Romney Reveals His Financial Bigotry

By Cole

Thanks to a surreptitious taping while Romney thought he was among friends (i.e., fellow millionaires), Romney clearly states why he shouldn’t be president. Elitism and racism are bad enough, but his utter disdain for nearly half the country is truly mind-boggling.

Romney thinks a full 47% of Americans are lazy, non-tax-paying mooches who blindly support Obama because they think he’ll let government continue supporting them.

Romney also thinks nobody has a right, in the most prosperous nation in history, to expect food, housing, and healthcare.

Mitt says he has no interest in winning these people’s votes, nor in governing them. He says it’s not his job to worry about them.

That’s 47% of THE WHOLE UNITED STATES he’s writing off.

Romney has since said it was an “inelegant” way to put it. But he defends the thought. Maybe because he’s been similarly dismissive of people in need before.

Remember, months ago he told CNN, “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

Turns out, he was lying. He won’t fix the safety net because he doesn’t think poor people deserves one.

It’s all so rich (pardon the pun), coming from the guy who pays the bare minimum in taxes he can legally, and refuses to verify he even does THAT.

Mitt, you ignorant twit, there isn’t ONE ADULT in this country who pays no taxes. The lowliest bum who buys a cup of coffee with change from handouts pays taxes on it.

The bad news for Obama supporters is that Romney thinks you’re the 47% and he intends to do NOTHING for you. It doesn’t matter if the only job you can find pays minimum wage. And if you’re retired and on Social Security after working and paying taxes your whole life, Romney thinks you’re now a greedy drain on the economy.

Speaking of work, Romney’s only occupation for several years has been running for office and shoveling dividends he still earns on money he made from pillaging other people’s struggling businesses into his foreign bank accounts.

It’s hard to believe there’s anyone who still thinks this man belongs in the White House.


David Brooks on Thurston Howell Romney.

For more Romney classic foot-in-mouth moments, here are some quotes.

10 Responses to Romney Reveals His Financial Bigotry

  1. britta says:

    Cole, it just gets more and more unbelievable that anyone in this country can’t see straight through this man. Despite his education, he is starting to remind me of that VP who couldn’t spell, had his share of intellectual blunders and came across a little bit of a, shall we say, “dullard”— oh yeah, Dan Quayle. But then again, Dan had a JD – so much for the value of advanced degrees.

  2. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, while working on this post, I read that Romney has 2 degrees from Harvard, but I don’t know what they’re in.

    If you listen to more of that tape, he goes on to talk about how he’d have a better shot at the White House if he were Latino, how he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He claims he and his wife gave everything they inherited from their wealthy parents to charity, and made their fortune on their own, but Daddy was picking up the tab for all of Romney’s exclusive boarding school education and Harvard years. It’s hardly like Mitt left the farm after 3rd grade and worked his way up from nothing. And of course we know what Ann did with her education. She became a non-wage-earning, non-tax-paying breeder.

    The hard-working blue-collar Republicans who think the Romneys are looking out for them should be doing a double-take.

  3. adele says:

    Mitt is a wonder, and Cole thanks for that wonderful compilation of quotes. When David Brooks and Joe Scarborough publicly turn against you in September, you’re in big trouble,

    I’m astonished that with all of Mitt’s money and all of the money in his super-pacs (astonished but relieved) that he can’t put on a better campaign. I can’t remember who said “John McClain felt that Mitt Romney was not qualified to be his VP running mate — he picked Sarah Palin instead.”

    BTW, Mitt has and MBA and a JD from Harvard; he always forgets he has a JD (I don’t know if he ever practiced law) when he rails against lawyers. I guess if your daddy has enough money, Harvard lowers its admission standards.

