Todd Akin Exposes the American Taliban

By Adele

Republicans have made it official: Their platform decrees that EVERY man’s sperm is sacred, including rapists’. If a woman is brutally violated and becomes pregnant, she should have no right to seek an abortion.

What will Republicans think of next — stoning to death women they suspect of adultery?

Missouri Congressman (and Senator wannabe) Todd Akin revealed the logic behind this Republican misogyny.

During a TV interview in St. Louis, Akin calmly and clearly explained how he learned from doctors that woman have a biological mechanism to “shut down” fertilization and avoid pregnancy when they are “legitimately” raped.

Democratic disgust was immediate. Republicans are fuming over having their deeply-rooted ignorance verbalized.

So Akin has apologized for using “the wrong words” and pretends to agree that all rapes are bad.

I think Akin’s only regret is being rightfully called out as a dumbass. He refuses to drop out of the race to unseat Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. Let’s hope sensible Missouri women do the right thing and crush Akin at the polls.

Since Akin specified “legitimate” (which he now says meant “forcible”) rape, what would he and his ilk consider “illegitimate” rape…

  • A woman trying to escape a control-freak husband, who stalks and assaults her as “just punishment?”
  • A woman who wears a tight, low-cut outfit into a bar and ends up gang-banged on a pool table because “she asked for it?”
  • A little girl who doesn’t move or scream when Daddy climbs into her bed to teach her “how to be a woman?”

Romney’s trying to “distance” himself from Akin’s words, but his running mate Paul Ryan has worked with Akin in Congress on legislation to reproductively hog-tie women permanently.

Paul Ryan believes women should only have abortions if their lives are in danger, but they deserve to bear lifelong consequences for rape or incest.

Akin’s now saying he should continue in the Senate race because he misspoke “one word in one sentence in one day.”


Obviously, he still doesn’t get it. And prominent Republicans can pooh-pooh Akin all they want, but their actions — trying to make abortion and birth control crimes, forcing pregnant women to have unnecessary ultrasounds in Virginia — speak louder than words.

They just don’t like any one of their own to admit it.

BONUS: A great blog post on this topic at Forming the Thread.


6 Responses to Todd Akin Exposes the American Taliban

  1. Britta says:

    Nothing but outrage and contempt for this sick sob. How would every Republican male respond if the rape victim were their 14 yo daughter or, their wife???

  2. catsworking says:

    Britta, Republican men would say “Not to worry. She CAN’T get pregnant unless she was ‘asking for it.’ In that case, she deserves to be knocked up.”

  3. britta says:

    I am utterly flabbergasted and sickly dismayed with how little certain members of our society, more alarmingly those in power, have evolved. I know this sounds radical but I wish Akin could take one for our team to truly understand the gravity of rape. Becoming impregnated in the process is impossible but one can always hope for a miracle.

  4. annie pelfrey says:

    i for one am sick of this topic being an issue at all in political arenas .
    especially from those of the male persuasion. they’re just pandering for the religious right vote.

  5. A. Linde says:

    Akin HAS to try for the senate. If the people of Mo. don’t send him to the senate – what would he do for a job? Who, in their right mind would hire him? Imagine, this guy is on a science commitee! America, America, with guys like this in Washington I fear for your future.

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome, A. Linde. Isn’t Akin already a congressman? So even if he loses for the Senate, he’s already in Washington.

    Annie, I totally agree with you. Every one of these so-called men who think they have the right to dictate women’s health issues should either be castrated or be forced to live a life of celibacy. They’re too ignorant to risk being allowed to breed.

    And the “religious wrong” should STFU. They also have NO RIGHT to tell anybody else how to live. What they believe is their business, but nobody else wants to hear it.

    Britta, I know it’s a mean thing to think, but Akin really needs a wake-up call on rape. Unfortunately, it would have to involve an innocent member of his immediate family. I wonder how he’d like being called “Grandpa” by some kid with an unknown father (carrying God-knows-what STDs) who’s running around loose as a violent felon committing “legitimate” rapes?

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