‘Fancy Feast Mornings’ Gets Mixed Paws

By Max

Never has a cat awakened, taken a good stretch, and thought, Boy, I could really go for some eggs! Yet Purina has unleashed another “gourmet,” premium-priced eggy cat food called Fancy Feast® Mornings™.

Maybe you’ve seen this ad featuring that spoiled white Persian…

Looks like they dumped 2 cans into that ramekin, and this stuff can retail for 98 cents a can. I know because Karen scored us 2 free cans with a coupon worth $1.99.

Cats Working has now completed a scientific taste test, conducted on 2 mornings several days apart (to ensure uncompromised palates). We sampled “Soufflé with White Meat Chicken, Garden Veggies and Egg” and “Medley with Wild Salmon, Garden Veggies and Egg in sauce” (emphasis Purina’s).

Right before the Soufflé, Karen was running around the house carrying our bowls, looking for the camera, which tipped off Adele that something was afoot, so she got a head-start on the kitchen counter.

Adele couldn’t wait to dig in, and I think she considered stealing mine and Cole’s before she even tasted it!

Adele’s an old-school “Clean-Plate Kitty” who always believes Karen’s crap about “starving kittens in China,” and wolfed her bowl. Cole, who can be finicky, also liked it pretty well, as you can see…

(L-R) Adele’s, Cole’s, and my bowl after the taste test.

I licked some, but those orange things were a turn-off.

As for ingredients, this so-called “chicken” flavor includes liver, turkey, and unspecified meat byproducts, as well as tomatoes, spinach, carrots, soy, and assorted chemicals. I’m not saying it’s bad for cats, but it’s hardly what we crave.

Next, we tried the Medley. It wasn’t a good sign when Karen almost gagged after popping the can. It looks just like puke…

Either puke or the results of a sinus infection. I’m not sure.

Once again, Adele was Clean Plate Kitty, but this time Cole wasn’t impressed, and neither was I. (Adele, under the bed later, polished off what both of us left. What a pig.)

(L-R) Adele’s, Cole’s, and my bowl. Notice we guys licked off the mucous and left the mystery meat and “colorful bits.”

Medley’s “wild salmon” includes chicken, liver, those iffy meat byproducts, tomatoes, spinach, and carrots.

Both varieties use suspicious “egg product” — not real egg — but Soufflé also lists egg whites.

Sure, some cats will wolf this stuff down like Adele did. And if they also sup on pricey Fancy Feast® Elegant Medleys, they can instantly send their owners’ cat food tab through the roof.

I can tell Fancy Feast in 2 words where they blew it with this one…


Bacon is my FAVORITE snack food. If Fancy Feast made “Soufflé with (Real) Eggs and Bacon,” I’d go on a hunger strike to make Karen buy it.


13 Responses to ‘Fancy Feast Mornings’ Gets Mixed Paws

  1. adele says:

    When Fancy Feast Elegant Entrees first came out, it seems that they had a couple of eggy souffle flavors. The cats I had then (Alice included) always left some in their dishes.

    Max, my girls think your tableware is quite elegant and want to know where Karen got it.

  2. Bacardi1 says:

    That’s too funny! My gang are equally funny about food. “Ming the Merciless” (my dump-rescue Siamese) will eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING – like any dump-rescue kitty naturally would; “Fat Olivia” also will Hoover down anything & everything (with a name like Fat Olivia, how could she not!); “Gizmo” isn’t picky so long as it’s soft & moist enough for him to get down his elderly & somewhat toothless mouth; but “Norton”, dear Norton, is the most elderly & most picky of them all. Since he’s also missing quite a few teeth, he also goes for mostly soft stuff (although they all do manage to imbibe some of the dried food that’s available 24/7), but he tends to be picky about soft-food flavors & goes through phases. He’ll go a few weeks eschewing anything fishy, & thus I spend $$$ buying all different brands of enticing poultry & meat products (He ADORES those little “Appeteasers” in the tiny (& expensive) little plastic cups). Of course, as soon as the cupboard is full of meat & poultry, Norton decides he really loves only seafood, & the shopping game begins all over again.

    You gotta love them though.

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, we got our new avocado-shaped bowls for Christmas, and Karen found them at Tuesday Morning. She’s always searching for bowls that don’t make our whiskers touch the sides (did you know that’s ICK! for a cat), but are high enough that we won’t push the food out. These bowls work pretty well, but Cole’s a pusher and has to have a tablecloth (i.e., dishrag) under him at meals.

