We Will Be Well Rid of John Edwards

By Adele

You never thought you’d read this here, but George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election was a blessing in disguise. If the John Kerry-John Edwards ticket had won the White House, and Kerry served 2 terms (which he would have, since the alternative was McCain-Palin), VP John Edwards would be running for president today against Mitt Romney.

And Barack Obama would still have us thinking he offers hope and change.

But instead, Edwards is on trial, and we’re learning he’s not fit to pick up after dogs, let alone run a country.

I’m not getting into the obvious guilt of opportunists Andrew and Cheri Young. The court gave them immunity in exchange for squealing on Edwards. But they agreed to jeopardize their own marriage to help Edwards keep his mistress Rielle Hunter and their love child under the sheets during his 2008 presidential run.

Real patriots, that pair.

I just wonder what kind of boundlessly ambitious, scheming cad lets his wife campaign for him while fighting a losing with breast cancer while he sleeps with an opportunistic bimbo. And then calls HER a “crazy slut” when she turns up pregnant.

Not content with betraying just his dying wife, Edwards pressured Andrew Young to claim he was Rielle’s baby-daddy — and then had Rielle MOVE IN with the couple.

And instead of using his own fortune to pay off the crazy slut, Edwards persuaded two wealthy supporters to cough up $1.2 million. The Youngs apparently spent most of it on themselves as compensation, one would assume. Rielle got the rest to maintain her new life of leisure.

And they all claim they thought soliciting sizable donations to pay off blackmail was perfectly legal. On what planet?

The only proper place for Edwards is a jail cell. He couldn’t keep his pants zipped and hurt everybody around him — most of all, a little girl who will grow up to learn that Mom is a home-wrecking gold-digger and Dad is a dirtbag who would have happily denied his daughter’s existence forever if he could have gotten away with it.

And to think he could have been our president.


5 Responses to We Will Be Well Rid of John Edwards

  1. annie pelfrey says:


  2. adele says:

    Adele, if you and Karen haven’t read it yet, let me recommend Game Change — an angle on the 2008 campaign. Unlike the HBO movie, it’s more that just about Palin and McCain. There’s plenty of stuff about the Edwards situation that would give anyone the icks. In fact, you don’t end up liking any of the players very much.

    And to think, I once considered supporting Edwards, because he was the only potential candidate who really talked about poverty.

  3. catsworking says:

    No, we haven’t read Game Change. We’re so OD’d on scumbag politicians, getting through a book would send us over the edge.

    Our late Fred must be spinning in his grave. He supported Edwards in 2008. He’s crawled into the gutter with Gingrigh on mistreating his wife. Elizabeth DELAYED getting her breast lump checked out for the sake of HIS f**king campaign, and that was the thanks she got. And it seems things aren’t so ducky between him and Rielle Hunter these days, either. She’s probably seeing the handwriting on the wall as far as his future prospects, kicking herself for hooking up with such a loser.

    If he gets off with a light or no jail sentence, he’ll be lucky if he’s allowed to continue chasing ambulances for a living. But he’d do the country the most good by losing himself on an island somewhere, never to return. Nobody can ever believe a word out of his mouth.

  4. Zappa's Mom says:

    Maybe he isn’t doing the kid any favor by being part of her life. Imagine how she is going to feel in a few years when she realizes her dad is THAT guy.


  5. catsworking says:

    ZM, you’re right. Spending your childhood visiting dad in prison every weekend isn’t a picnic. But I think if Edwards gets convicted of anything and has to do some hard time, Rielle will soon be going, “Johnny who?” amd be looking for her next victim.

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