Bloomberg’s Got it Right on Sugar

By Adele

The only reason people have their knickers in a knot over New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s idea to limit sugary soft drinks to 16 ounces is that more than two-thirds of them are overweight or obese, and gallons of soda may have helped some of them get that way.

To keep from acknowledging the 800-lb. gorilla in the room (holding a Big Gulp), people are screaming that limiting drink size is a slippery slope. First, they segregated smokers into limited areas to pollute, then deadly trans fat got banned, and now sweet little sugar’s on the hit list. Where will it end?

Well, there’s nothing slippery about this. The 3 things I just mentioned can either kill you or make you so sick you wish you were dead. Since most people seek medical treatment rather than quietly curl up and die, self-inflicted ailments become another drag on the healthcare system.

If you’re too weak or stupid to realize a beverage loaded with sugar and served in a vat is too much for you, you need an intervention.

There’s absolutely no reason anybody needs to consume more than a pound of sugar-laced fluid in one sitting. Period. Show me somebody who does, and I’ll bet Richard Simmons would like to give them a body makeover.

I’m taking a stand on this because I know I represent all cats — and dogs — who want our owners to live long lives (so we don’t end up in shelters because you croaked).

You go, Bloomberg! Down with super-sizing!

3 Responses to Bloomberg’s Got it Right on Sugar

  1. Zappa's Mom says:

    Adele,limiting beverage size would also be a healthy move ecologically.Do we really need all those plastic lids and varying sizes of plasticized paper and foam cups in landfills?

  2. adele says:

    I’ve never gotten a big gulp of anything, even iced tea, because I couldn’t imagine how it could stay cold throughout a movie — health or ecological concerns notwithstanding. And don’t they cost an outrageous amount of money? Seems like their elimination should cause little pain.

  3. catsworking says:

    Karen told me of a time she got a diet soda and popcorn before a movie, what she thought was small for both. The cup was so huge she couldn’t get her hand around it. When she got to her cramped seat in this old theater (with no cup holders for drinks), with boths hands full and a purse on her shoulder, while trying to pull down the seat, the drink fell out of her hand and flooded the balcony, and in embarrassment she sat next to the puddle through the whole movie.

    Makes me glad we cats drink out of our bowls or the kitty fountain. No muss, no fuss, no paws required.

    With the obesity epidemic so bad that kids are porkers almost from birth (and I just read that delivering babies by Cesearean may also be a factor because babies don’t pick up some good bacteria coming out the old-fashioned way), all this hoo-ha about Bloomberg being Big Brother and stomping on the “right” to drown in unhealthy soda is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t these people ever look in a mirror?

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