Ann Curry Shows NBC What Class Is

By Adele

This morning Ann Curry announced her departure from Today, and they actually let her speak for a whole 2:10 uninterrupted minutes, which may be a record.

It happened at about 8:55 a.m., after Ann had gamely logged her 2 final hours as co-host.

Ann said she’s staying with NBC to do news, and it’s unfortunate the ingrate network will still reap the benefit of her journalistic skills.

Speaking of journalism, Today is right on track to realize it was already down the crapper long before Ann became co-host. Immediately after Ann’s heartfelt farewell and a commercial break, they switched gears by launching Savannah Guthrie’s hour with cake-decorating with Martha Stewart.

On the other hand, earlier they had let Al Roker talk to popular authors Charlaine Harris (the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series) and Janet Evanovich about summer reading, and let them mention 6 or 8 books apiece, although the last few got one-word recommendations for the usual reason — more commercials.

(Evanovich recommended Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw. She said she loves him, but hates him for being a better writer than she is.)

It was a feeble attempt to raise the bar on content, but too little, too late.

I hope Ann is just staying on while she considers other opportunities, and the day comes soon when she leaves NBC’s stinking corpse to rot.

(We’re also pissed at NBC for stupidly canceling Kathy Bates’ Harry’s Law, its second most-watched drama, behind Smash, but ahead of Law & Order: SVU.)

Talent and quality mean absolutely nothing to those people. They’re worse than Travel Channel.

Meanwhile, CBS, here we come!

2 Responses to Ann Curry Shows NBC What Class Is

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    I hate the entire morning news show model.The outdoor segments with the sign waving tourists being a huge waste of airtime. I don’t think GMA should be celebrating their 1st place status for very long,as their line-up is just as formulaic and annoying as the Today show.My morning show of choice is Jerry Springer.

    Karen,do you get the public station WETA? On June 2 they launched WETA-UK,a 24 hour channel of exclusively Brit (and Irish) programming.Comedy.drama,and all the Masterpiece shows like Foyle’s War.Im in heaven!

  2. catsworking says:

    ZM, I totally agree with you on the fans outside business. Friday morning, as soon as we saw Savanah Guthrie on the couch beside Matt, we switched to CBS — forever. It was 2 hours of mostly actual news. Their coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on the ACA was more in-depth than anything we’d seen anywhere. In the 2nd hour, Gayle King and some other woman (don’t know all the players yet) interviewed Oliver Stone and actually let him talk. For quite a while. It was the opposite of the whole “let’s cram as many people into this half hour as possible, then talk over them and give them the bum’s rush after 2 minutes” format of Today AND GMA.

    Karen turns on the TV in the morning to give us something to do while she’s reading the paper, which she has first dibs on because she can’t stand finding claw holes all over it. Also, she likes to hear the local weather.

    Karen here… that’s true. ZM, I don’t think I get WETA. The only PBS stations I think I get are based in Richmond and Charlottesville. But I will look around and see if that’s not right. I would love to see more British TV, and I’m in 7th heaven that Episodes is starting a new season on Showtime this weekend.

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