UnFoodie Becomes a Weight Watcher

By Karen

Part 1 – Why?

Because when I hit 177 lbs. in May, my scale was within spitting distance of 200 — at 5’3”.

Weight Watchers® says my ideal weight is between 113 and 141 lbs. Anything 30+ beyond that is technically obesity.

Me. OBESE? How the hell did I let that happen?

When I was 42, I weighed 113 (size 6-8) and I had a bod made for sin.

But over the past few years, I’ve become a regular at plus-size retailer Catherine’s because “normal” stores carry almost nothing that fits. Once your size has an X in it, your style options are “circus tent” or “sofa.” Catherine’s, who should empathize with their customers’ plight, features clothes with wide horizontal stripes, huge flowers, and garish geometrical patterns in case anybody might be tempted to overlook what a tank you are.

Underneath, I’ve taken to wearing enormous clown panties (size 9) and 46DD bras — big boobs are my Italian curse.

So on May 21, I joined Weight Watchers® online. I’ve done the drill twice before with meetings and it was good while it lasted, but I’m a veteran yo-yo dieter who has repeatedly lost the same pounds, only to regain them and another 10.

Weight Watchers® is basically the Taco Bell of dieting. For years, they’ve milked the sole premise that you must burn more calories than you consume, cloaking it in various schemes so you never have to say you’re counting calories.

This year it’s called PointsPlus® and it’s never been more complicated. But if you can wrap your head around it, it does work.

After 8 weeks, I’m down 13 lbs. I’ve reversed the obesity train back to Overweightville. But my ultimate destination is Slim City.

I’m not sure yet how much I need to lose. I have an absolute horror of becoming one of those stringy-necked, brittle little stick figures with lifeless hair and loads of wrinkles. I’d be content in size 8 again.

I’ve already lost 3.5” in the bust, but would love to shed another 10”. If you bemoan being flat-chested, count your blessings. You can 1) Buy cute blouses you can button and tuck in, 2) Wear belts, 3) Run and do jumping jacks, and 4) Have men look you in the eye because they aren’t transfixed by the basketballs strapped to your chest.

I’ve got a lot more to spill about Weight Watchers®, but this is a start. Stay tuned…


2 Responses to UnFoodie Becomes a Weight Watcher

  1. keriwormald says:

    Living in horror of backsliding on “holiday” in Edinburgh. I’ve just finished eating a very similar Weight Watchers type meal here in my rented flat–and have to know, Anthony Bourdain, why are the vegetables so much more flavorful here???? (They reallly are. It’s not just Anglophilia). And I joined a gym today… Well, not A gym, THE gym. I watched the British Olympic team going through their last drills leading up to London!!! I also did a water class and swam laps (at a different gym…. they don’t let the “punters” just jump in the pool with the British Olympic hopefuls). Bottom line… I made my holiday priority be getting my exercise in daily and my diet groceries “sorted.” And I feel good about it. I also bought a rain coat (ON SALE!) and the bad news is it was a size 14.. The good news is that that’s a 10 in the USA. .(Oh, at the club where I did the water aerobics class, I ended up in a sauna w/ a 53 year old man (I’m allso nearly 53) and he said, and I quote, “Well, you’re in much better shape than I am!” That keeps me going!!!! He didn’t look half bad. Sister Karen, KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ It’s worth it!!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Readers, for the record, Keri is giving Jennifer Hudson a run for her money, losing 70 lbs. since January 1.

    Keri, I wondered how you would stay on the plan traveling and dealing with the temptation of nights in pubs with friends.

    I am sticking with it, although I’m still not feeling it much in the wardrobe. I am back into size 8 underwear, but they’re still pretty clownish.

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