Romney Finds His Soulmate

By Cole

In Hollywood parlance, I’m not sure if the new Republican ticket is Ryney (to rhyme with “whiny”) or Roman (pronounced like the cheap packaged noodles 99% of Americans will be eating if this pair wins).

On August 11, Mitt Romney continued his grand Foot in Mouth Tour with a visit to Virginia, standing in front of the battleship USS Wisconsin (because Republicans apparently need their symbolism that size to get it) and introducing to the world “the next president of the United States,” Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

You could almost hear foreheads being slapped off-camera as Ryan took the stage and began to speak, while Romney’s handlers turned Mitt around, saying, “YOU’RE the next president, REMEMBER??!!!”

Then Romney rudely interrupted Ryan by popping back into frame to explain with a nervous chuckle that he (Mitt) sometimes makes mistakes (ya THINK?) but, “I didn’t make a mistake with this guy.”

I predict that moment will be replayed widely on November 7 after Obama’s re-election, as Romney’s famous last words.

Paul Ryan is Sarah Palin in pants. Young (42), eager, ambitious, attractive, and rabid to spout off whatever the nuttiest fringe of the base wants to hear.

Granted, Ryan is intellectually leap years ahead of Palin because he does his homework, but the results are so far out in left field, he might as well be an idiot.

For starters, Ryney claim they can cut taxes and reduce the deficit simultaneously.

It sounds great in campaign-speak, but in plain English they’re saying, “We’re going to take in less money but pay more of the bills.”

And do this while increasing defense spending. In prep, perhaps, for yet a 3rd Republican-instigated war — tag-teaming with Israel to make Iran a parking lot?

The only way they can possibly do all this is to brutally slash programs that actually help people, like Social Security, Medicare, infrastructure maintenance (roads, bridges), and education for starters.

It’s said Romney feels totally comfortable with Ryan, a red flag right there. Also, both men have kept their hookup under wraps since August 1, and Ryan intends to divulge only 2 years of tax returns. That should tell us something about how open and transparent a Romney administration would be.

The only comfort in all this is knowing that the vice-presidency is the world’s biggest non-job, and you can’t believe ANY candidate’s promises. Once they’re faced with Congress, all bets are off and it’s every greedy crook for himself. All these 10-year projections of deficits, savings, and surpluses are baloney because these guys won’t be around to see them through.

Romney took a bold chance picking his veep. He should ask John McCain how that worked out in 2008.

4 Responses to Romney Finds His Soulmate

  1. MorganLF says:

    Once again spot – on. Why are the Republicans accepting of the fact that Romney will not produce tax returns, that effectively document that a presidential candidate harbors the vast amount of his assets offshore in numbered accounts and pays approximately half of what I pay in taxes?

    Seriously, President?

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, whether or not Romney ever discloses more of his returns, he became a tax dodger since he deposited the first penny in an offshore account. The only thing we don’t know is the extent of it, but we can assume it’s significant. Sure, maybe it’s legal under current tax law, but a supposedly pious, God-fearing man like Romney should know that screwing the government he now wants to run is immoral. I wonder if he’s also been dodging his obligation to tithe 10% of his gross to his church? Maybe THAT’s why he won’t release the returns.

    And Paul Ryan wants to throw seniors on Medicare to the private insurers so healthcare money can be squandered on profits. Yeah, that’s really going to help seniors when they find themselves priced out of the market. Screw vouchers. Insurers are in the business of making a profit, not doing the right thing. If Grandma has to die because her freaking government voucher is worthless, who cares? Certainly not the Republicans.

    What I can’t understand is why ANYBODY who isn’t a fellow millionaire supports these guys. Especially women.

    We just learned from Ryan’s bud in Congress, Todd Akin, that women have this secret internal system that helps them repel a pregnancy if they’re raped. Just think, if women could activate it whenever they felt an unwanted pregnancy coming on, there would be no more abortions.

    But then Republicans would want to pass laws to make it a felony for a woman to even THINK she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Oh you can bet he tithes, that very powerful cult is pulling the strings that put him where he is. I am sure he does not want us to see the millions and millions of blood money he pays them.

    The republicans in their loathing of a black president are so desperate they are not vetting the cult. All they know is rich dude so that’s their man- ambitious not too bright and malleable, wait until they see he reports to a cabal of kooks. Won’t Karl Rove be surprised?

    As for Akin, I for once have no words.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, we just watched a fascinating 35-minute video about Romney and his Mormon faith. It’s well worth a look:

    Apparently he achieved some lofty positions in the church where he was considered infallible and his decisions were never to be questioned. These people theorize that this experience has fed, in large part, his inability to connect to “normal” people and his obtuseness at providing facts (tax returns) or justifications for anything he does.

    We’re still digesting Akin…

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