    Bacardi, except for Adele, who’ll eat anything, Karen has learned the hard way that if she gives us anything with gravy or, in the case of FF Mornings, mucous on it, we’ll lick it off and leave the rest. So she started buying nothing but FF Classic, which tends to be almost all meat and is one of the healthiest brands out there in the mass-market foods. We all hate liver, and I hate chicken. But we’re good with all the seafood and the turkey and beef.

    We like those expensive little Appeteasers, too, but only get them at Christmas because Karen spends a fortune already on our dry food (Blue Wilderness @ $35/11 lbs. bag) and doesn’t want to get anybody hooked on any more pricey eats or it’s nothing but ramen noodles for her.

  4. Bacardi1 says:

    Yes – Appeteasers are $$$ for what you get. But since they’re all (or almost all) meat in tiny shreds & no filler, + lots of “gravy” (which toothless cats love), & “Norton” is our 16-18+ years-old “daddy’s little man”, price is no object when it comes to anything – especially getting him to eat enough. In fact, he also LOVES good (“good” meaning expensive) deli cold cuts, & my husband buys him Boar’s Head shaved roast beef, turkey, & smoked turkey every week & hand-feeds it to him. (And yes, we know that cold cuts probably aren’t part of the greatest diet for cats, but at Norton’s age, our vet gave us his blessing on anything we have to feed just to keep Norton happily going on at his age.)

  5. annie pelfrey says:

    how coincidental! i’ve just started my elderly (17) brown tabby on FF. checking the labels. whatever he finds appetizing-

  6. Bacardi1 says:

    Yeah, according to my vet, once cats pass a certain age, & assuming they don’t have some condition that absolutely requires a special diet, anything goes as far as keeping them eating. He’s very into “quality of life” after a certain age, & if that means fancy brands of cat food (or Boars Head cold cuts – lol!), all the more power to the people willing to cater to it.

  7. catsworking says:

    Karen’s first cat, Coco, lived to be 18 or 19. She had lost some teeth, but didn’t have any other health problems. For her last few years she lived on mostly Gerber’s meat baby foods (back when they were about 40 cents a jar). Karen still keeps a few jars in the house for those times when one of us gets sick and won’t eat cat food.

    Of course we cats agree. When we get to our 9th life, we’ve earned the right to eat anything we damn well please, and you better give it to us — or else!

    Since Karen has been doing Weight Watchers, she’s been eating a LOT of fishy stuff, and Cole has really gotten into it. He’ll be all over Karen’s plate for any kind of white fish and salmon. And we ALL love a nice bowl of tuna water when Karen drains the cans.

  8. catsworking says:

    Annie, when the late Yul had his diabetes scare, Karen did a lot of research into the best cat foods, and she found that the FF Classics had the highest protein and quality ingredients of the mass-market brands. When looking at labels on dry or canned food, it’s all about the protein and fat (which is what cats in the wild eat). Combine those 2 numbers, and the higher the better. You can safely assume the remainder is filler and chemicals. The higher the carbs, the worse the food, because cats don’t normally eat carbs.

  9. annie pelfrey says:

    yes, i read the ingredients on each formula- the Kitten seems to have more actual meat. and whenever i’ve bought the “premium” foods at petsmart- none of my dogs or cats were impressed.

  10. catsworking says:

    That makes sense. Kittens need the protein because they’re growing. Sometimes vets will recommend kitten foods for senior cats.

    Karen switched to Blue Wilderness because it had the highest protein of any dry food in PetSmart. This was when the late Yul was going through his diabetes thing.

    I was eating Hill’s Kitten food when I was in the joint, and Karen kept me on it until I finished the bag, then she switched me to Blue Kitten because she thinks Hill’s is garbage with good advertising. Now I eat the adult food because I’m a year old. Our flavor is Duck. And that’s because Adele seems to have a food allergy and Karen was trying to figure out what was causing it. Duck is a typical hypoallergenic food ingredient.

  11. Bacardi1 says:

    Re: “Blue Buffalo” – Just make sure that you do occasionally check their website. Several of their dog food products have been the subject of recalls within the past 2 years – one having to do with excessive amounts of Vitamin D; another with the dreaded melamine.

  12. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, interesting. The cat food has been amazingly NOT included in any recalls since Karen began buying it. But we’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Bacardi1 says:

    Yeah – I know it’s only been the dog food, but figured I’d just give you a heads up since sometimes these recall announcements can slip thru the general media cracks.

    (Oh – & for those of you who have Martins grocery stores near you, this week they have the “Appeteazers” on sale for 6/$7.00. Since Martins is a subsidiary of Giant, Giant may have the same sale.)

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