  4. britta says:

    Well said Adele. As a former colleague once lamented, advanced degrees just take time and money. There are plenty of folks who live in a bubble of lots of education but no time in the trenches of life. While i can attest that my grad school years weren’t easy (and I sure wasn’t attending Harvard) living life without the benefit of wealth put me in places where I learned compassion and empathy. Mitt could be considered a total blank in how the real world works for the have -nots


  6. catsworking says:

    Gee, Michele, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about Mitt? 😉

    What I just don’t get is how ANYBODY thinks the man has a shred of interest in anybody but his own kind. If you flip that 47% comment around, he’s basically saying he wants to get into the White House to REWARD those who are doing well and IGNORE everybody else. Every time I hear the words “middle class” come out of his mouth while he wears a phony pious expression, I want to hurl.

    In fact, I’m wondering if the Mormons aren’t thinking of excommunicating him. He sets a TERRIBLE example for their faith with his constant lying and contempt for the poor.

    On the other hand, unless he’s short-changing them on the tithing (another reason he won’t release tax returns), his money probably pays for a lot of sinning.

    Remember when everybody thought George Bush I was from another planet when he didn’t know the price of gas or milk? Well, Romney makes Bush Sr. look like the salt of the earth. And as Adele mentioned, if John McCain felt more comfortable with an airhead like Sarah Palin, that should speak volumes about how Mitt presented himself.

    Paul Ryan has been criss-crossing Virginia this week, but not getting a lot of local press. I wonder if he’s feeling like a rat on Titanic yet?

  7. MorganLF says:

    That creepy dynasty having douche bag just tanked his chances. Out of touch elitist, cult follower, with 18 grandchildren! When was the last time a candidate for president had 18 grandchildren? He is living the “principle ” a basic tenet of the Mormon faith.

    It baffles the mind how this guy got the nomination.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, couldn’t agree with you more. How Romney didn’t get hosed right out of the gate is a mystery. And HOW IN HELL did he ever con the people of Massachusetts into electing him governor? Yet he got the presidential nomination because the rest of the field was even more bat-shit crazy than he is.

    This is what the Republicans have sunk to. You have to feel sorry for the old-school ones who believe in reasonable fiscal conservatism but truly want to live and let live. They’ve been drowned out by the racist zealots who think total anarchy is the answer (well, they don’t phrase it that way, but deregulating everything and firing all the police, firemen, and teachers means the same thing).

    This morning the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch finally faced reality and published a story on the front page about Obama and Tim Kaine (Dem running for Senate against the idiot, George “Macaca” Allen) being AHEAD in two polls in Virginia.

    The Onion has been having a field day with Romney since he insulted half the country. Here’s their projection of his next strategy:,29611/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post:quote:default

  9. MorganLF says:

    Much is being made of Romneys charitable donantions in the right wing rags. Comparing him to Obama and Biden who are declared miserly. Except one thing…. as a Mormon he is required to tithe and who do you think the bulk of his “charitable” contributions go to? You guessed it her is an article that breaks it down:

    In my opnion he is being cagey about his returns because he does not want to be seen as the head financier of a cult…which of course he is.

  10. catsworking says:

    Morgan, thanks for that link. The analysis is consistent with what Romney has shown himself to be: a cheap, heartless SOB when it comes to people in need outside his faith.

    The Obamas and Bidens may not have given as much (since they didn’t make anywhere near as much), but I’m sure more of their money went to charities that actually try to help people, rather than paying what amounts to a tax levied by a greedy church. If Mitt weren’t such a brainwash case, you know there’s no way he’d be giving 10% of his income away. He probably still has the first dollar he ever earned.

    The 10% tithe that keeps Mormons broke and desperate makes them particularly susceptible to all sorts of multi-level marketing scams/schemes, which is why most of those companies are based in Utah. I have a Mormon friend who has told me about several “sure winners” she’s fallen into over the years.

    Years ago in my more naive days, I was actually briefly suckered by Nu Skin, but within a month found it unsustainable and pulled out before I ended up with an apartment full of unsold skincare products. The products themselves were actually very good, but the volumes you needed to sell/recruit to stay in the game were crazy. Read about it:

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