Romney’s simple-minded naivete about what it takes to govern could very well flush this country right back down the toilet. Hard to believe, after the struggle we’ve been through to recover from Bush, that such a large proportion of the population is still that gullible — or racist. Romney should have been laughed out of contention long before now.

    I’m with you, Tracy. I don’t think I could sit through one more freaking debate. It’s bad enough TV is packed with campaign ads, and SOMEONE keeps calling our fax machine many times a day. It’s got to be political.

  3. CfromFL says:

    Obama was hysterical when he gave the “morning after” speech in Delray Beach this AM. He spoke of Mitt suffering from “Romnesia” and gave many examples of how someone “might have Romnesia” sort of like the Jeff Foxworthy schtick. But in the end Obama said there is a cure for it and because his health plan covers pre-existing conditions Mitt would receive good medical treatment. This was the first time I have ever seen Obama in such a mood and the crowd ate it up. I actually saw a different side of him.

  4. Tracy Moses says:

    Saw it on TV and it was awesome!

  5. britta says:

    I just don’t get that people cant read him. Romney’s dark, coal -like eyes showing no compassion, and glares of contempt and indifference. He has no plan for anything and is hell bent on being president for all the wrong reasons. He has been meagerly schooled on the issues and it shows.

  6. britta says:

    Oh, and as an aside, I was on a road trip between central Florida and Charleston this past weekend and NPR commentary was quite entertaining…

  7. adele says:

    Bill Maher said that Mitt’s foreign policy is now “What he said, but said by a white guy.” And Ron Regan was on Chris Matthews tonight and said something that I thought last night — political campaigns tend to be based on the one immediately prior, and aside from all the other reasons we don’t want Mitt, if Mitt wins, then future campaigners will simply feel that they’ve been given carte blanche to lie about everything.

    I also read that the vile Ann Coulter tweeted something like, “Nice of Romney to be so nice to the retard.”

  8. Gizmo's mom says:

    Funny, I don’t remember Romney saying anything to Ann at the debate……. ; )

  9. CfromFL says:

    I wish someone would drop Ann Coulter and Neal Boortz in Lake Okeechobee for gator bait. Then again, we try and keep the filth out of our waterways here in Florida!

  10. catsworking says:

    In the debate, Romney basically accused Obama of not bringing peace to the entire Middle East during his term. Romney doesn’t claim he’ll do it either. But all these uprisings are somehow Obama’s fault and he should have stomped them all out by now.

    And almost half the country is buying in to this bullshit. Rather than believing that people are that dumb, I have to conclude it’s simple racism. They hate black cats.

    As for the other 6% who never register in the polls because they’re “undecided” — they must be the “retards” Ann Coulter was referring to. They shouldn’t leave their houses on Nov. 6 because they’re obviously too stupid to vote.

    If anyone came off as a “retard” in the last debate, it was Romney. We’ve never had a candidate who is such a wind-up doll (including Palin). Mitt follows whatever his handlers tell him to do without adjusting to come across as human. “OK, Mitt, throw out a lot of statistics to show you’re on top of things.” “Don’t look angry.” “Don’t interrupt.” “Don’t show too many teeth like Biden did.”

    The result is a robot with staring, lifeless black shark eyes that spouts meaningless numbers (which probably aren’t even right).

    Once again, the world is probably watching and wondering HOW ON EARTH anyone could be seriously considering this greedy, lying loser as the next president.

  11. MorganLF says:

    As my brother syas when ever anyone starts in about Romney, he cuts them short and says I won’t discuss it , I’m a veteran and I will not. Vote for anyone who does not believe in our country enough to keep his money here. He just repeats it in a monotone until they go away.

    Creepy dead eyed greedy ghoul…..I shudder to think.

  12. catsworking says:

    Good comeback for your brother, Morgan.

    All these polls are freaking us out. OK, Obama was a limp noodle in the first debate and shot himself in the foot, but HOW can anybody (particularly WOMEN!!) have watched Romney lie his way through the next 2 like a demented robot and decide, “Yup, HE’S the guy I want!”

    Romney’s now touting BIG CHANGE when he’s elected. Yeah, the “big change” will be that he’ll go completely under wraps when he’s not lying about what he’s up to. If, God forbid, Obama loses, we’re in for the most clandestine presidency ever — and at least a war with Iran, if not others.

  13. Zappa's Mom says:

    I haven’t watched any of the debates since the first(I played a really fun drinking game and lost….or won…not sure) I haven’t watched a single minute of campaign related tv and will not because I am sick to death of the entire thing.My hope is that should Mittens be elected President,all those that voted for him finally get a job or see their falterng small business thrive and that our economy skyrockets! My question is,how long are Romney supporters going to give his administration to fix everything?

    Tonight i am watching “Magic Mike” on demand with a bowl of popcorn.I propose our next election’s debate cycle to include a strip-off or pole dance contest.Fuck foreign policy.

  14. britta says:

    This blog is a comfort in that posters reassure there are still sane, clear -thinking people (and cats) in this world.

  15. catsworking says:

    Britta, thank you. If I weren’t a black cat, you could see me blushing.

    ZM, you said a mouthful. We are effing sick of this everlasting campaign, too. You can’t watch any TV channel without the breaks being loaded with political ads. The candidates and their wives have been crawling all over Richmond. Obama was in town yesterday (and drew a crowd of 15,000 — the biggest one yet in VA), and Romney will be defiling Karen’s alma mater, the University of Richmond, on Sunday.

    The only escape is to boycott TV and stick to DVDs for the duration, but Karen’s developed this unnatural addiction to Breaking Amish and has to find out how all those phony-baloneys end up. It’s been fascinating to watch, but it’s right down there for new lows in truth on TV with the Sarah and Bristol Palin so-called “reality” series — and just about any ad Romney’s running.

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