Bill Clinton Knees the GOP

By Cole

If you go around talking trash about the Democrats, you’d better hope Bill Clinton doesn’t cross your path.

With wry wit and a casual, bantering manner, last night Clinton gave the Republicans a good one to the groin, refuting point for point — with facts — every lie they spouted at their convention.

It should be required viewing for all undecideds.

In the clearest terms, he laid out the choice voters face…

“In Tampa, the Republican argument against the President’s re-election was pretty simple: we left him a total mess, he hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in.”

The only gripe the talking heads had was that Clinton spoke too long. But I saw the speech’s length as a direct measure how much bullshit the GOP has been shoveling at us.

Unfortunately, Clinton won’t end Romney & Co.’s lies because they have nothing else. God forbid they delve into Romney’s background as a CEO, governor, or tax-paying citizen for anything useful to brag about.

Now we can compare the two parties in a nutshell…

The Democrats are proud to showcase their smart past president, using the knowledge he gained in foreign policy, the economy, healthcare, education, you name it, as a verbal lethal weapon.

The Republicans are hiding their past president under a rock. And Romney’s ONLY plan is to resurrect all the bone-headed George W. Bush strategies that got us into 2 wars and devastated the middle class.

Romney is calling the Democratic convention a “celebration of failure.” But he didn’t watch Michelle Obama’s speech, and he’s obviously ignoring the dozens of speakers reeling off Obama’s achievements — which Obama pulled off in spite of intransigent foes like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor constantly plotting against him.

Here’s an interview with Romney before Clinton spoke, reeling off all the shiny new statistics he’s just memorized for the upcoming debates.

(And notice his forehead is wrinkled again. Apparently, his eerily unlined face at the Republican convention was as phony as everything else about him.)

8 Responses to Bill Clinton Knees the GOP

  1. Britta says:

    If anything, Romney is getting more and more ridiculous—he’s almost cartoonish. I cannot believe anyone, especially women, believe in his ability to do anything but be a “talking head.” Remember the old MTV cartoon—Max Headroom. Now we have Mitt….a striking similarity

  2. President Clinton gave a fantastic speech at the Convention last night. He covered each topic thoroughly, and had seriously done “his homework’ on each subject. I am very proud of the respect he has for this country, and his respect for the Democratic Party.

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Michele. What I admire Clinton for is his ability to cut through the BS and present his case clearly so that there’s no mistake. Try getting a straight answer to any question out of Romney (well, before he learned a bunch of statistics. Now he’ll work those into the conversation any way he can).

    Britta, your link wasn’t showing, so I replaced it. Yes, I think Romney does bear a striking resemblance to Max Headroom. The Democrats are wiping the floor with the GOP this week on inclusion and women’s rights. Yet all Romney can harp on is the brief omission of the word “God” from the platform (when apparently they said “faith” instead, for the sake of Buddhists, Muslims, etc.) and that they didn’t hand Jerusalem solely to Israel — BOTH points Obama quickly had changed. I don’t say “corrected,” because there was certainly a wish not to offend on both counts.

    Even after revealing himself to be anti-Arab while he was in Israel, Mitt is STILL trying to inflame the Middle East so he can start a new war as pals with Netanyahu.

  4. MorganLF says:

    Oh my Billy………he laid them out in lavender!

  5. britta says:

    Bill nailed it! Odd how I held him in disdain during his trying times and now, so appreciate his scholar and candor. He is a clear asset to this campaign and IMHO a brilliant politician and consensus builder.

  6. britta says:

    Due to work obligations, just catching up on presentations from wives and candidates. To sum, Barbie and Ken are just that, Barbie and Ken. Seriously, would I vote for the prom King & Queen for the highest office in the land….not

  7. imabear says:

    Bill was awesome! He hit it out of the park. I sure to miss him…. He is one of the few “famous” people alive today that I would really love to meet.

  8. catsworking says:

    Now that it’s all over, another one whom I think hit it out of the park was John Kerry. I agreed that it was probably the best speech of his whole career. There must be something about having all the pressure off that relaxes these guys into being more human.

    Thought Biden also did an excellent job. He certainly touched the crowd more than Obama. But Obama was kind of cornered. He couldn’t get too abstract and inspirational or they’d accuse him of running from his record (not that Romney EVER does that, of course). It was classy of him NOT to mention that earlier in the day, the S&P 500 hit a 4-year high, and the NASDAQ was at its highest since 2000. Obama had nothing to do with the jumps, but they’re indications that the economy isn’t totally trashed, as Romney claims.

    Britta and imabear, Karen was quite disgusted when the news was full of Bill’s stupid escapades, but they never had anything to do with his abilities as president. It wasn’t like he was passing state secrets to the women. And now that he’s had his “come to Jesus” moments with infidelity and his health, he’s really straightened up and become someone it’s OK to admire. We just hope Obama unclenches the butt-cheeks a bit and does as well demolishing Romney in the debates as Bill would have done.

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