Rock’em Sock’em Joe Biden

By Cole

FINALLY, a Democrat had the courage to stop a Republican in mid-lie and distortion — 82 times in 90 minutes, the pundits counted.

Joe Biden’s VP debate with Paul Ryan was everything the first Obama-Romney debate was not. Biden actually laughed at Ryan’s persistent attempts to con American voters into buying the notion of a conservative middle-class low-tax Utopia that neither Ryan nor Romney themselves believe in.

Sure, today the opposition is crawling all over Biden for saying the White House was unaware that our embassy in Libya had asked for more security before it was attacked by terrorists on September 11.

Republicans, with their selective memory, like to think Democrats have a lock on massive intelligence failures.

At least when Obama doesn’t get the message, he doesn’t declare war on a different country, like dear old George W. Bush did after ignoring repeated warnings that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack us. Bush’s response was to fixate on Saddam Hussein and destroy Iraq, which had nothing to do with it.

To steal a choice phrase from Virginia’s former Republican governor, George Allen, Joe Biden came as close to shoving most of Paul Ryan’s misconceptions back “down his whiny throat” as anybody’s ever likely to get.

And it felt good. Real good.

To Ryan’s credit, he never backed down. Like a well-trained pit bull, he kept spouting the party’s worn-out lies and fact-free promises like he believes them. And he probably does.

Let’s hope Obama can maintain the momentum on October 16 in his foreign policy debate with Romney. It’s got potential as an easy slam-dunk, since Romney has already gone out of his way to piss off China (“cheaters”) and Russia (“our No. 1 geopolitical foe”), and talks like he’s itching for war with Iran and Syria.

2 Responses to Rock’em Sock’em Joe Biden

  1. britta says:

    Hello Cole
    So the pundits are saying that debates have little influence on an eventual vote. I don’t know how valid this may be. Truth be told I turned off the TV early on because I was not wanting to watch another democratic lay -down. I was reassured with the morning headlines but don’t think my lack of faith that I would not view a trainwreck was unfounded. Hope the trend continues with the next debate. Cant believe they don’t have a bigger strategy in mind. Like the mum the President kept when he knew that bin laden ‘s capture was imminent, lets hope he has an ace with bringing recent terriorists to justice.

  2. catsworking says:

    Let’s just hope some of Biden’s mojo rubs off on Obama and he has the courage to point out when Romney’s lying or reversing his positions. In the next debate, don’t be surprised if Mittens declares Russia our best friend, and China our esteemed partner in job creation.

    This morning I was reading that where we live, Chesterfield County, Va., is the 5th largest voting bloc in the state, and it hasn’t gone for a Democratic president since TRUMAN. Can’t tell you how scary it is to know that we’re surrounded by so much blind stupidity. Just the other day, Romney himself showed up virtually at our doorstep and drew a crowd of 3,000+.

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